20 Inspiring Hair Colors for Your Fall 2017

20 Inspiring Hair Colors for Your Fall 2017, lecoloriste

The ideas of hair color inspired by nature await you this autumn 2017 !

20 Inspiring Hair Colors for Your Fall 2017

Many women are absolutely satisfied with the natural color of their hair. Even if it is so, it is in the feminine nature to look for versatility and try new hair styling to change its appearance. There are several ways to change her image, perhaps by buying lingerie, but the first thing that comes to mind in this situation is to try a new hair color. Hair color ideas can be drawn from any source: nature, modern art, color palettes and fashion combinations. There are many inspirations around you. Here are 20 inspiring hair colors for your fall 2017.

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Nature is an inspiring source for many of us, many great colorists are inspired by nature to create stunning colorations like « Galaxy hair« , « Blue Jeans Hair« , « Frapuccino », « Pumpkinhair » and « Boreal Aurora« .

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20 Inspiring Hair Colors for Your Fall 2017

Need of a bit of inspiration before heading to the salon this season? These are fall 2017. Whether you have the urge to undergo a complete hair change, or if the cut portion isn’t in the cards, a new dye job could be your answer. This season, there’s a range of new shades to try from updating your current base color with ribbon highlights like Olivia Munn’s, or going all in like Kim Kardashian did when she recently went platinum blonde.

And this season was especially good in taking fun, inventive ideas to the forefront, from playing with multiple textures to new incarnations of just plain old pretty looks.

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Why Chocolate hair color are so sexy in 2017

10 Nouveautés Colorations Cheveux Automne-Hiver 2017-2018, lecoloriste

The choice is open to brunettes: mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate for 2017

Why Chocolate hair color are so sexy in 2017

The vibrant shades of chocolate remain in the main stream from one season to the next. Not surprising, they are of the same importance for brunettes and girls with medium brown hair than platinum or blonde strawberry to blondes. The palette of chocolate tones varies from reflections with its red hot notes to its cooler notes. We recognize the colorations mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate for 2017. Chocolates are often attributed to all sweet and delicious chestnuts, such as mocha, hot cocoa, truffled brown, cherry chocolate, brown sugar, espresso, coca cola, etc.

Colorings mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate for 2017

Chocolate-colored hair can look classic, dramatic and sometimes a little strict. Even men unconsciously believe that women with chocolate hair are more serious, trustworthy and loyal.

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Chocolate shades are very sexy

It is for this reason that black-haired women hold the upper positions much more often than light blondes. However, a chocolate brunette can easily look very feminine and romantic once she loops her hair or shapes them into a chic updo. There is a wide variety of reflections for brunettes, even most blondes can afford it.

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The right color for the right skin tone

The choice of hue depends on the skin tone (warm / cold) and your personal preferences: some women prefer chocolate tones to reddish highlights, others try to obtain chocolate tones with more bourgogne, noble Cold shades insert to create a mahogany. With the right choice of hue, chocolate color refreshes your face and makes it younger.

Girls with shades of clear or olive skin (summer or winter colortype) should try to get deep velvety shades without hot red hues. Normally, these are the nuances like hot chocolate or black. As for the « spring girls » with the clear skin type with a blond natural gold or strawberry blonde hair, chocolate hues are not their best choice.

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50 incredible ideas to succeed your balayage in 2017

Colorations acajou, auburn, bourgogne et chocolat pour l'automne 2017, lecoloriste

Hair balayage is a French technique that is the latest trend of dye that is gaining international popularity

The aim of the balayage is to create a depth, dimension and brightness with beautiful reflections filled with shades that harmonize with your complexion, natural in appearance and which seems more modern than the traditional methods of coloring. The coloring is laid on the hair, depending on your haircut and your face shape assuredly. The place is for artists and you at home who dream of a sweep, we present to you the 50 incredible ideas to succeed your balayage in 2017.

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What is a balayage?

Unlike the standard highlighting methods used with sheets or caps bonnet, the balayage that some colourists put into practice these days is strictly freehand where the color is painted on the hair (hairpainted). You can amplify the hue by varying a tone that will only be brighter, soft, shiny and bold according to your personal preferences. Apart from very short cut hair, it can be worked on a variety of lengths of hair, textures and colors, which really gives a lot of possibilities and solution during your capillary change.

Most women are attracted at the balayage because the level of take care is relatively low. Many women are able to space their color treatments without too many unpleasant surprises in the hairdresser, while those who find it themselves at home have more and more chance to succeed in their hair adventure. They have access to High quality professional products, professional hair dye lines comparable to the competition, styling tools, etc.

Not to mention the best DIY from YouTube.

Women have realized that it is possible now to succeed at home with its hair coloring. It is also possible to do its hair balayage by buying the right products in supermarkets, pharmacies and para pharmacy. Women know it!

50 incredible ideas to succeed your balayage in 2017

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An autumn coloring for girls

Une coloration d'automne pour les filles, le coloriste

An autumn coloring for girls

For several weeks you too are in fall fashion. This frenzy of early season is autumn inspires us a breath of novelties, surprises and fantasies. An autumn coloring for girls gives the chance to make some adjustments to your mane affected by the sea and sun. This is also the ideal time for this kind of hair change.For fall, there may be also crave a deep rich color. An autumn color for you girls, it is ideal for improving your confidence!

This season, autumn brings its richer colors to multiple reflections of the most surprising and it is wrong to believe there is only the option. Do you do the makeover to bring some heat and madness in this mop. Warm up your color or change it. How? Here are some suggestions in order to get there.

I’m blonde:  a name we had forgotten « Strawberry Blonde » yes! Once my mother swore by his Strawberry blond. It is increasingly on the lips of the blonde. A richer and subtle color version strawberry blond pulling pastel. The strawberry blonde has just made ​​its debut on the podium of the colorations of school. Sometimes, however strange but sublime!

Its name probably makes you think of a delicious milk drink of your childhood but it is the new trend for hair blonde. So named, this color is the alliance between a blond and subtle red highlights that take slightly pink. To put a little more spice to your most daring why not let yourself be seduced by the most dyed gray as steel and even the Opal Hair.

Make the blonde in fact, the colorist

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I am black : you still have a choice. The warmer highlights await you as: the color mahogany (auburn) and Chestnut (Chestnut) will surprise you.

7a1a605b3f591535a07876effa0ad1f0Pass the true black will cause you headaches during your next turn unless you have an attraction togoth. For unconditional, there will always be the sombre and most discrete scanning. I have a other option with eggplant, Bordeaux.

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I am red:  that ask for more! Enhance your color with tone on tone or gloss of the same level to keep your yourself. Less assaulting a usual coloring (20 volumes) gloss and tone on tone to work with an oxidizing May-October volumes. Here’s another thing, spice up your coloring with shampoo with pigment. The key is to give shine and depth to your hair. This color however is only suitable for light skin.

An autumn coloring for girls, the colorist


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I am light brown: the bronde and Broux await. You should have no difficulty in clarifying the points to get a high end dark. The honey blonde could be another choice, if your hair is not brown. The bronde, this color is perfect for those who wish to lighten their hair too without changing their natural base.

An autumn coloring for girls, the colorist


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I am dark brown: unquestionably hues Marsala, Bordeaux and eggplants are favorable. These shades are ideal for cold glare to counter the dull side of olive complexions. You will get a harmony between your skin tone and coloring. Readily available without fading, your hair will not do better. To advise on natural hair only.

An autumn coloring for girls, the colorist

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