Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone

Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone, the colorist

The world of hair coloring has no secrets for Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a trendsetter. We have already seen a lot of original haircuts. Short blonde, long brown, more feminine cuts as masculine. Her look regularly validated by her community of admirers or fashion professionals, because she always knew how to avoid fashion faux-pas. So it’s no surprise that Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone.

Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone

The star of « Fireworks » know how to turn heads, and this since the beginning of her career. It is after a tour in Asia that she decides to adorn the color of cherry trees of Tokyo, the rose. « I fell in love with so many cherry trees between Tokyo and South Korea, so Rick Henry and I decided I should become one. »

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Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone

After 33 years, the world keep talking about her, whether it’s because of her many successes or her recent separation, social media keeps mentioning her name.

Indeed, after her eventful separation with her former boyfriend Russel Brand, it is now Orlando Bloom‘s turn to pass. And who says separation, says capillary change!

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So we could see her, on his Instagram account, change her platinum blonde cherry pink, then just recently for a new color: ultraviolet. With the help of her hair stylist, Rick Henry of the Nine Zero One, Katy dares a new color, the Pantone color of the year, the ultraviolet.

A fairly simple change when she was already platinum blonde as explain her hairdresser. « Since she was already platinum blonde, the whole process, from start to finish, took about 30 minutes. » A capillary change that unfortunately did not convince her admirers …

What do you think of her new style?

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30 idées pour choisir entre le Balayage et l’Ombré

30 idées pour choisir entre le Balayage et l'Ombré, lecoloriste

30 plus belles colorations en Balayage et Ombré réussis

30 idées pour choisir entre le Balayage et l’Ombré

Le balayage est une technique française de coloration des cheveux où la couleur est peinte sur les cheveux à la main, elle est aussi appelée Layage, contrairement à la vieille école mettant en évidence des méthodes avec des feuilles de papier d’aluminium ou les papiers kwik Way ou le bonnet traditionnel. L’application mains libres permet d’obtenir un effet plus naturel et moderne avec des transitions subtiles entre les teintes choisies, qu’elles soient blondes, brunes, rouges ou non naturelles, comme les pastels populaires et même les néons. Faites-vous une tête avec nos 30 idées pour choisir entre le balayage et l’ombré.

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La différence entre l’Ombre et un Balayage
L’ombre est une nuance plus foncée aux racines et dans les longueurs à une nuance plus claire vers les pointes pointes, sans pièces plus sombres à l’extrémité de vos cheveux, alors que le balayage est des reflets travaillés verticalement et bien mélangés qui laissent entrevoir une nuance plus foncée sur toute la longueur et même aux extrémités. Avec l’ombré, la nuance la plus claire est plus dense et sa partie médiane est concentrée aux extrémités. Les effets du balayage les plus légers sont placés stratégiquement, certains commencent plus haut et plus près des racines, d’autres, plus bas, et certains éclaircissent les extrémités, ce qui donne un style moins uniforme, moins prévisible et plus naturel.

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30 Idées de couleur de cheveux pour choisir entre Balayage et Ombré pour 2018

Le balayage est à juste titre considéré comme la solution de couleur de cheveux personnalisée la plus tendance d’aujourd’hui. Notre vaste galerie vous offre les looks de balayage les plus chic de 2018 de célébrités. Ceux-ci ne vous laisseront pas sans inspiration. En aucun cas.

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017, lecoloriste


Our 12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017 bring you ways of showcasing your mop in the early fall cycle. Very popular with brunettes, the auburn color is a hair color that corresponds to a brown or brown reddish to multiple warm shades. It is popularly known under the name of dark roux. Some variants even take to the copper-red. Another color that is nicknamed mahogany a reddish  with purple accent.

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

The warm tones of auburn coloring, brings the winds of change

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

« Auburn » can be used to describe many shades of reddish hair with similar definitions or hues. It is often conflated in popular usage with Titian hair. While Titian hair is a brownish shade of red hair, auburn hair is specifically defined as including the actual color red. Most definitions of Titian hair describe it as a brownish-orange color, but some describe it as being reddish. This is in reference to red hair itself, not the color red.

Auburn hair is a variety of red hair

most commonly described as reddishbrown in color or dark ginger. Auburn hair ranges in shades from medium to dark. It is common with a wide array of skin tones and eye colors, but as is the case with most brown hair, it is commonly associated with light skin features. The chemical pigments that cause the coloration of auburn hair are frequently pheomelanin with high levels of eumelanin, however the auburn hair is due to a mutated melanocortin 1 receptor gene in the people of Northwestern European descent and by a mutated TYRP1 gene in the Austronesians, both genes that reduce the melanin production of the hair cells.

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