Why Chocolate hair color are so sexy in 2017

10 Nouveautés Colorations Cheveux Automne-Hiver 2017, lecoloriste

The choice is open to brunettes: mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate for 2017

Why Chocolate hair color are so sexy in 2017

The vibrant shades of chocolate remain in the main stream from one season to the next. Not surprising, they are of the same importance for brunettes and girls with medium brown hair than platinum or blonde strawberry to blondes. The palette of chocolate tones varies from reflections with its red hot notes to its cooler notes. We recognize the colorations mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate for 2017. Chocolates are often attributed to all sweet and delicious chestnuts, such as mocha, hot cocoa, truffled brown, cherry chocolate, brown sugar, espresso, coca cola, etc.

Colorings mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate for 2017

Chocolate-colored hair can look classic, dramatic and sometimes a little strict. Even men unconsciously believe that women with chocolate hair are more serious, trustworthy and loyal.

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Chocolate shades are very sexy

It is for this reason that black-haired women hold the upper positions much more often than light blondes. However, a chocolate brunette can easily look very feminine and romantic once she loops her hair or shapes them into a chic updo. There is a wide variety of reflections for brunettes, even most blondes can afford it.

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The right color for the right skin tone

The choice of hue depends on the skin tone (warm / cold) and your personal preferences: some women prefer chocolate tones to reddish highlights, others try to obtain chocolate tones with more bourgogne, noble Cold shades insert to create a mahogany. With the right choice of hue, chocolate color refreshes your face and makes it younger.

Girls with shades of clear or olive skin (summer or winter colortype) should try to get deep velvety shades without hot red hues. Normally, these are the nuances like hot chocolate or black. As for the « spring girls » with the clear skin type with a blond natural gold or strawberry blonde hair, chocolate hues are not their best choice.

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5 recettes pour réussir vos cheveux acajou

5 recettes pour réussir vos cheveux acajou, lecoloriste

Les brunettes voient rouge cette hiver

5 recettes pour réussir vos cheveux acajou

Eh bien, nous avons de bonnes nouvelles pour vous! La couleur de cheveux acajou attire de plus en plus d’adeptes et les brunettes voient rouge, si c’est votre cas  et vous en rêvez depuis quelque temps, passez aux actes. Quoi qu’on en pense, la brunette du bureau a plutôt le choix avec des couleurs aux reflets acajou, auburn, bordeaux et les colorations aux reflets chocolats. Ce qui est affolant un brin, c’est de décider pour le bon choix de reflets! Nos 5 recettes pour réussir vos cheveux acajou vous convaincront du choix de nos experts.

5 recettes pour réussir vos cheveux acajou à la maison

Votre choix s’arrête sur une coloration permanente, vos cheveux gris prennent de l’âge. Il existe des choix rationnels qui vous feront opter pour faire vous-même votre teinture à la maison. Dû à la situation économique et l’incertitude, le facteur monétaire et le manque de temps son des situations qui seront prises en considération lors votre prise de décision. Vous êtes épuisé de perde des heures complètes en salon pour une simple coloration avec une facture à vous faire dresser les cheveux de la tête.

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Qu’est-ce que les cheveux brun acajou ?

Les reflets acajou:  Ce sont des couleurs brun rougeâtres riches qui sont mélangées avec une petite quantité de violet moins dominant. Cela donne aux reflets une apparence similaire au bois d’acajou, qui est lui-même une couleur rouge profond. On retrouve plusieurs nuances dans les acajous, du rouge plus violacé au brun rouge.

Une couleur de cheveux brun acajou convient à beaucoup de femmes parce que c’est un mélange vibrant de ton rouge et violet qui a des éléments de la couleur des cheveux froide et chaude. Comme les reflets acajou contiennent des nuances violacées, elles sont en harmonie avec les teints de peau froid.

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Est-ce que la couleur acajou est pour moi?

Il est important de savoir que tous les teints ne conviennent pas à la couleur de cheveux acajou. Pour les teints roses bleutés, l’acajou est à éviter, car elle donne l’impression de tirer les traits du visage et de rajouter des années à la personne. Pour les personnes de teint noir, l’acajou peut révéler la beauté, mais sans pour autant choisir de l’acajou rouge très prononcé. À qui convient-elle dans ce cas ? La couleur acajou est flatteuse pour les brunettes aux teints chauds et froids. La coloration acajou comme l’auburn sont tout de même plus faciles à obtenir sur des cheveux avec déjà des reflets rougeoyants (roux et les châtains).

La couleur acajou convient aux personnes ayant un teint proche du jaune doré, clair ou très hâlé. Un reflet acajou est idéal sans en faire plus. L’acajou est aussi le meilleur atout pour se mettre en valeur pour un teint pâle, très mat (olivâtre) ou pêche. Si vous avez des taches de rousseur, une touche d’acajou vous permettra également de valoriser vos cheveux en accord avec la couleur de votre peau.

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5 recettes pour réussir vos cheveux acajou à la maison

Chaque manufacturier à sa propre recette pour créer sa couleur acajou qui séduira la consommatrice. Nous avons choisi 5 recettes pour réussir votre acajou, des colorations que l’on retrouve en grande surface et qui peut vous être fort utile en tout temps. Vous remarquerez que les reflets acajou varient d’un manufacturier à un autre.

Nutrisse crème de Garnier

Préférence de L’Oréal

Excellence de L’Oréal

Color Ultime de Schwarzkopf

Natural Instincts de Clairol


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15 Beautiful Hair Coloring Trends 2017

15 beautiful hair coloring trends 2017, lecoloriste

Discover hair coloring trends 2017

All you need to know about 15 beautiful hair coloring trends 2017

The predictions Ludovic the colorist for 2017: 15 beautiful hair coloring trends 2017, hair colors are coloring in originality, subtleties in the shades, repositioning, color harmonies, new working methods, conventional and especially high capillary follies in colour. Focus on the roots.

Let me introduce you, to our playground for the year and instead let the hair follies to be presented to us by professional colorists of the hair world. The hair takes relief, we will see the hair in another dimension in color. The coloring becomes painting and everyone becomes an artist. Creativity is in the work of the man or woman holding the brush. According to our colorists guest stars, there still is room for creativity and we will discover over the coming seasons.

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An economic situation conducive to change

The economic situation in the world influences behavior and change our practices. Major brands rusent thousand-and-one ways for you not to stop consuming, they must find compromises and be creative to keep selling their products.

The trend for DIY is more than ever in the times and access to the video reveals the Pros stuff for both hairdressers as consumers. It’s possible to have great results at home, go duet mode. Who has not a good friend?

One of the changes of the economic situation is the arrival of the first shaded (tie-dye) caused one of the worst economic crises in several continents reached. Women have been affected to the point that they have less and less money to keep her hair from there to start this beautiful trend that is shaded, which is changing and has become the soft ombre and to arrive with the layage (hairpainting).

This may be the time to use your shadow or sunk expired, to boost your personality and live a NEW HEAD. The consumers want to learn and save. Multinationals have barely had time to take their breath as their competitors are already looking for a genius idea.

How becomes a coloring trend so popular with women in no time

The internet phenomenon propels us to the other side of the world in seconds and makes us discover the inspirations and favorites from the creators of fashion that we share between friends and acquaintances. The information travels at the speed of lightning. Gone are the days when new haircut created by Sassoon was fashionable in our hometown a few years later. Barriers exist anymore, you have one-click access to the largest beauty magazines, leading specialists and beauty blogs on the web.

You are looking for the look of the moment, the trend of the moment

All you need to know about 15 beautiful hair coloring trends 2017

In 2017, the world of coloring reserve you full of surprises. Here is a glimpse of what lies ahead for 2017, the color is real and everywhere, The haircolor take differents ways for 2017

  • The pastel color hair and lavender, purple and yellow will tone and neon will not be without color, all arranged harmoniously
  • The platinum blond to cold shades with ash will expose themselves to attacks brunettes
  • Silver hair women and her twin gray hair are in the track again
  • The blue jeans haircolor and its various shades will make a success
  • The rainbow hair color fit well with galaxy hair (hair galaxy) hey yes! they will continue to haunt you obviously, because you no longer have the age to wear, you ask !
  • Discovering layage (known hairpainting) with melted tunes by the master, the layage defies balayage
  • For the less daring girls, sombre (soft shadow), the younger brother of the ombre (known tie and dye) is beckoned with his 9 lives, art recycling the ombre (tie and dye ).
  • The scan that is modernized by transforming into hair contouring.
  • The RoseGold and Strawberry Blond are back and ready to attack
  • The auburn and mahogany  and  cholcolate brown, marsala  will be a brunette head and others will want to convert to bronde obviously.

                                                  All you need to know about 15 beautiful hair coloring trends 2017

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017, lecoloriste


Our 12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017 bring you ways of showcasing your mop in the early fall cycle. Very popular with brunettes, the auburn color is a hair color that corresponds to a brown or brown reddish to multiple warm shades. It is popularly known under the name of dark roux. Some variants even take to the copper-red. Another color that is nicknamed mahogany a reddish  with purple accent.

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

The warm tones of auburn coloring, brings the winds of change

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

« Auburn » can be used to describe many shades of reddish hair with similar definitions or hues. It is often conflated in popular usage with Titian hair. While Titian hair is a brownish shade of red hair, auburn hair is specifically defined as including the actual color red. Most definitions of Titian hair describe it as a brownish-orange color, but some describe it as being reddish. This is in reference to red hair itself, not the color red.

Auburn hair is a variety of red hair

most commonly described as reddishbrown in color or dark ginger. Auburn hair ranges in shades from medium to dark. It is common with a wide array of skin tones and eye colors, but as is the case with most brown hair, it is commonly associated with light skin features. The chemical pigments that cause the coloration of auburn hair are frequently pheomelanin with high levels of eumelanin, however the auburn hair is due to a mutated melanocortin 1 receptor gene in the people of Northwestern European descent and by a mutated TYRP1 gene in the Austronesians, both genes that reduce the melanin production of the hair cells.

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