20 Reasons to Become Bronde in 2017, lecoloriste

The bronde hair color is a mixture in between brown hair and blond hair

The 20 most beautiful to become bronde girl

The hair color Bronde is between the blond and the brown, it is not blond, it is not brown. The Bronde color is a mixture somewhere in between. It is the tendency of hair color that finishes more and it is happy thus for women, because this technique is easy to wear both in brunettes and blondes. In the last few years, bronde have caught everyone by surprise, even today still feel the craze for this coloring technique and here are the 20 reasons to become bronde color.

20 reasons to become bronde 

Why not get this wonderful coloring technique that stars have adopted. We asked our colourist Ludovic to tell us about it. « It’s a really flattering color, the brown color at the roots allows you to create a depth, visually it brings more thickness and is ideal for rather fine hair. I suggest you do not darken your hair more than 2 tones as your true natural color.

Whether you have some gray hair to your princess crown, the bronde color will make you ease the stain when your next touchdown roots you can do easyly.

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Little maintenace with bronde hair technique

The bronde is the fusion of a darker color to the roots with a scanning technique or a hairpainting for the lengths in order to obtain the effect of blond on the spikes and the lengths to create a harmonious transition from brown to blonde. The Bronde effect can also be obtained with your natural hair. « In addition, it is a color that ages well with little maintenance, it is perfect for all those who are a bit fearful with hair coloring.

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Don’t let your competitor win the race and use your influence power !

Talk about what you know 

You are the specialist, be the leader at the hairdressing salon by proposing the novelty to your customers. Eliminate your fears and dare, you will see that it pays off. Make experience by applying this approach and you will see a transformation first appear with you in your approach and confidence in you that you will release and your clients will be delighted. You will increase your income guaranteed!

You need some tricks to help you to grow your clientele and make more money ! In my next article, we will see how to be a smart money maker and a artist in your industry !

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Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde, lecoloriste

Katy Perry the one thousand and one colors girl and now changes her hair

Katy Perry become platinum blond

Our Katy Perry does not change the way she is, she knows very well the importance of her hair in her success, on her page Instagram she makes us surprise with a platinum blonde. She no longer surprises us, the one who passed from the lilac color one day and the next day to the black. This time, Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde for the Grammy’s.

Katy Perry takes us into a universe every time she makes an exit. Hair coloring and its thousand and one wig show us its capillary fantasies Katy quickly understood the impact it brings to the fashion industry and capillary.

Today nothing surprises us! We are so used to seeing our star decorated in its usual colors of hair so daring or its crazy colorful wigs.

Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde

Katy Perry will be at the Grammys on February 12 and will reveal her latest album. We can be convinced that it will give us a full view. Who knows, with what shade of pastel hair will it appear? What brings this capillary change so drastic, who knows a new idyll?


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Under the Lens of Colorist Ludovic with new hair changes Katy Perry

Katy is not a natural blonde, so the use of a bleach powder with an peroxide 30 to 40 volumes was used to achieve this level of lightening. We can confirm that Katy Perry underwent a capillary remover session to remove all traces of dyes before discoloration. Obviously her hair was shocked and assaulted her hair.

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Blorange Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram — & It's Even Better Than Rosé,lecoloriste

Get ready, because they’re something far brighter on the hair horizon with blorange, the latest hair color trend

The haircolor trend blorange, the latest wave

As the saying goes, everything old is new again. And those shades of pink that took a backseat to the rainbow-hair trend for awhile? They’re coming back in a big way. Yes, rose-gold hair hit Instagram earlier this year, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. This next wave is warmer, softer (almost faded), and done with artful precision. Blorange Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram — & It’s Even Better Than Rosé.

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Blorange Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram — & It’s Even Better Than Rosé

Dusty rose and coppery red dominated last year, but get ready, because they’re something far brighter on the hair horizon. While we saw a handful of celebrities (Elle Fanning, Ashley Tisdale, and Ashley Benson to name a few) jumping on the pastel bandwagon, and others going full resdhead in spades, 2017 is bringing us a more whimsical version of these hair trends. Enter: blorange.
It’s basically a sunset on your head — a mash up of blond and orange that looks exactly like a tropical drink.

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Blorange a version of pink color

To be honest, it’s basically just an updated version of the rosé trend that we came to know, love, and see everywhere last year. Except this time, redder tones are emphasized, making it particularly flattering for fair and golden skin tones.

Source : Refinery 29

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Trick's To Tease Hair Without Damage, lecoloriste

Never going out without tease hair, best solutions for your flat and doll hair

Get your hair done every morning

We know the feeling: you want big, fluffy hair, but yours is just too thin and fine! It might feel like your everlasting crutch – but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Teasing (or backcombing, as it’s also called) can actually coax thin hair into extra body and height. See, sometimes it’s ok to be a tease! But before you work yourself into a tangle, follow these lifelines for a tease that’ll leave ‘em hanging! I present you my Trick’s To Tease Hair Without Damage.

My bests Trick’s To Tease Hair Without Damage

What NOT to do 

Got texture? Teasing with natural texture can make hair insanely tangled – and not in a stylish way. Just straighten wavy or curly hair before teasing it. And for straight hair, brush out all the tangles first. Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.

Want to tease wet or hot hair? Hands off until it’s completely dry and cool! This can cause excessive damage since your hair is in a fragile state.

Don’t even think of using any old brush! Make sure it’s a fine toothed comb or specially designed for teasing. These target each area, so you’ll avoid a frazzled mess on your hands.

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How to tease hair correctly  

  1.  Tackle your hair in 1 to 2 inch sections at a time. Looking for a tighter tease? Create smaller sections. If you want a looser look, create larger sections.
  2.  Hold the section of hair straight up from the root. Place your comb just above the root and comb down. Then go a little farther up and comb down again. Repeat in short, uniform strokes until the length of hair is seeing bodacious body!
  3.  To save your hard work, spray the section with hairspray. Then continue teasing and spraying your hair, section by section, until you reach some serious heights.
  4.  Is your hair looking wild? Now it’s time to sculpt it into place and style it how you want. Lay smooth strands over top and finish with shine spray for a more polished look.

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Last but definitely not least: Take it out

Be prepared to invest some time detangling the style. It’s best to carefully and gently detangle the teased hair sections with a soft brush, starting at the ends and working your way up. Take your time, or risk damaged locks! And a word to the wise: Do not jump into the shower and wash teased hair. Water makes the tangles even more difficult to remove.

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Helpful hints

  •  Hair not cut out for teasing? Try it on slightly dirty hair rather than clean, smooth hair.
  •  Don’t forget to give your tresses a breather from teasing, and always reward them with conditioning treatments after.



Un temps des fêtes illuminé avec le Glitter hair

Un temps des fêtes illuminé avec le glitter hair, lecoloriste

La période des fêtes nous ramène le Glitter hair, une tendance qui est au rendez-vous durant la période des fêtes, elle s’invite au réveillon et par ici la visite jusqu’au printemps!

Les paillettes dans les cheveux, comme dans vos souvenirs de jeune fille

Vous n’avez plus de raisons de passer à côté du Glitter hair pour la période des Fêtes. Passez un temps des fêtes illuminé avec le Glitter hair et faites sourire votre famille, amies  et surprenez vos collègues du party de bureau. Vous n’avez pas le temps pour votre colo avant la période folle du réveillon, utilisez les paillettes (glitter) pour cacher vos racines de cheveux par manque de temps ou simplement par pure fantaisie. Laissez place à votre petite folie en forme d’étoiles, demi-lune ou simplement en fine granule.


Comment mettre au gout du jour Glitter hair

Nikki Lee, une coiffeuse américaine qui travaille à Hollywood au sein de son salon Nine zero nine, à trouvé une façon de mettre au gout du jour cette tendance du Glitter hair. Nikki est apprécié de ses clientes pour son sens de la créativité: Britney Spears, Eva Longoria ou encore Miley Cyrus. Rien que ça.

Trucs de pro 

  • Tout ce dont vous avez besoin sont un tube de gel clair, paillettes, un bol et un pinceau du type coloration. Pour commencer, mettre votre gel dans le bol et bien mélanger les paillettes. Vous pouvez utiliser le motif que vous aimez avec la couleur pastel qui convient le mieux à votre couleur de cheveux.
  • Tout ce dont vous avez besoin laque tenue forte, paillettes. Pour commencer, mettre la laque sur les cheveux proprement séparés selon la coiffure, saupoudrez la quantité de paillette voulue et remettre une couche de laque sur les paillettes et laisser séché.


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Un temps des fêtes illuminé avec le Glitter hair

C’est un engouement qui est aimé par les filles sur Pinterest.  Les paillettes ont fourni un moyen rapide et facile de couvrir les racines dénudées de coloration.

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5 ways to pump your curly hair, le coloriste

Curly girls you already know exactly that curls need extra dotin

5 Ways To Pump Your Curly Hair At Home

From wild waves to corkscrew coils, taming those tresses can be constant battle! Here are tricks from our experts for turning your unruly mane into the model of sleekness! we propose you 5 Tips To Pump Your Curly hair.

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Best Ways To Pumps Your Curly Hair

1. Wash it right: Curly hair lives for moisture, so use rich, hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from products that contain sulfates, which whisk away moisture. To dry, blot gently with a towel instead of ruffling it up.

2. Brush up your tools: Beware! Brush bristles can break the curl pattern on dry hair. Instead, go for a wide-tooth comb to gently detangle wet hair.

3. Defer to the diffuser: Kindle curls with a blow dryer on low/medium heat, using a diffuser right for your hair.  Keep the diffuser in one spot for a smoother curl, or move up and down for a textured look. To be super sleek, angle air flow down the hair. And a word to the wise: Hands off when hair is drying!

4. Make the cut: A longer haircut helps weigh down curls, while layers starting at your chin can ease the fullness. You don’t want a blunt cut, which can look fuller at the bottom, or layers on the top, which can prop up curls – the opposite of sleek!

5. Do it with style: When it comes to styling, find products that fit your hair like a glove. Try a spray for soft curls, light serum for bouncy curls, thicker gel for medium curls, and rich cream for coiled curls. Dole out the goodies when hair is very wet (but not dripping), and pamper your ends to restore much-needed moisture.

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Source: Hair Source

50 ideias incríveis para o seu balayage em 2017

50 ideias incríveis para o seu balayage em 2017, lecoloriste

50 ideias incríveis para o seu balayage em 2017

O balayage do cabelo é uma técnica francesa que seja a tendência a mais atrasada da tintura que está ganhando a popularidade internacional O objetivo do balayage é criar uma profundidade, dimensão e brilho com belas reflexões cheias de tons que se harmonizam com a sua tez, natural na aparência e que parece mais moderno do que os métodos tradicionais de coloração. A coloração é colocada sobre o cabelo, dependendo do seu corte de cabelo e sua forma de rosto certamente. 50 ideias incríveis para o seu balayage em 2017.

O lugar é para os artistas e você em casa que sonham com uma varredura, apresentamos a você as 50 idéias incríveis para suceder o seu balayage em 2017.

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O que é um balayage? Ao contrário dos métodos de destaque padrão usados ​​com folhas ou bonés capot, o balayage que alguns coloristas colocar em prática nos dias de hoje é estritamente freehand onde a cor é pintada no cabelo (hairpainted). Você pode amplificar a matiz variando um tom que só será mais brilhante, macio, brilhante e ousado de acordo com suas preferências pessoais. Além de muito curto corte de cabelo, ele pode ser trabalhado em uma variedade de comprimentos de cabelo, texturas e cores, o que realmente dá um monte de possibilidades e solução durante a sua mudança capilar. A maioria das mulheres são atraídas no balayage porque o nível de cuidar é relativamente baixo.

Muitas mulheres são capazes de espaço seus tratamentos de cor sem muitas surpresas desagradáveis ​​no cabeleireiro, enquanto aqueles que encontrá-lo em casa têm cada vez mais chance de ter sucesso em sua aventura de cabelo. Eles têm acesso a produtos profissionais de alta qualidade, linhas de tintas de cabelo profissional comparáveis ​​à concorrência, ferramentas de estilo, etc.

La boutique du coloriste

Sem mencionar o melhor DIY do YouTube. As mulheres perceberam que agora é possível ter sucesso em casa com a sua coloração de cabelo. Também é possível fazer o seu balayage cabelo comprando os produtos certos em supermercados, farmácias e para farmácia. As mulheres sabem disso! 50 idéias incríveis para suceder o seu balayage em 2017



10 inspiring colourists for your next hair color, lecoloriste

The world of coloring brings us surprises every year, for 2017 we will have the full view with our best hair colorists

10 Inspiring colourists for your next hair color

As you know, galaxy hair color runs the streets, neon coloring us as an accessory, gray became the new black, the blond tribe versus the brunette tribe, the girls are looking for the most beautiful crowned. Each woman wants to be unique and capillary coloration allows it. I present you ours 10 inspiring colourists for your next hair color.

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Best colorists in town for you new hair

Our 10 professional hair colourist influencers of the hair planet receive on their web platforms and accounts in social networks, hundreds of thousands of hairdressers and stylists from the United States, Canada and elsewhere and who regularly consult them for inspiration. Our 10 inspirational colourists will make you travel in their world of coloring and who knows you may find your next coloring.

Every colorist to his world, his techniques and his secrets

Our colorist artists can sometimes be all smooth with a balayage, other times in harmony with the pastels and sometimes for the more daring eccentrics. Nowadays, the choice of coloring is varied and more and more accessible to realize oneself at home.

We know very well today that the hair has demystified, the hair coloring is accessible at a lower cost and that the woman has tame hair coloring. New colors for hair appeared and the madness for the color manifested and the girls became addicted. The lines of hair colorations grew like mushrooms. You can afford yourself too, to change hair color with a friend at home.

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10 inspiring colourists for your next haircolor


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7. CRYSTAL DANIELLE CASEY,  COLORISTE,  Cryistal chaos, Virginie, USA

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How to pick the rght hair blond for you

Blond hair has never seemed more approachable

How to pick the right blond hair for you

We are at a very exciting time in the world of hair color, when rainbow hair is commonplace on the streets and in (some) office environments, and when going intentionally gray doesn’t seem like a bad idea, according to much of Hollywood. All of a sudden, blond seems, well, reasonable. With our Pinterest galerie its more easy how to pick the right blond hair for you.

There’s a new wave of blond ambition in town, heralded by stars like Taylor Swift, Miley, and Chrissy Teigen. Girls who weren’t born fair-haired are now making it look, dare we say, even cooler than the iconic Hollywood blondes we’ve come to know and love (we’re looking at you, Gwyneth and Reese). Above all, there’s the feeling that this shade is totally attainable, no matter what Mother Nature gave us.

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Wich hair blond is right for you ?

Perhaps, everyone should go blond once in their lives, just to see what all the fuss is about. But, be warned — that means regular root touch-ups (every four to six weeks, depending on your look), and salon glazes in-between. Keep all that in mind before you decide to hit the bleach.

If you’ve been bitten by the blond bug, though, click through to get a little inspiration. We gathered insight from three in-demand colorists — Tracey Cunningham (who dyes Charlize Theron), Justin Anderson (none other than Miss Miley), and Rita Hazan (Queen Bey) — to break down the best blondes in Hollywood. Then, we sourced the products — both salon and at-home — you need in your arsenal. Prepare to become a total bleach babe — your dream shade awaits.

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Source: Refinery 29

Photo : Pinterest 



Hair balayage is a french technique that is the latest trend of dye that is gaining international popularity

50 incredible ideas to succeed your balayage

The aim of the balayage is to create a depth, dimension and brightness with beautiful reflections filled with shades that harmonize with your complexion, natural in appearance and which seems more modern than the traditional methods of coloring. The coloring is laid on the hair, depending on your haircut and your face shape assuredly. The place is for artists and you at home who dream of a sweep, we present to you the 50 incredible ideas to succeed your balayage in 2017.

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What is a hair balayage?

Unlike the standard highlighting methods used with sheets or caps bonnet, the balayage that some colourists put into practice these days is strictly freehand where the color is painted on the hair (hairpainted). You can amplify the hue by varying a tone that will only be brighter, soft, shiny and bold according to your personal preferences. Apart from very short cut hair, it can be worked on a variety of lengths of hair, textures and colors, which really gives a lot of possibilities and solution during your capillary change.

Most women are attracted at the balayage because the level of take care is relatively low. Many women are able to space their color treatments without too many unpleasant surprises in the hairdresser, while those who find it themselves at home have more and more chance to succeed in their hair adventure. They have access to High quality professional products, professional hair dye lines comparable to the competition, styling tools, etc.

Women have realized that it is possible now to succeed at home with its hair coloring. It is also possible to do its hair balayage by buying the right products in supermarkets, pharmacies and para pharmacy. Women know it!

50 incredible ideas to succeed your balayage in 2017

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Suivez-nous sur Pinterest

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