Amy Adams finally dares copper red

Amy Adams finally dares copper red, lecoloriste

The beautiful Amy Adams

After being awarded the Golden Globes for her role as a crook in David O. Russell’s American Gangster film, the actress said in an interview that her long red curls allowed her to be noticed much more than when she was blonde. Her success in Hollywood is partly due to her hair color! Adams first became a redhead at age 27 for her 2004 role in the television show Dr. Vegas, starring Rob Lowe. And yes! Amy Adams finally dares copper red!

Amy Adams finally dares copper red!

Here’s what Amy said during her recent interview with The New York Times:

«Based on roles that I was getting called in for, people were responding to certain types of characters with me as a blonde, and the minute I went red, it was quirky and fun instead of flirtatious and dumb »

The Oscar-winning actress added that of course, it is only a hair color. She did, however, realize the impact and the first impression her fire mane gave her and made it a great tool!Amy Adams finally dares copper red, le coloriste

Here are other blondes that have gone red, momentarily or not:

Lana Del Rey, Mariloup Wolfe, Nicole Kidman et Emma Stone.

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Amy Adams was sublime and at the forefront of glamor during the premiere of Arrival in London.
Amy Adams ose le rouge cuivré!, Le coloriste

Want to get the same result right from home? Charles Worthington’s ambassador, Ken O’Rourke, who realized her look, gives us his advice.

«Amy is lucky to have beautiful natural red curls, so I decided to give her a very 70s cascade look on one side, in order to highlight her goddess greek dress»

If you do not have the budget for a Valentino dress, you can always fall back on the hairstyle!

1. On wet hair, use Charles Worthington’s Volume & Bounce Body Booster to create texture and volume, and use the Express Blow Dry Primer to speed up blow drying while forming the base for loops. Redken’s Pillow Proof Blowdry Express Treatment Primer Cream is also a good option.

2. Dry your hair with a silk brush about 8cm wide and when dry, take a loop about 4cm wide, and share the hair into eight similar sections, then buckle.

3. Once the hair is curled, let it rest for 30 minutes, and brush with a brush of silk hair to soften the curls and reduce the frizz. Add lacquer, such as OSCAR BLANDI lacquer to give a little hold, without removing shine. Other possibility: Finishing lacquer DONE I.C.O.N. or the Luminous lacquer from Moroccanoil.

You prefer the blond or the red?

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15 beautiful hair coloring trends 2017, lecoloriste

Discover the beautiful hair coloring trends for the season

All you need to know about 15 beautiful hair coloring trends

The predictions Ludovic the colorist for 2017: 15 beautiful hair coloring trends, hair colors are coloring in originality, subtleties in the shades, repositioning, color harmonies, new working methods, conventional and especially high capillary follies in colour. Focus on the roots.

Let me introduce you, to our playground for the year and instead let the hair follies to be presented to us by professional colorists of the hair world. The hair takes relief, we will see the hair in another dimension in color. The coloring becomes painting and everyone becomes an artist. Creativity is in the work of the man or woman holding the brush. According to our colorists guest stars, there still is room for creativity and we will discover over the coming seasons.

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An economic situation conducive to change your hair color

The economic situation in the world influences behavior and change our practices. Major brands rusent thousand-and-one ways for you not to stop consuming, they must find compromises and be creative to keep selling their products.

The trend for DIY is more than ever in the times and access to the video reveals the Pros stuff for both hairdressers as consumers. It’s possible to have great results at home, go duet mode. Who has not a good friend?

One of the changes of the economic situation is the arrival of the first shaded (tie-dye) caused one of the worst economic crises in several continents reached. Women have been affected to the point that they have less and less money to keep her hair from there to start this beautiful trend that is shaded, which is changing and has become the soft ombre and to arrive with the layage (hairpainting).

This may be the time to use your shadow or sunk expired, to boost your personality and live a NEW HEAD. The consumers want to learn and save. Multinationals have barely had time to take their breath as their competitors are already looking for a genius idea.

How becomes a coloring trend so popular with women in no time

The internet phenomenon propels us to the other side of the world in seconds and makes us discover the inspirations and favorites from the creators of fashion that we share between friends and acquaintances. The information travels at the speed of lightning. Gone are the days when new haircut created by Sassoon was fashionable in our hometown a few years later. Barriers exist anymore, you have one-click access to the largest beauty magazines, leading specialists and beauty blogs on the web.

You are looking for the look of the moment, the trend of the moment

All you need to know about 15 beautiful hair coloring trends 

In 2017, the world of coloring reserve you full of surprises. Here is a glimpse of what lies ahead for 2017, the color is real and everywhere, The haircolor take differents ways for 2017

  • The pastel color hair and lavender, purple and yellow will tone and neon will not be without color, all arranged harmoniously
  • The platinum blond to cold shades with ash will expose themselves to attacks brunettes
  • Silver hair women and her twin gray hair are in the track again
  • The blue jeans haircolor and its various shades will make a success
  • The rainbow hair color fit well with galaxy hair (hair galaxy) hey yes! they will continue to haunt you obviously, because you no longer have the age to wear, you ask !
  • Discovering layage (known hairpainting) with melted tunes by the master, the layage defies balayage
  • For the less daring girls, sombre (soft shadow), the younger brother of the ombre (known tie and dye) is beckoned with his 9 lives, art recycling the ombre (tie and dye ).
  • The scan that is modernized by transforming into hair contouring.
  • The RoseGold and Strawberry Blond are back and ready to attack
  • The auburn and mahogany  and  cholcolate brown, marsala  will be a brunette head and others will want to convert to bronde obviously.

                                                  All you need to know about 15 beautiful hair coloring trends 

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Unhealthy mistakes when shampooing your hair, lecoloriste

Learn what shampooing mistakes make your locks unhappy !

Unhealthy mistakes when shampooing your hair at home

It seems that there is nothing easier than shampooing, but it’s a common misconception. There are many mistakes you can do in the shower, thus making your hair suffer: unhealthy mistakes when shampooing your hair.


1. Rushing through all steps

Shampooing consists of a few important steps and each of them has a great importance. Firstly, you have to moisten your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo. According to experts at Fashion Hair Salon, moisture activates the product, so your hair has to be soaking wet. You should also rub your scalp long enough to eliminate dirt and grease!

2. Ignoring the conditioner in your hair

I can’t understand people who ignore this product and deprive their hair of unbelievable benefits. If you have fine and thin locks, you shouldn’t treat conditioner with hostility, just learn how to apply it properly! It’s crucial to concentrate on your ends and length, which need rich hydration and nourishment desperately.

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3. Forgetting to detangle

According to experts at Fashion Hair Salon, a shower is the best place for getting rid of knots in your hair. If your locks are prone to tangles, then you should fight this problem in the shower when conditioning. This product helps to remove knots easily and painlessly, so apply some conditioner and work with your comb!

4. Rinsing not well enough

Many people make a mistake of rinsing their hair not thoroughly enough, which leads to unpleasant consequences later. If you don’t remove the product when shampooing your hair, it will accumulate and create nasty buildup. Don’t be lazy and rinse until everything is gone!

Avoid these awful mistakes and shampoo your hair correctly!

Always choose the best shampoo for your type of hair  and for the best result visit our boutique online


12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017, lecoloriste


Our 12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017 bring you ways of showcasing your mop in the early fall cycle. Very popular with brunettes, the auburn color is a hair color that corresponds to a brown or brown reddish to multiple warm shades. It is popularly known under the name of dark roux. Some variants even take to the copper-red. Another color that is nicknamed mahogany a reddish  with purple accent.

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

The warm tones of auburn coloring, brings the winds of change

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12 ideas auburn coloring to dream in 2017

« Auburn » can be used to describe many shades of reddish hair with similar definitions or hues. It is often conflated in popular usage with Titian hair. While Titian hair is a brownish shade of red hair, auburn hair is specifically defined as including the actual color red. Most definitions of Titian hair describe it as a brownish-orange color, but some describe it as being reddish. This is in reference to red hair itself, not the color red.

Auburn hair is a variety of red hair

most commonly described as reddishbrown in color or dark ginger. Auburn hair ranges in shades from medium to dark. It is common with a wide array of skin tones and eye colors, but as is the case with most brown hair, it is commonly associated with light skin features. The chemical pigments that cause the coloration of auburn hair are frequently pheomelanin with high levels of eumelanin, however the auburn hair is due to a mutated melanocortin 1 receptor gene in the people of Northwestern European descent and by a mutated TYRP1 gene in the Austronesians, both genes that reduce the melanin production of the hair cells.

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Photo: Haircolortrend

Source : Wikipedia



La teinture pour cheveux auburn : pour faire rêver toutes les brunettes de la planète

Nos 12 idées pour une coloration auburn réussis

Cette magnifique couleur auburn vous apportera des façons de mettre en valeurs votre tignasse en ce début cycle automnal. Très populaire auprès des brunettes, la coloration auburn est une couleur de cheveux qui correspond à un brun ou un châtain tirant sur le roux aux des multiples nuances chaudes. Il est populairement connu sous la dénomination de roux foncé. Certaines variantes tirent même vers le cuivré. Voyez plus bas, nos 12 suggestions pour réussir votre coloration cheveux auburn qui vous feront rêver.

Une autre couleur très demandée et que l’on surnomme les acajous, tire vers le rouge violacé. Nous voulons avec nos 12 idées colorations auburn, vous faire rêver. Les tons chauds des colorations auburn apportent le vent du changement et nos 12 idées colorations auburns pour vous faire rêver sont pour vous !

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 12 couleurs de cheveux auburn pour vous faire rêver


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La coloration auburn convient-il à votre teint ?

De toutes les couleurs de cheveux, le roux est la plus rare : en effet, seulement 2% de la population mondiale a une chevelure naturellement rousse. La bonne nouvelle, c’est que cette teinte ne convient pas qu’aux teints laiteux : à condition de choisir la bonne nuance, presque tout le monde peut se la permettre…

Si l’auburn est à la mode, c’est justement parce qu’il fait partie des nuances de roux les plus faciles à porter ! En effet, si l’auburn sied particulièrement aux teints mats, il convient aussi aux peaux plus claires. Seules les peaux rosées devraient éviter cette couleur : elle aura plutôt tendance à faire ressortir les imperfections.

En revanche, si vous avez le teint et les yeux foncés, la couleur auburn mettra en valeur les formes de votre visage et donnera plus de profondeur à votre regard. Le rendu sera moins naturel chez les peaux plus claires, mais donnera l’impression d’éclaircir le teint.

Couleur auburn foncé : subtile et mystérieuse

La coloration auburn foncé s’adresse avant tout aux bases très foncées, du noir au brun. Cependant, sur une chevelure blonde, l’aventure peut aussi être tentée et offrira un changement radical. L’auburn foncé, à la teinte rousse plus discrète, convient particulièrement aux femmes avec le teint pâle aux yeux bleus. Une condition existe, que la couleur de peau ne soit pas trop terne. L’effet ne vous donnera pas le résultat recherché.

Chez les brunettes, il suffit souvent de choisir une coloration dite: ton sur ton auburn pour profiter de ces jolis reflets chauds, qui se révèlent souvent à la faveur d’un rayon de soleil. Les chevelures plus claires devront quant à elles opter pour une coloration permanente auburn foncé. Heureusement, il est plus facile d’obtenir une couleur plus foncée qu’une couleur plus claire !

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A choisir chez un coiffeur ou à faire soi-même. Il existe un large choix de colorations dans les teintes auburn sur le marché. Visitez notre album Pinterest


New beginning for Taylor Swift and her hair

New beginning for Taylor Swift and her hair, the colourist

A new color and a new beginning for Taylor Swift?

We could discover a Taylor Swift adorning a platinum blonde who turned heads at the last Coachella festival. The platinum blonde Taylor Swift follows the trend of the icy blonde and fits perfectly with its short square slightly wavy.

New beginning for Taylor Swift and her hair, It is not yet known how long she will keep this bleached hair. One thing is sure, it suits her admirably. She dare wear flamboyant pastel shades, or she will stay with this icy blonde?

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Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is a singer-songwriter and actress parallel accumulating 323 awards in recent years (including ten Grammy Awards, nineteen American Music Awards, six Academy of Country Music Awards and thirteen BMI Awards and a Brit Awards) therefore not hard to believe that her Instagram account has nearly 92 million subscribers and her Facebook has nearly 75 million friends.

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un nouveau début pour Taylor Swift, le coloriste

The young country singer wear a real curly head with fine and dense hair that assumes its curls without complex and accentuation. Of course, Taylor tried to stiffen and to adopt the fringe massive rocker, but prefer a natural look.

In September 2009, Taylor became the first country artist to win an MTV Video Music Awards for the single You Belong with Me in the category « Best video of the year for a female artist. »

Her acceptance speech was interrupted by rapper Kanye West. Already involved in several scandals during the awards ceremonies, Kanye West said that Beyonce deserved to win the MTV Video Music Awards for « Best video of the year for a female artist. »

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And note that she has given $ 1 million to various charities to help flood victims in Louisiana.

Is this a new beginning for Taylor Swift?

Source: Wikipedia

La couleur cheveu citrouille prend le vent

la couleur cheveu citrouille prend le vent, lecoloriste

Le pumpkin spice hair met un vent d’automne dans vos cheveux

La couleur cheveu citrouille prend le vent

On devait s’y attendre, car l’automne est synonyme de couleur jaune, orangé en passant au rouge et la couleur cheveux citrouille prend le vent. La fête d’Halloween nous rapproche des couleurs de l’automne. Cette tendance épicée de la citrouille fait son chemin à chaque année n’est pas conçu pour les femme d’âge mures, la coloration cheveu citrouille prend le vent, lecoloristecar les cheveux ont perdu leurs pigments naturels et les cheveux gris ont pris le dessus, votre teint lui aussi s’est modifié et éclaircis. Je vous mets en garde d’oublier les cheveux couleur citrouille. Par contre, pour toutes les autres qui rêve d’une couleur tendance, le pumpkin spice hair vous attend.

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Variante sur la coloration citrouille

Beaucoup de femmes avec l’arrivée de l’automne peuvent ajouter une touche de roux automnale dans leurs crinières blondes, il existe plusieurs façons de porter le pumpkin spice hair. Toujours selon votre carnation et les pigments qui sont présents dans vos cheveux, votre coloration se voudra unique avec le cuivré, car il est idéal pour ravivé un blond usé par les excès du soleil de l’été.

Le pumpkin spice hair consiste à faire une coloration avec des sous-tons cuivrés. Ces nuances sont à adapter en fonction de votre couleur de base. Les nuances orangées et cuivrées sont plus flatteuses sur les filles aux teints clairs aux yeux bleus ou vert pâle.



Nouveauté la protéine de cheveux vend la mèche

nouveauté la protéine de cheveux vend la mèche, le coloriste

S’il vous arrivait un jour de commettre un crime, il se pourrait bien que ce soit un de vos cheveux qui vende la mèche aux enquêteurs.

Nouveauté la protéine de cheveux vend la mèche

Une étude publiée mercredi 7 septembre 2016 par des chercheurs américains du Laboratoire National Lawrence Livermore (LLNL), indique que l’analyse des protéines contenues dans le cheveu pourrait bientôt venir compléter le profilage ADN, et ainsi être utilisée dans les domaines médico-légaux et archéologiques. La méthode peut surprendre, mais elle n’a pourtant rien de capillotracté : les protéines résistent mieux aux dégradations que l’ADN, et possèdent des spécificités d’origine propres à chaque individu.

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Une combinaison propre à chacun

C’est le scénario classique de tout mauvais téléfilm policier : l’imprudent criminel a laissé, quelque part aux environs de sa victime, des brins d’ADN qui serviront à le confondre. Le profilage ADN est fréquemment utilisé par les médecins légistes (mais aussi en archéologie) car l’ADN est unique à chacun. Toutefois, des processus biologiques, environnementaux ou chimiques entraînent sa dégradation et peuvent parfois le rendre inutilisable. Par contraste, les protéines ont tendance à être plus stables dans le temps que l’ADN, et présentent également des particularités qui nous sont propres. Preuve de la longévité de cette méthode : les chercheurs ont ainsi été capables de profiler les protéines de cheveux bioarchéologiques de six individus âgés jusqu’à 250 ans.

Autre avantage, “le profilage ADN requiert d’utiliser la racine du cheveu,comme nous le confirme Steve Wampler, principal auteur de l’étude. [Pour l’analyse des protéines,] nous n’avons besoin que de la tige, qui contient des restes de cellules qui n’ont plus leur ADN, mais sur lesquelles on trouve encore une grande quantité de protéines”.  Pour déterminer si des traces capillaires peuvent être utilisées dans le domaine médico-légal, les chercheurs ont minutieusement étudié des échantillons de cheveux de 76 individus, ce qui leur a permis de distinguer 185 marqueurs qui différencient les protéines entre elles. Ils estiment qu’une étude plus vaste pourrait permettre d’identifier jusqu’à 1 000 de ces marqueurs, dont la combinaison est unique à chaque individu.

Une personne sur un million

Les nucléotides sont les éléments de base de l’ADN, et codent pour les acides aminés qui composent à leur tour les protéines. Les variations génétiques des nucléotides se traduisent donc par différentes formes (polymorphismes) des acides aminés. L’étude de ce polymorphisme des acides aminés permet d’établir un profil génétique unique, grâce auquel on peut différencier plusieurs individus. Pour l’instant, les chercheurs estiment pouvoir parvenir à identifier un individu sur un groupe d’environ un million de personnes. Mais ils ont bon espoir qu’en continuant l’étude du protéome des cheveux (l’ensemble des protéines exprimées dans une cellule ou groupe de cellules), ils puissent prochainement distinguer avec certitude un individu du reste de la population.  D’après Steve Wampler, cette méthode a “le potentiel d’être plus rapide et moins chère” que le profilage ADN, bien que cette dernière méthode “peut également être améliorée”.  “Nous cherchons des marqueurs que nous héritons de nos parents”, continue le chercheur. Donc il est fort probable que n’importe quel type de poil puisse être utilisé, comme par exemple les poils des bras – les personnes chauves ne sont donc pas à l’abri des investigations. Difficile, de nos jours, de ne plus laisser de traces. Il y a de quoi s’arracher les cheveux – mais il ne faut alors pas oublier de les récupérer après.


Photo: Passeportsanté.net

A hair bleaching for Kylie Jenner

Une décoloration cheveux pour kylie Jenner, lecoloriste

A hair bleaching for Kylie Jenner, Kylie Jenner passes blond, one that has gone through almost all colors of the spectrum to attract attention. Kylie knows that whenever any hair color changes, the web ignites and she plays well the game.

A hair bleaching for Kylie Jenner

On his Snapchat, Kylie makes us live his meeting with his colorist. There is no doubt Kylie plays the blond. The one with us last July his latest creation … his first palette eye shadow, the kyshadow.
The youngest of the Kardashian family made us see all the colors. This new young business woman even offered us a video in which she presents her makeup ritual.

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According to Ludovic the colorist, Kylie does not have the complexion of a blonde, yellow pigments are very persistent and we believe it will end its adventure with a hair color tending towards gold. One thing is almost certain, platinum will be difficult to obtain. kylie should look to his half-sister Kim Kardashian wanted to decides to be blond too. The disaster occurred and had to return to its dark color. We do not always get what we want in coloration and money does not buy everything except a wig!

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We wish to Kylie, good luck in the coming weeks with this type of blond discolored. Are you prefer Kylie blond where  brown?

Hottest end summer hair color 2016

hottest end summer hair 2016 color, lecoloriste

At the end of the summer season, your haircolor fade out a bit and you’re really lucky, your hair looks like the peach color and you are trendy.

The hottest end summer hair color 2016

On the color wheel, wedged between rose gold and true orange, is the sweet spot of pastel peach. And it’s officially one of the hottest end-of-Summer rainbow hair hues to try. In fact, over 1,500 people have shared images of their bellini-inspired strands on Instagram using the hashtag #peachhairdontcare. compares the sunset shade to the peach emoji, and pointed out that eventrendsetter kylie Jenner has rocked it.

While the peach emoji is often overlooked beyond butt-related captions and comments–it’s never cracked the top 100–peach is having a moment on Instagram thanks to this summer’s surprise hit hair color.

Popularized by Kylie Jenner who wore a peach wig by Tokyo Stylez at Coachella, stone fruit season is officially applicable to hair color. The newest peach emoji convert? Georgia Jagger who debuted the fruity shade by Bleach London founder Alex Brownsell earlier this month.

Orange hair is strangely flattering and best of all, with hair the color of an emoji, you never have to ask « what’s the caption? » again.

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If you want to try this sherbet shade as your Autumn hair color, then keep reading to see how gorgeous it looks on different textures and complexions.

Source: Popsugar