New hair for Miley Cyrus, the colorist

Billy Ray Cyrus‘s daughter Miley Cyrus, continues to turn heads from her famous role in the Hannah Montana series.

Her changing hairstyle : Miley Cyrus

Only 14 years old, Miley was still a child. Her long chestnut hair and loops worked well for her role in the Disney series. Barely a year later, we already see the dawning woman behind the teenager. If Miley keeps her long hair, she opts for blonde highlights quite marked and spikes smoothed the griddle. New hair for Miley Cyrus.

Whether to change her hair or her turbulent relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus knows how to talk about it! With 42 million subscribers on her Instagram account, Miley is the idol of a generation … New hair for Miley Cyrus, so she knows for sure that her image is scrutinize and teens love it.

2011. This is the end of the series Hannah Montana and Miley decides to take a break from her music career to focus on acting. Now that she is no longer at Disney, the 19 years old girl is allowed to experience side hairstyle. But for now, she is content with a shadow and a wise bohemian braid. Miley then proves she is no longer a teenager, but a young woman cutting her long mane, but retaining its shaded coloring.

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Miley Cirus : New hair

To support Liam Hemsworth, her boyfriend and actor in the Hunger Games trilogy, Miley crowd the red carpet in 2012 with a shadow intensified and a more pronounced blond.

Drastic transformation to one that debuted at Disney! By opting for a short platinum cut and shaved sides, it says very clearly her need to express one side more rock and less known of her personality. During the evening of the MTV Music Awards in 2013, Miley Cyrus is straight out of a Japanese manga with defined eyebrows, bright red mouth and two small blonde « buns » perched atop her head. However, it gives it a rock touch by simply spraying hairspray on lengths to keep them in the air.

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New hair for Miley Cyrus

The singer is currently filming a series with the famous director Woody Allen and for that she had to metamorphose. No more short hair and shaved sides, Miley wears on set blonde hair very much inspired by the 60’s. Obviously it is a wig, but fans of Hannah Montana will be happy to find a Miley closer to what they have experienced.

After many blunders, Miley Cyrus seems to become a little wiser … How long before the next capillary mishap … only her hairdresser knows.

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You wonder why Selena Gomez loses her hair, the colorist

Lupus could be the real reason behind Selena Gomez’s hair extensions 

The whole truth about Selena Gomez loses hair

Singer and actress, Selena accumulates talent since her childhood. Her career began as early as 2007 through the Disney Channel series, Wizards of Waverly Place. Since we never stop speaking about her, she makes success both musically and on the big screen with films like Hotel Transylvania in 2012 or Spring Breakers in 2013. You wonder why Selena Gomez loses her hair?

Her Instagram account has 72 million subscribers, surpassing Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, her former boyfriend.

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Selena Gomez love her natural long brown hair 

Her signature ? Undoubtedly, her long brown hair that will certainly please. Some blonde highlights and a mid-length cut, this is how the career of Selena Gomez began. But since then, the singer continues to surprise us. Smooth, shiny and silky hair are what might be called our « hair goal. »

Who Gets Lupus?

upus — also known as systemic lupus erythematosus — is a disease of the immune system. Normally, the immune system protects the body from infection. In lupus, however, the immune system inappropriately attacks tissues in various parts of the body. This abnormal activity leads to tissue damage and illness.

According to the Lupus Foundation of America, approximately 1.5 million people in the U.S. have lupus. People of African, Asian, and Native American descent are more likely to develop lupus than are Caucasians. Although it can occur in both men and women, 90% of people diagnosed with the disease are women. Women of childbearing age (14 to 45 years old) are most often affected and as many as 1 in 250 people may develop lupus.


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In 2011, instead of her long hair. Selena blessed us with sublime brown silky hair. To highlight them, she regularly put on pretty earrings and use a flat iron.

The following year, in 2012, the actress gives in to the temptation of bronde. Mid-brown mid-blonde, she opts for this in summer coloring. Refreshing!

In 2013, the pretty brunette finds its natural color. Wavy, corrugated, smooth or cute buns, Selena takes this long to test the latest trends. December 2, 2013, she can be seen at a benefit for the KISS FM 106.1’s Jingle Ball (Texas), Selena Gomez has attracted the attention because she was transformed! A change short-lived as the beautiful wearing a wig. But the effect was definitely there: her little brown square gave her the look of a femme fatale.

It was at the end of 2015 that Selena finally reveals the great project to her fans. No music, but the beauty: the singer became the face for the brand care Pantene Pro-V.

You wonder why Selena Gomez loses her hair?

Lately, no question of making up the loops and other agressantes colors to his scalp, knowing that she is suffering from Lupus, Selena must be vigilant with coloring products. Her hair stylist, Marissa Marino, from salon Nine Zero One, works conscientiously with Selena to create her original looks without putting Selena’s life in danger. The hair extensions are therefore made; the ideal solution. Despite her diagnosis, the actress proves she is still on top and intends to stay there.

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Une invitation au Gala Bulles et Tapis Rouge de l'association pulmonaire, le coloriste

Cette année encore l’équipe événementielle de l’Association pulmonaire du Québec a su nous conquérir avec un Gala prestigieux

Gala Bulles et Tapis Rouge de L’Association pulmonaire du Québec

Il y a une semaine se déroulait le Gala Bulles et Tapis Rouge de l’Association pulmonaire, l’événement se déroulait pour une deuxième année au très chic établissement chez Birks. Le grand Chef Relais et Châteaux, Jérome Ferrer était le Maitre d’oeuvre dans la cuisine pour le cocktail dinatoire qui était offert aux invités de marque venus assistés en exclusivité, au lancement de la collection de Luxe Balnéaire 2017 SHAN.

Sous la présidence d’honneur de Mme Geneviève Biron, Présidente et chef de la direction de Biron Groupe Santé et de Iohann  Martin, Président et co-fondateur du Groupe Dazmo la soirée fût une réussite.

Anne-Marie Whitenshaw

La soirée fût menée de main de maitre par l’animatrice Anne-Marie Whitenshaw

Les photos du Gala Bulles et Tapis Rouge en exclusivité

Une soirée pour amasser des fonds

L’Oréal de Paris, avec en tête son représentant professionnel pour le Canada, Louis Hechter. L’équipe de Louis nous a créé des coiffures voluptueuses avec un vent salin. Les mains expertes de l’équipe de maquilleurs et maquilleuses de MAC ont effectué le travail de façon professionnelle. La mise en  scène du Directeur Artistique Hans Koechling est venue souligner la collection de Luxe Balnéaire 2017 SHAN.

Une soirée remplies de moments magiques et de magnifiques tableaux pour son encan silencieux. Nous ne pouvons passer sou silence le professionnalisme des modèles masculins et féminins des différentes agences.

Lors de cette soirée, un montant de 200 000$ a été ramassé pour la cause.

Un regard  pour la cause avec L’Association pulmonaire du Québec

L’Association pulmonaire a comme mission l’éducation, la promotion de la santé respiratoire et la prévention des maladies pulmonaire, tout en offrant des services aux personnes atteintes, en accompagnant leurs proches et en soutenant la recherche.

Près de 900 000 Québécois et Québécoises sont atteints de l’une des quatre maladies respiratoires les plus répandues, soient l’asthme, le cancer du poumon, la MPOC (emphysème et bronchite chronique) et l’apnée du sommeil. Les maladies respiratoires chroniques, comme l’asthme et la MPOC représentent la 4e cause de décès en importance au Québec, et ce sont pour ces raisons que notre organisme offre des services sur plus de 77 problématiques en santé respiratoire.



when the hair colorist become a painter, le coloriste

Hairstylist dyes her hair to look like famous Painting

Hair colorist Ursula Goff become a painter 

The art inspiration coming from anywhere, the new trend this times is to recreate the classical painting, after galaxy hair, Disney Hair and oil slick etc.

Ursula Goff is a talented hair stylist, who created her very own take on fine art,  dyeing her locks in the same array of colors as those used in famous masterpieces.

She gets her inspiration from classical paintings. Her color scheme roughly approximates the hues in Van Gogh’s Starry Night or Edward Munch’s The Scream.

Her vibrant interpretations of famous masterpieces typically take Ursula, between three and six hours to create – although more elaborate styles can take up to 10 hours – with each design featuring a mind boggling variety of colors and shades. Each customer is very unique and different, I create a different look for my special clients.

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The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


The Scream by Edvard Munch


Starry Night by Van Gogh


Water Lilies by Claude Monet


Drowning Girl by Roy Lichtenstein


Red Canna Lily by Georgia O’Keeffe


Birth of Venus by Botticelli


Girl With a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

Dancer Tilting by Edgar Degas

Dancer Tilting by Edgar Degas

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Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad, le coloriste

March is marked by one of The Most Anticipated events: Fashion Week’s ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2016-2017. Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad are the key words, the new head of Suicide Squad, increasingly fallen leaves parades and direct her career towards the cinema and now writes articles for Love Magazine.

Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad

With her face full of character, Cara Delevingne doing very well hairstyles that govern her expression without falling over his eyes. The side hair (hair free one side plated the other) works very well on her. Rather chic when it’s done with wavy locks, it gives the young model of 23 years a few more years. Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad !

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Unlike her friend Kendall Jenner who can not help but let his stiff hair natural, Cara Delevingne likes to have fun with her hair. Hilltop buns, ponytails plated, worked curls … the exchange dummy head like shoes. July 21, 2015 evening Cara Delevingne was walking on the red carpet for the premiere of her film, Paper Towns, armed with a loose braid imagined by the vanity of Mara Roszak. On one side, a loose braid, which showcases the capillary volume of the dummy. On the front, it seems that Cara door let loose hair, just wavy. A hairstyle way « bi-taste » since that is the buzz on the web.

Despite several mishaps hair, which she probably had to have some trouble digesting, she could count on his family as his girlfriend, singer St Vincent. We remember that it had already supported BFF Kendall Jenner at the New York premiere for Paper Planes.

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And summer 2015, the turn of Cara Delevingne to be there for the musician. So it is natural that the top model visited Montreal to attend the spectacle of his half during the Osheaga festival. An occasion in which she again attracted attention. But this time, it is the hair of the young woman who was talking. I must say she appeared with pink hair. In pictures appeared in several tabloids like People Magazine, we admired this new frosted pink coloring. A capillary change that no one saw it coming and has a small effect!

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World renowned top, Cara Delevingne sees solicit from all sides. If crowd the catwalks of the biggest fashion names like Chanel or Givenchy, the top seems to broaden her horizons. Cara Delevingne got the role of the sorceress in Suicide Squad who will be playing in the summer 2016. Despite this timetable could not be more responsible, the Burberry muse still finds time to walk the red carpets. Between events and magazines cover, the beautiful Cara even find the time to change hair style.

Scientists identify grey hair gene for first time


It’s confirmed, gray hair is all about genetic

Scientists identify grey hair gene for first time, a good news for the beauty’s industry and pharmaceutical

A team from the university London College made the discovery that will change the beauty industry. The discovery also helped bind the size of the hair, shape and color. For some time we know the genes that led to baldness and color of your hair. But this discovery goes further, now we know wich gene is responsible for the graying of the hair, shape and density. This gene is the IRF4.

We know that the advent of gray hair is caused by a lack of melanin, with this discovered, scientists can better understand reproduction and storage. The understanding of how IFR4 will bring to market new beauty products to slow the graying process and who knows maybe not be colored gray hair. In their discovery, interesting given the gene that determines that you curl a little, a lot, a lot, the one that influences your PRSS53 crimp.

In addition, they found the gene associated with the shape of the hair and the texture of the beard EDAR gene. The FOXL2 also for texture eyebrows.

One pill a day, keep the grey away

Who’s knows, one day you will take a pill and no more grey hair… if your are curious to know more about this revelation read: Andrew Mc Dougall

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To read the full article

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Source:  the scientists identify the grey gene hair for the first times, lecoloristeAndrew Mc Dougall




The winner best hair/makeup Oscars 2016

the winner best hair/makeup oscars 2016, lecoloriste

The winner best hair/makeup Oscars 2016
Winners Lesley Wanderalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin for Mad Max movie and they are not in their infancy, but their first Oscar nominations for the film Mad Max.

A sacred evening as tops, Oscar night is a must. The Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling is an American film award awarded annually since 1982 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which also awards all other Oscars.
In recent years we offer a different perspective on the craftsmen of the department hairstyle/makeup cinema. In our section derrière la chaise, a section for artists from the industry of the hair and makeup artists who participate in a success or teamwork. We take the time to congratulate them and present them to you.

This year our 3 finalists films are: Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin are in their first Oscar nomination for Mad Max, Love Larso and Eva Von Bahr for the film 100 Years Old Man Who Climbed out the window and disappered and to finish Siân Griag, Duncan Jorman and Robert Pandini for the film The Revenant.

Le gagnant meilleur coiffure/maquillage Oscars 2016, le coloriste
mad Max

The winner best hair/makeup  Oscars 2016 is the Mad Max film

Our three artists Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin. Lesley is not in its infancy, since to work on Moulin Rouge and the Great Gatsby.
Mad Max
Portrait of the artistic director behind the hairstyles of Mad Max: Fury Road.
At full speed, Mad Max: Fury Road landed on the screens with a thunderous noise. A how to Imperator Furiosa, a woman behind the red curls of Able, the blonde mane Beautiful Angharad, ethereal lengths Cheedo or tapered square Toast. After Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby, Lesley Vanderwalt sign art direction make-up and hairstyles of the new film by George Miller.
It is at Creative Media Skills that the artist explained how the shooting had taken place. Surrounded by a team of 35 people recruited in Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, she oversaw the looks of almost 200 actors and extras. The shooting days started at dawn by a one-hour trip to the set, consulting rushes the previous day and a discussion with the director. While part of the team returned to the city in studios to make repairs on wigs and accessories, the appointed hairdressers coiffaient key players, the rest took care of minor characters and extras. It took 80 hours of work per week, approximately.

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Among the most important challenges in the design and production of hair styles Mad Max: Fury Road, Lesley Vanderwalt points out two main. During preparation, the bulk of the work was to implement the vision of the director George Miller and ensure that looks consistent with what he had in mind for the characters.

But that was nothing compared to the shooting conditions that was damaging regularly wigs and required a permanent work on cuts. Sand, temperature changes and waterfalls: many extreme elements that required monitoring of the entire hair team to meet the demands of artistic direction. And when we see the capillary panic that inspires any storm cloud, we can only welcome the coolness of those artists.
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Nous avons sélectionné 20 colorations de cheveux rouges pour faire rougir la femme en vous !

La couleur de cheveux rouge toujours aussi en demande

Les cheveux rouges vont à toutes les femmes et c’est bien l’avantage de cette couleur. Que vous ayez la peau mate, bronzée, claire ou pâlotte, les cheveux rouges vont réveiller votre personnalité. Votre nouvelle couleur de cheveux s’harmonisera parfaitement à votre carnation et à la forme de votre visage en fonction de la technique de coloration choisie. Pour ce genre de teinte flashy et peu courante, mieux vaut vous s’en remettre à un spécialiste de la coloration capillaire et ne pas tenter la coloration maison pour cette fois. Votre style dépendra de ses prouesses. Il pourra également vous donner de précieux conseils pour prendre soin de vos cheveux colorés. La coloration de cheveux rouge est en effet une couleur qui perd vite en intensité et peut changer de teinte avec le temps, il faut donc la chouchouter pour être sûr de garder un look sexy et rock sans virer sur le style cheveux délavé.

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Quelques règles à suivre :

  • Plus notre teint est pâle, moins on devrait opter pour une couleur foncée. Ce n’est pas impossible, mais l’effet obtenu annonce clairement que ce n’est pas naturel.
  • À l’opposé, le blond ne va habituellement pas très bien à celles qui ont un teint foncé.
  • Il est déconseillé de choisir une teinte trop près de celle de votre peau, car la démarcation entre la peau et la chevelure sera trop floue, ce qui diminuera l’effet global.

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After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!

After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!, the colorist

After the success of the article on the capillary change of Justin Bieber, another artist has attracted our attention. We decided to dedicate this article, not only for its separation from the group One Direction, but also to showcase its hair changes. After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!

Zayn Malik is a follower of changes and cuts. The singer regularly changing style and hair color. Green, gray or shaved, Zayn likes to play with different styles.

In 2010, at age 17, Zayn Malik auditioned for the seventh season of British televised singing competition The X Factor. He then created with his colleagues the group One Direction who had a smashing success.

In March 2015, after five successful years in the group, that Zayn Malik quits One Direction to find a « normal life for a 22 years old man. » Victim of stress and anxiety, the singer leaves the group after a concert in Thailand before announcing his final departure in a statement. However Zayn does not leave the music scene and released his first solo album titled Mind of Mine.  Zayn Malik recruits Lil Wayne for the official remix to his single « Pillowtalk. »

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Capillary side, nothing is going for Zayn Malik since leaving One Direction. The singer now seems addicted to amazing colors.

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After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!

After shaving his hair and dyed blond, Zayn also tried the gray coloring, then green and platinum. It was not necessarily every time a success because the gray color is a color that does not support any red or yellow reflection below, failing to turn green. So, if you are brunette base, we have to work your bleach longer. For blondes, it will be a little easier and less damaging to the hair but you also have to bleach it.

After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!, the colorist

The day before Valentine’s Day, that he spent with his beloved Gigi Hadid, Zayn decided to take a little trip to the hairdresser and go to flashy pink (semi-permanent color) to celebrate the feast of love! A color that will not long remain in hair Zayn since the day after, he appears with a faded pink and continues to discolor within the following days.

If Zayn had followed the advice of Ludovic The Colourist, his color would’ve survive longer. Know that the pastel coloring does not stay long. We therefore need to rebuild and take care of it regularly. To prevent it from fading too quickly, you can also bet on a sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioners for dyed hair.

While waiting to know what reserves the young man for his next haircut, tell us girls: do you find him still as cute?

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