Katy Perry turned heads with her hair Opal

katy perry turned heads with her hair Opal,lecoloriste

Katy turns to Hair Opale (Opal Hair)

Katy Perry turned heads with her hair Opal. take us into a universe every time she made an exit. Hair coloring and its thousand-one show us his wigs Katy tastes quickly understood the impact which brings to the fashion industry and the capillary. It is not insignificant that it has become the face of H&M.

In fact, she is very good advice in addition to its business woman of talent, it was as natural to join with H&M, because both have the same customer and a very targeted niche trademark image and very profitable. In addition to being the highest paid singer in 2015.

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Katy plays Mermaid and the Unicorn

Katy perry fait tourner les têtes avec un opal hair,lecoloriste

Katy Perry – Campagne H&M

The capillary side plays an important role in his aesthetic universe. Having the audacity to hair colors more bold and Katy sits atop the great stars that inspire our young girls today.
This time Katy comes to us with an Opal Hair, a drawn influences from the world of Unicorns and Mermaids, more sober than the galaxy hair (cosmic). Opal hair (also opal) looks like a cascade of pastel color tones such as: antique pink, turquoise, blue, lavender and even the steel gray. The superposition of pastel shades subtly blends to create fluidity.

Réussir les plus beaux opal hair, le coloriste

Amelia Nightmare

We can say that the cold pastel colors suit them best. Designers hair concepts were quick and they do a great job in achieving the beautiful multicolored wigs that can be enjoyed in her videos and promos. Again in this video for the promotional campaign for the brand. The Opal Hair takes its strength with the holiday season. Cold pastel tones prevail on the head of Katy Perry turned into fairy bells.

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Katy Perry new Egeria

The Swedish brand H&M going ahead with the queen of hair transformation, in this clip to promote the brand, it can be seen with several capillary changes and wearing the clothes of the season that will be available soon.

The ad agency with his elves, Christmas trees, gingerbread snowmen and candy canes … with the clip takes us directly into the atmosphere of the festive season. But the star Katy Perry is well muse of H&M for the campaign season.

The artist sings a new song Every is a holiday, appearing tower disguised tower Tinkerbell with sexy mini dress and colored hair or funny wooden soldier.

Katy Perry appears not only in the clip. At his side, a host of dancers, children, a kitten … but also tops Jourdan Dunn and Sean O’Pry, too muses of the brand.

Source: TV Programme