Sansa Stark la vedette de game of thrones change ses cheveux

Sensa Stark interprèté par Sophie Turner prend sa place, l’actrice décide de passer l’été en blonde compte tenu du délai de la saison 7 de Game of Thrones

Sansa Stark ne ressemble plus à la rousse dans Game of Thrones qu’on a l’habitude de voir

Notre belle actrice couleur cheveux renarde Cameron Sophie Turner est une actrice Britannique née le à Northampton. Elle est connue pour jouer depuis 2011 le rôle de Sansa Stark dans la série Game of Thrones. Notre jolie rousse cuivrée Sansa Stark est devenue blond platine, un choix questionnable selon certains de ses fans de Game of Thrones.

La rentrée qui arrive à petits pas, pousse nos fashionistas à changer de look sans trop d’hésitation en ce moment. Sophie Turner ne donne pas sa place en matière de choix capillaire, elle a de l’audace à la Sansa Stark avec une grosse dose de caractère.

Sansa Stark change de couleur de cheveux
Notre actrice rousse n’avait pas encore dit son dernier mot et ne voulant pas donner sa place, après avoir vu Maisie William avec ses cheveux bleu Sophie à décidé de passer au décolorant.
Nous avons remarqué Sophie sur son instagram avec une nouvelle coloration capillaire. Un blond platine de la saison qui augmente son côté obscur. La photo de Sophie en blonde postée sur son Instagram a reçu plus de 355 000 likes.

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Ce n’est pas la première fois que l’actrice, qu’on a également vue à l’affiche de « X-Men: Apocalypse » cette année, change de style capillaire. Les fans de Game of Thrones se souviennent de la brève période où Sansa Stark arborait des cheveux bruns à la fin de la saison 4.

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The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke or better known under the name of Daenerys Targaryen, was able to not only turned heads thanks to its beauty, but also thanks to the many hairstyles which adorns throughout the seasons of Game Of Thrones. Season 6 will start in April 2016.

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Born in 1986 in London, Emilia knew very early that she would be an actress. His father, sound engineer in a theater, often took his workplace. At school, she appeared in several pieces, after high school, she enrolled at the Drama Centre in London, one also used by Pierce Brosnan establishment, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender, John Simm and Gwendoline Christie, future comrade Game Of Thrones.

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Since 2011, Daenerys Targaryen in Emilia embodies Game Of Thrones, HBO’s adaptation of the literary saga by George RR Martin. Daenerys is blonde, for real, Emilia is brunette. For all these years, she eventually focus on her wig: « It forbids me to keep and carry in the evening it is silly to say, but when I take it off at the end of the day. I am disappointed when I look in the mirror.  »

Kevin Alexander, the head of the adaptation hairdresser said very meticulous about the resemblance to the book details. Alexander estimated that 20-30 wigs are used and some of them are worth up to US $ 7000! Why that price? He explains that most human hair wigs are coming from India, Europe and Russia, some measuring up to 70 centimeters long! That is to say, the work required to keep the look throughout the episodes. They are washed every day with products of Wella and Cloud Nine. Emilia adds that it must spend nearly three hours every day of shooting for laying his wig braids and due to the many extravagances.

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Lately she has been seen in the Terminator Genisys in the role of Sarah Connor. We advise you to keep an open eye, as it resumes its role as Daenerys Targaryen in the new season (season 6) Game Of Thrones.

You can now watch the trailer for season 6.