Gray hair is trendy – the best receipies to color your hair at home

How to color your natural hair in Gray or Silver

With pastel hair trends like Rose Gold and Yellow, gray hair color has become a very fashionable hair color. To succeed in your hair dye gray shades, you must succeed in the first place your fading. If you dream of gray hair, we recommend here the best recipe and tips for how to color your hair in Gray-Silver at home.

Follow the step by step to color your hair in Gray-Silver 

You must prepare your hair before fading and the first tip before coloring your hair in gray is to make it healthier as possible. If your natural hair is fragile, dry or thin, it is suggested to carry out a hair mask type treatment to restore and strengthen your damaged hair. This is important, since hair discoloration is necessary to get gray hair so as not to cause significant damage to your hair. We must take the least risk for the hair and arrive with a final result in the best possible conditions.

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The fading of your hair color

What is fading? Some haircolors fading fast
Unlike the principle of coloring which aims to dye the hair fibers, the purpose of the discoloration is to eliminate the natural pigments of the hair. A bleaching solution is generally in the form of blue or white paste and mixes with an oxygenated water (Oxidant-Peroxide). We spread it on the part that we want to fade and let it act. The longer the exposure time, the more light your hair takes. It is important to keep in mind that as the pigments disappear, the hair fiber becomes finer. This can cause a malfunction of the process of hair growth. It is possible to use bleaching products instead of permanent coloring solutions. The result is however less satisfactory than a normal dyeing. Discoloration can be done at home.

Gray tones on natural hair only 

Discolor your hair in stages starting with the lengths, towards the roots up to about 2.5 centimeters from the scalp. These will become blonde and it is from this obtained hue that you will be able to continue to apply to the roots to obtain a more uniform discoloration and achieve a desired bleach for a gray (you must understand that the tips may be more difficult to fade) .

In some cases, several discolorations may be necessary to achieve an acceptable level of discoloration to succeed hair in gray, it is important to always finish the stage of discoloration with a light shampoo to release the bleaching hair and stop it effect. According to Ludovic « shampooing after a fading, it stops the process and also close the hair scales and give you time to pamper your hair before the grand finale.

After completing the process of fading according to the manufacturer’s procedure, vibrant colors and pastels are always possible to have a gray as you dream. Chromasilk of Pravana, Directions of Riché, Crazy color of Renbow, or Manic Panic are valuable options.

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Protect your hair before bleach your hair  

Before applying any product on your hair, always remember to check for allergens. If you have known allergies, read the product label to be sure it does not contain any substances you are sensitive to. In case of doubt, start by applying a little on a part of rarely visible skin (like your forearm). Leave it as long as you leave the product on your hair. Rinse to see any signs of an allergic reaction such as redness or itching. Check again after 24 hours as reactions may be delayed.




The color pepper and salt earns followers from day to day

On social networks, the color pepper and salt earns followers from day to day there is still a new Anglicism is furious: the #goinggrey, understand « turn with salt and pepper. » Born in the United States, but recently introduced in France, this trend embodies the return to nature of women who assume their age, adopting a look that no longer passes by the color of their hair, whether gray or white.

Are you ready for pepper and salt hair ?

A mini-revolution, when we know how white hair is still taboo in our society, where you have to « make it young » as long as possible. But also no doubt a new right to seduction that comes out of traditional codes. White hair not at any price? Salt and pepper has another advantage: it is much less restrictive. We can indeed do without color, with the regular maintenance that requires, because the hair is fast regrowth.

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Affirm your natural haircolor style with grey hairs

This color softens the lines and brings more character, without necessarily giving an aging image or neglected. Because it’s more natural, women can be themselves, without having to « cheat » with coloring. That said, the appearance of white hair can be done in many ways. Some women have very pronounced white roots, with one or two locks located on the front. In others, the distribution is much more diffuse on the whole of the head. That is why, at the beginning, it is better to be advised by a professional, in order to have a harmonious result.

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 Pepper and salt hair is it for me ?

If the hair color pepper and salt is suitable for different styles of women, it is not suitable, however, to all types of hair. If they are too curly or sparkling, it will not be suitable because this texture reflects less light than others. However, gray hair needs a lot of shine. Similarly, the proportion of white hair is crucial. If there is too much « pepper » and not enough « salt », it is advisable to wait until they are a little more numerous. And so continue to mask them with a traditional coloring.

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After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!

After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!, the colorist

After the success of the article on the capillary change of Justin Bieber, another artist has attracted our attention. We decided to dedicate this article, not only for its separation from the group One Direction, but also to showcase its hair changes. After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!

Zayn Malik is a follower of changes and cuts. The singer regularly changing style and hair color. Green, gray or shaved, Zayn likes to play with different styles.

In 2010, at age 17, Zayn Malik auditioned for the seventh season of British televised singing competition The X Factor. He then created with his colleagues the group One Direction who had a smashing success.

In March 2015, after five successful years in the group, that Zayn Malik quits One Direction to find a « normal life for a 22 years old man. » Victim of stress and anxiety, the singer leaves the group after a concert in Thailand before announcing his final departure in a statement. However Zayn does not leave the music scene and released his first solo album titled Mind of Mine.  Zayn Malik recruits Lil Wayne for the official remix to his single « Pillowtalk. »

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Capillary side, nothing is going for Zayn Malik since leaving One Direction. The singer now seems addicted to amazing colors.

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After his gray color and platinum blonde, Zayn Malik dare pink!

After shaving his hair and dyed blond, Zayn also tried the gray coloring, then green and platinum. It was not necessarily every time a success because the gray color is a color that does not support any red or yellow reflection below, failing to turn green. So, if you are brunette base, we have to work your bleach longer. For blondes, it will be a little easier and less damaging to the hair but you also have to bleach it.

The day before Valentine’s Day, that he spent with his beloved Gigi Hadid, Zayn decided to take a little trip to the hairdresser and go to flashy pink (semi-permanent color) to celebrate the feast of love! A color that will not long remain in hair Zayn since the day after, he appears with a faded pink and continues to discolor within the following days.

If Zayn had followed the advice of Ludovic The Colourist, his color would’ve survive longer. Know that the pastel coloring does not stay long. We therefore need to rebuild and take care of it regularly. To prevent it from fading too quickly, you can also bet on a sulfate-free shampoo and hair conditioners for dyed hair.

While waiting to know what reserves the young man for his next haircut, tell us girls: do you find him still as cute?

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