The cosmic inspiration influences the trend color

The cosmic inspiration influences the trend color, le coloriste

Since the human is conscious, inspiration exists, art has never ceased to draw inspiration time. Artists from all backgrounds are inspired by nature, pictures, sea, sky and so on. Nothing new what! By cons, in the middle of beauty, that of hair coloring in another movement is rapidly and explodes. The inspiration aided by imagination of its artists reveals a new vision of tomorrow’s fashion, she made ​​her mark by the time course. The cosmic inspiration influences the trend color. It is not accessible to all women against.

In the beginning, the Rainbow has appeared in a somewhat rebellious rough with its colors and psychedelic without understanding his inspiration, we knew what the rainbow sky was the common thread. Our colorists artists, masters of color, we have brought even further with more crazy colors from each other and especially the technical front guards.

Aurora borealis milky-way / Lysseon

Here we are in the inspirations that surpasses the usual aesthetic standards with Oil slick hair, Milky way (the Milky Way) galaxy hair, Nebula, Space dying hair names that transports us into a futuristic universe worthy of the new version video games. A dimension is created with the cosmic hair coloring.

Galaxy-Hair-Rainbow (1)

Many colorists like Cynthia Lumzy and Jordan Glindmayer, Ania Goy adds works by working the hair in all forms with the most surprising techniques to achieve the desired effect thereafter positions under the hash tag #galaxyhair or # spacehair to discover the possibilities to evolve in this universe of color. A color New World is brought forward and become colorists new project managers.

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These pictures found on instagram or elsewhere have inspired the solar system, a galaxy, etc. The effect is not only stunning, you can see the inspiration behind artistic execution.

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Colorists it’s time to get your book on astronomy and sought inspiration and be in front of the trend.The quest for space with the arrival of new exoplanets discovered recently and the latest news in March plunged us into a new wave in the hair color level. In the US, the madness has seized the colorists looking for new techniques of creativity that appeal to customers on the lookout for capillary live this experience. The last red moon should you inhale you, get started in this new dimension and made ​​us your accomplishments we post them on our F acebook.