The real reason behind Justin Bieber’s new haircolor

Justin Bieber adore le changement capillaire, tout sur la coloration

Decidedly, the singer who cracked all girls love to change your look. When you’re a star, you must be beyond reproach. In his look, in his behavior, but also in her hair look. The real reason behind Justin Bieber’s new haircolor.

An incredible story

In search of new talent, Scooter Braun, a talent agent who works for So So Def Recordings, click by accident on one of Justin Bieber videos. Impressed, Braun landmark theater before which Bieber occurs, locates his school and contacted his mother, Pattie. A few years later, after her breakup with singer Selena Gomez, Justin has trouble finding love and prefers to spend time with different girls without preventing him from attending his new flame Hailey Baldwin.

His hair history

The platinum blond, we knew that. The big front wick is his signature. But to dye his hair purple? Rather amazing! Often decked with a cap or a hat, Justin Bieber was satisfied so far to maintain his famous auburn wick. But 2015 seems to have marked the beginning of his hair revolution. Creativity, diversity or pleasure, difficult to say the particular reason why our beautiful Justin decided to take the big step. Would it be more and more conscious of his image in the media?

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One thing is sure, the Canadian singer loves to change hair color, but also cut. Also difficult to resist the charm of the beautiful blond who turns the hearts of all women. Although with his face, it can therefore give free rein to his imagination in matter of hairstyle.

The real reason behind Justin Bieber's new haircolor, the colorist


The real reason behind Justin Bieber's new haircolor, the colorist


There are some months when the interpreter of Love Yourself had a platinum blonde coloration. But today, the hunk is back with a pretty original and unusual haircut. It was on his Instagram account that the artist has unveiled two shots, and worth the trip. It is therefore with a white that pulls purple that we find our handsome. A rather original color and rather surprising from him. However, his fans, many social networks are quite divided. Some love the new look and others preferred to Justin before.

This pastel lavender hairstyle is the fruit of the labor of Florido Basallo at the salon Nine Zero Nine who also worked with several large heads like Liv Tyler and Zac Efron. He explains: « We exchanged many ideas to make sure we are on the same wavelength, then I cleared its length and I apply a toner. But in the process, he kept wanting to go lighter.  »

Anyway, we love Justin with any hair color. It is because he’s increasingly aware of the importance of his image and his hair look? Will he become addicted?

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Cheveux Lavande-Lavender Hair

Cheveux Lavande-Lavender Hair, le coloriste


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Cheveux Lavande-Lavender Hair

La coloration lavande est une couleur pastel entre le violet et le rose. Comme toutes les couleurs « entre-deux », la teinte ne sera jamais exactement la même selon les marques de produit que vous utilisez ou le résultat de votre décoloration. Une des couleurs préférées des filles, comme le rose.

Du violet dans les cheveux !

A la fois punk et romantique, la coloration violette est idéale pour se démarquer et affirmer son style. Même si quelques mèches parsemées dans la crinière suffisent, beaucoup l’osent en total look. Cheveux longs comme Katy Perry ou courts comme Nicole Richie, le violet est une des couleurs préférés des femmes.

Mais une nouvelle technique de coloration s’est également emparée de la teinte avec succès : le dip dye, déclinaison colorée du tie and dye, il consiste à ne colorer que les pointes des cheveux. Si vous débutez, qu’il s’agit de votre première coloration « haute en pigment » ou que vous n’êtes tout simplement pas sûre de la nuance de violet à adopter, il est fait pour vous. Les avantages ? Ce style original reste facile à entretenir car il n’a pas d’effet racine. Il vous permettra de changer de tête sans que cela ne soit trop radical.

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