Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad, le coloriste

March is marked by one of The Most Anticipated events: Fashion Week’s ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2016-2017. Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad are the key words, the new head of Suicide Squad, increasingly fallen leaves parades and direct her career towards the cinema and now writes articles for Love Magazine.

Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad

With her face full of character, Cara Delevingne doing very well hairstyles that govern her expression without falling over his eyes. The side hair (hair free one side plated the other) works very well on her. Rather chic when it’s done with wavy locks, it gives the young model of 23 years a few more years. Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad !

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Unlike her friend Kendall Jenner who can not help but let his stiff hair natural, Cara Delevingne likes to have fun with her hair. Hilltop buns, ponytails plated, worked curls … the exchange dummy head like shoes. July 21, 2015 evening Cara Delevingne was walking on the red carpet for the premiere of her film, Paper Towns, armed with a loose braid imagined by the vanity of Mara Roszak. On one side, a loose braid, which showcases the capillary volume of the dummy. On the front, it seems that Cara door let loose hair, just wavy. A hairstyle way « bi-taste » since that is the buzz on the web.

Despite several mishaps hair, which she probably had to have some trouble digesting, she could count on his family as his girlfriend, singer St Vincent. We remember that it had already supported BFF Kendall Jenner at the New York premiere for Paper Planes.

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And summer 2015, the turn of Cara Delevingne to be there for the musician. So it is natural that the top model visited Montreal to attend the spectacle of his half during the Osheaga festival. An occasion in which she again attracted attention. But this time, it is the hair of the young woman who was talking. I must say she appeared with pink hair. In pictures appeared in several tabloids like People Magazine, we admired this new frosted pink coloring. A capillary change that no one saw it coming and has a small effect!

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World renowned top, Cara Delevingne sees solicit from all sides. If crowd the catwalks of the biggest fashion names like Chanel or Givenchy, the top seems to broaden her horizons. Cara Delevingne got the role of the sorceress in Suicide Squad who will be playing in the summer 2016. Despite this timetable could not be more responsible, the Burberry muse still finds time to walk the red carpets. Between events and magazines cover, the beautiful Cara even find the time to change hair style.

No more secrets about Rita Hazan

Rita Hazan la coloriste au service des stars,le coloriste

Over the past fifteen years, Rita has been widely recognized for setting beauty trends and helping to reinvent celebrities with fresh new looks. This times our star is Rita Hazan. No more secrets about Rita Hazan. Rita created signature styles for Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams, and Britney Spears.


no more secrets about rita Hazan, le coloriste

Britney Spears just to name a few. Though Rita is often flying around the world alongside her celebrity patrons, she always makes time for her salon clients at her namesake salon on 5th Avenue in NYC and her newest endeavor, her eponymous product line.

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On a bright fall day, she was holed up in the Trump hotel in SoHo, wrapping up work on two of her famous clients: Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian. Earlier, she had tended to Kim Kardashian and her daughter, North, and after a week of curling, teasing and smoothing the tresses of the entire sisterly crew (she styles the sides of their hair while her assistants work on the back), Ms. Atkin was exhausted. “I maybe have two years left in me of this,” she said, flopping down on a hotel banquette.

That’s because in a relatively short time (it was about five years ago when she first did Kim’s hair for a Cosmopolitan magazine shoot), Ms. Atkin’s star has played out like a feverishly hot new TV show. Her work — along with the Kardashians, her clients include Jessica Alba, Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry — has been disseminated via traditional and social media to hundreds of millions of followers.

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She herself now has some 900,000 followers on Instagram, and she admits that she has become as known for her social media prowess as for her talent with hair.



le coloriste

Bonjour mes chéries,

En salon, on me surnomme Ludvic  le coloriste et je suis coloriste professionnel depuis 25 ans. J’ai travaillé pour les plus grands salons de coiffure de New York où j’ai appris mon métier en observant et en écoutant les plus grands maîtres de la coloration à l’œuvre, mais surtout en les épiant dans leurs labos.

Grâce à ces bonzes de la coloration, je suis devenu Ludovic, votre coloriste attitré. Par l’entremise des thèmes scientifiques, médicaux et bios que nous développons pour vous sur notre site internet, mon patron m’a confié le mandat de vous faire découvrir le monde de la coloration, et notamment les dernières avancées technologiques en matière de coloration. Je vous confierais de nombreux secrets, je vous dévoilerais des confidences et des mises en garde, je vous ferais part de mon avis… Nous serons complices, je serais à l’écoute, je me livrerais à vous, je serais vos yeux.

Au cours de mes 25 années passées dans le milieu de la coiffure, j’ai eu la chance de côtoyer des milliers de femmes extraordinaires, des femmes issues de différents milieux professionnels et sociaux, des jeunes et des moins jeunes. Moi le coloriste, J’ai pu constater au cours des années qu’il existait un fil conducteur qui reliait chacune d’entre elles.

Le choix d’une coloration est basé sur les émotions et les sentiments.

Le besoin de se sentir plus belle, de plaire où de séduire, de modifier sa vision d’elle-même, ainsi que le désir de changement, est autant de motivations qui influencent la femme dans sa réflexion. Ces séances de colorations sont comparables à un ressourcement personnel et en procurent les mêmes bienfaits.

Offrir mes services de coloriste professionnels aux clientes m’a permis de constater que les coloristes sont plus sensibles aux besoins des femmes, tout en améliorant leur éthique professionnelle. La consommatrice actuelle est au diapason de la mode. Nous sommes les magiciens de la couleur. Maintenant, le temps est venu de se rapprocher des consommatrices afin de rendre accessible notre expertise professionnelle. Suivez-moi au travers de mon site, je vous ferai découvrir un vrai monde de couleur.

Aujourd’hui, la coloration capillaire représente plus qu’un mode de vie, elle est une véritable expression de soi.

À vous de la découvrir, mais de la bonne façon.