New Inspirations Nail Manicure 2019, lecoloriste

The best nail trends and manicure ideas spring 2019 straight from the runways

New Inspirations Nail and Manicure 2019

Manicure is one of the most important finishing steps of the image of every girl. Masters around the world are trying to introduce a new product, to create new trends, because fashion never stops, it’s very changeable, and we do it ourselves. Everyday, there are more and more new products, trends that just do not have the time to look at it. No exception is the field of nail art. Each season we are surprised by the different new products: shape, design, length. See our inspirations nail manicure here from runways.

And what a trend manicure requirements appear in 2019, and what to nail shape will be the most relevant? So, here are the hottest new releases and seasons of the year.

The spring 2019 runways served up tons of nails inspiration—from metallic silver tips to an Americana take on a French manicure. This nail art looks to inspire your next appointment or you home session manucure. Discover the New Inspirations Nail-Manicure 2019.

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The best nail trends and manicure ideas spring 2019 straight from the runways

Consider this your go-to guide for manicure ideas for spring 2019. The biggest nail trends for 2019 from the spring-summer runways and from Instagram’s most-talented nail artists. These trends work on short nails and long nails—it truly doesn’t matter as long as you have the guts to step outside the familiar comfort of a red or nude manicure.


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Getting through it with some help 🐶🐱✌🏼 #Nails #nailart Ring by @dogfevermilano

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Birthday Mani 🎂 Using Concrete Glitters Collection from @essie #essielove #essiepartner

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We’re in love with lilac foil in the silhouette of a heart. 💜

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Is the hair colored gray the new blond ? lecoloriste

The gray haircolor trend resist at the Rose Gold haircolor wave !

The girls love hair colored gray the new blond ?

According to the models and the stars, it would seem that YES! Overview on the red carpet and on the street, gray hair have managed to impose itself as the it-coloring season. Ready to adopt it? Here are hairstyles that could quickly make you want to make an appointment with the hairdresser. Is the hair colored gray the new blond ?

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Is the hair colored gray the new blond ?

Gray hair has been beautiful for a few years, pastel to charcoal shades, it clings to the hair and its shades are more and more nuanced to personalize its own gray. The trend is taking more and more place and is confirmed by the new old who want to stay IN by keeping their hair color to natural gray. White hair has a size ally with this gray hair folly.

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Wich color do you prefer gray hair or white hair ?

The white hair is offering a new youth ! More original than the platinum blonde or polar hair, this tint long dreaded by women has become the beauty trend of the season. A new capillary whim that disturbs the beautystas as evidenced by the Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Because yes, the gray can be very sexy provided not to neglect his make-up and his hairstyle. It has the advantage of illuminating the face and softening the features. Bright and soft, it brings a rock touch to any hair. You do not believe us? Look at our selection of hairstyles unearthed on Pinterest. Convinced?

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The Rose Gold is the new chic way to wear pink in 2017, lecoloriste

The Rose Gold coloration takes many nuances and see the 20 new incredible way to wear the pink color

The Rose Gold is the new chic way to wear pink 

Who would have thought that this coloring would be as successful ? The web planet only works for the Rose Gold these days and it’s easy to understand. The Rose Gold coloration also known as Or Rosé in french is easy to wear and suitable for many women. The pink tends to be in cool colors, while the blonde is more golden, it is also for this reason that it is suitable for several varieties of skin tones.

20 New Way Chic To Wear Pink With Rose Gold

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The haircolor Rose Gold is the new chic way to wear pink and takes many subtils nuances

Do not get too attached to the girls! the trend move fast in this industry.
Here is the color that women adopt in the beginning of each fall, since few years. Her interest is real and the color Rose Gold has not stopped being in demand. It must be admitted that the color Rose Gold wins admirers to believe the #rosegoldhair at Instagram. We see Rose Gold colorations with unique shades. The colorful Rose Gold color to opt more than ever.

Has colored pink Gold Color to opt more than ever, said leColoriste
According to the colorist Ludovic « the color Gold Rose takes multiple nuances, always in subtleties according to the identity and the history of the hair ». This is one of the darling colorings to opt.

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Peachy is the newest hair color movement this season, lecoloriste

You have choice this season with this beautiful hair color : Peachy hair

Peachy is the newest hair color movement this season, look like Blorange

Spring times is in the hair, Things are starting to look peachy keen this spring with the newest hair color trend emerging in warm sherbet shades of peach. Rather than outright bleaching your hair in the past with a popular white shade—trendsetters are opting for pastel shades of orange to mix it up. Subtle hues like rose and violet also complement soft peachy highlights.

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Try this incredible Peachy hair color

If dying your hair this trendy shade is a task you’re undertaking on your own, you’ll soon discover that the right peach hair dye can be hard to come by. Try some trial and error experimenting with different mixes of pinks and diluted orange. If you’re starting out with yellow toned hair, try dyes with pink to achieve that coveted peachy glow, or you could always just leave it to the professionals and let the colorist perfect your shade.

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Stars Spring into Peachchy hair color

This rose gold look worn by celebrities like Kylie Jenner at Coachella and Ashley Olsen provides juicy color to squeeze life back into worn-out, traditional shades, and you may be shocked to discover all-star actress Sienna Miller was one of the first to showcase this beautiful look at the British Fashion Awards in 2013.

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The witch who’s made the worlds first colour-change hair

The witch who’s made the world’s first colour-change hair, lecoloriste

We speak to alchemist and occultist Lauren Bowker about her extraordinary inventions with THEUNSEEN and her new product ‘Fire’ – hair dye that switches colour as it reacts to temperature

The witch who’s made the world’s first colour-change hair

LAUREN BOOKER is a witch. In fact, she grew up in Reed, very close to Pendle Hill where women were infamously hung in 1612 after being accused of murdering people with witchcraft. “I have always been into the occults and into mixing stuff,” she says. “Even as a kid I used to mix bath potions, and was really hands-on with the stuff I had around me, making new products out of them, without even knowing I was doing it.”

As well as being a witch, she’s also an extremely inventive data visualisation scientist who uses fashion – something she believes dictates trends in science – to communicate her ideas. THEUNSEEN  is her material exploration house that aims to bring to life the hidden worlds around us – she’s created a headpiece for Swarovski with gemstones that change colour in response to brain activity, a jacket that responds to air pollution and now, with her latest project FIRE, she’s developed a hair dye that changes colour as temperature drops and rises, to be launched at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Storm Models. Yes I tried it, yes it works and according to Bowker, just came from “messing about in the lab”.

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The witch who’s made the world’s first colour-change hair

“When heat hits the pigment, or if the cool hits the pigment, it changes the bonds of the chemistry to give you a different colour, so it’s like a chemical reaction,” says Bowker. “However, we also work with ones that change their structure, which gives you a light refraction instead, so it’s more like a prism colour change. On the outsider’s version of what the technology does, it changes its colour to temperatures. So we tuned those so that if you’re inside you get one colour and if you’re outside you get another colour. If you have red hair and you’re in the wind it might go blue. So what we did was look at data patterns of weathers and the environment in different countries and tailor the colour changes to correlate with those.”

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A big part of THEUNSEEN’s mission statement is to make science more accessible and help people to connect with information that is ubiquitous, but hidden in plain sight. “If I give you a book of data and say this is your carbon footprint, and say ‘look at what you’ve done it’s really bad’, you probably wouldn’t listen to it,” says Bowker. “But if I give you a jacket, put you behind a bus and that jacket changes colour to visibly show you the pollution that surrounds you at that moment, you’re really going to understand it and have more of a connection to it. The reason I use colour a lot as a data visualisation in materials that we’re familiar with, is to allow people to see the bigger picture.”

“The occult has bad connotations of being a dark art and being taboo. When really it’s just a spiritual way of living” – Lauren Bowker

Bowker’s affinity for the occult and the world of witchcraft is no joke either. She sees it as a necessary template for understanding the material world around you and understanding the world you live in. “Old school female chemists and doctors had a really bad time with the church and were depicted as witches,” she says. “Now the occult has bad connotations of being a dark art and being taboo. When really it’s just a spiritual way of living. Technology like Apple, Google, yes they are technology, but for me technology should be magic and shouldn’t be engineered all the time. To me, chemistry and science is witchcraft – and so it should be.”

Source : Dazed


Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde, lecoloriste

Katy Perry the one thousand and one colors girl and now changes her hair

Katy Perry become platinum blond

Our Katy Perry does not change the way she is, she knows very well the importance of her hair in her success, on her page Instagram she makes us surprise with a platinum blonde. She no longer surprises us, the one who passed from the lilac color one day and the next day to the black. This time, Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde for the Grammy’s.

Katy Perry takes us into a universe every time she makes an exit. Hair coloring and its thousand and one wig show us its capillary fantasies Katy quickly understood the impact it brings to the fashion industry and capillary.

Today nothing surprises us! We are so used to seeing our star decorated in its usual colors of hair so daring or its crazy colorful wigs.

Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde

Katy Perry will be at the Grammys on February 12 and will reveal her latest album. We can be convinced that it will give us a full view. Who knows, with what shade of pastel hair will it appear? What brings this capillary change so drastic, who knows a new idyll?



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Under the Lens of Colorist Ludovic with new hair changes Katy Perry

Katy is not a natural blonde, so the use of a bleach powder with an peroxide 30 to 40 volumes was used to achieve this level of lightening. We can confirm that Katy Perry underwent a capillary remover session to remove all traces of dyes before discoloration. Obviously her hair was shocked and assaulted her hair.

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30 Idées Colorations Cheveux Pour Pigmentez 2017, lecoloriste

30 nouveautés colorations cheveux qui voleront la vedette 

30 Idées colorations cheveux pour pigmentez votre quotidien

Des magnifiques colorations capillaires à vous couper le souffle ! Toutes les fashionistas de mode de la planète web vous prédisent quelles seront les tendances colorations pour 2017. Nos artistes coloristes et coiffeurs de la sphère cheveux nous présentent depuis quelque temps des looks de cheveux incroyables pour 2017. Nous avons récupéré pour vous 30 Idées Colorations Cheveux Pour Pigmentez 2017.

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30 couleurs de cheveux qui vous donneront l’envie d’une nouvelle coloration

Que vous soyez du type de femme classique, l’étudiante un peu rebelle, l’intellectuelle de votre réseau, la licorne ou simplement la fille réservée. Vous aurez la possibilité de changer de tête c’est garanti !

Pour 2017, le soleil brillera pour celles qui oseront le blond platine, le blond glacial, le rose gold, le brun chocolat, les pastels et les différents ombrés, etc.

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Les cheveux blonds demandent un soin particulier  

Les cheveux blonds conviennent mieux aux femmes qui ont le teint clair aux yeux pâles. Les yeux noirs et brun foncé comme ceux Kim Kardashian ne font pas bon ménage avec la couleur de cheveux blonds. Pour réussir un blond glacial, il ne faut pas seulement être décidé, il faut par la suite de la discipline et refaire les racines aux 4 à 5 semaines pour réussir à maintenir votre colo impeccable.

Certaines colorations capillaires sont plus difficiles à porter, en raison de votre carnation. Il est conseillé de demander avis à un expert. Chaque saison apporte une touche magique en coloration, les blondes sont choyées en été comme les brunettes le sont en automne. Je ne veux pas dire que les brunettes ne sont pas avantagées l’été, il est seulement plus difficile pour une brunette de devenir blonde. Alors que les blondes peuvent plus facilement devenir brune sans trop de risque de détériorée leurs cheveux.

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Blorange Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram — & It's Even Better Than Rosé,lecoloriste

Get ready, because they’re something far brighter on the hair horizon with blorange, the latest hair color trend

The haircolor trend blorange, the latest wave

As the saying goes, everything old is new again. And those shades of pink that took a backseat to the rainbow-hair trend for awhile? They’re coming back in a big way. Yes, rose-gold hair hit Instagram earlier this year, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. This next wave is warmer, softer (almost faded), and done with artful precision. Blorange Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram — & It’s Even Better Than Rosé.

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Blorange Is The Latest Hair Color Trend To Sweep Instagram — & It’s Even Better Than Rosé

Dusty rose and coppery red dominated last year, but get ready, because they’re something far brighter on the hair horizon. While we saw a handful of celebrities (Elle Fanning, Ashley Tisdale, and Ashley Benson to name a few) jumping on the pastel bandwagon, and others going full resdhead in spades, 2017 is bringing us a more whimsical version of these hair trends. Enter: blorange.
It’s basically a sunset on your head — a mash up of blond and orange that looks exactly like a tropical drink.

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Blorange a version of pink color

To be honest, it’s basically just an updated version of the rosé trend that we came to know, love, and see everywhere last year. Except this time, redder tones are emphasized, making it particularly flattering for fair and golden skin tones.

Source : Refinery 29

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cheveux incoiffables : la raison est génétique, lecoloriste

Vous avez de la difficulté à coiffer vos cheveux, voici la raison !

Indomptables, récalcitrants au peigne, impossibles à aplatir. Si aucune méthode de coiffure n’a été trouvée pour amadouer les cheveux des enfants atteints du rare syndrome des cheveux incoiffables, des chercheurs français en tiennent au moins la cause, enfin ! Elle réside dans 3 mutations génétiques

Cheveux incoiffables : l’explication est génétique

Essayez de les peigner, il ne plieront pas. De les aplatir, pas plus : ils retourneront se dresser sur la tête ! Ces cheveux particuliers, désordonnés, poussant dans tous les sens, avec une tendance aux frisottis et récalcitrants à toute coiffure, l’étaient aussi à toute explication. Jusqu’à ce qu’une étude menée par Michel Simon (université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse) et ses collaborateurs internationaux ne vienne éclairer l’origine de ce rare syndrome dans la revue The American Journal of Human Genetics.

Un syndrome inoffensif, mais inesthétique, qui prête les enfants touchés (âgés de 3 mois à 12 ans et le plus souvent blonds) à bien des moqueries, à l’instar de « Pierre l’ébourriffé« , un conte de l’écrivain allemand Heinrich Hoffmann datant de 1845. Les cheveux incoiffables étaient taxés de saleté et d’indiscipline. Avant qu’en 1973, pour la première fois, un dermatologue toulousain observe pour la première fois au microscope ces cheveux incoiffables.

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Une gouttière parcourt la tige des cheveux incoiffables

Leur particularité ? La tige capillaire apparaît parcourue d’une gouttière, qui fait qu’au lieu d’être rond, la section du cheveu est en forme de triangle ou de haricot. D’où le nom attribué à cette maladie orpheline : « pili trianguli et canaliculi ». Une telle structure rend impossible de plier ces cheveux !

A présent, les chercheurs toulousains, assistés d’une équipe de l’université de Bonn et de généticiens et dermatologues de 7 autres pays, ont identifié la cause de cette malformation des cheveux, en séquençant l’ADN de 11 enfants touchés. Elle réside dans une mutation du gène TCHH, codant pour la trychohyaline, une protéine qui structure la kératine des cheveux, ou bien en deux mutations touchant les gènes PAD3 et TGase3, codant pour des enzymes qui agissent sur cette protéine.

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Heureusement, ces mutations sont récessives, c’est-à-dire qu’elles ne se manifestent que si les deux parents transmettent la mutation à leur enfant… d’où la rareté du syndrome (moins d’une personne sur 30 000). Et par chance, sans que l’on sache pourquoi, les cheveux incoiffables se disciplinent tous seuls vers l’adolescence, devenant plus présentables.

Source : Science-vie


Le Stencilling pour embellir votre chevelure, lecoloriste

Une technique de pochoir qui prend le vent : Le Hair Stencilling 

Vous pouvez me croire, il y a eu des milliers de tendances en couleur pour les cheveux dans l’univers de la coloration capillaire jusqu’à maintenant, il en est une qui roule sa bosse et qui fait parler d’elle : Le Stencilling pour embellir votre chevelure est un travail de précision sur les cheveux. Ce quelque chose très accrocheur et fascinant nous prouve que l’imagination humaine n’a pas de limites dans la sphère de cheveu en 2017.

Le Hair Stencil est des imprimés sur vos cheveux pour embellir votre chevelure

En fait, la technique Stencilling pour embellir votre chevelure est tout simplement des techniques de pochoir ou d’impression par étampe dans les cheveux. L’effet sert à embellir comme le Glitterhair était une autre méthode pour créer cette nouvelle idée de coloration des cheveux. Un peu de folie dans vos cheveux pour 2017 ne sera pas de refus ! Le nouveau caprice qui monte sur les réseaux sociaux  s’appelle « hair stencil », littéralement les cheveux au pochoir. Parer vos cheveux de motifs colorés, le temps d’une photo, d’une soirée ou d’un festival. Du petit motif de cœur discret sur la tempe au total look léopard, les possibilités sont infinies. Vous pouvez être aussi artistique que vous le désiré avec un look, mais vous devez vous en tenir à des motifs minimalistes où chics selon votre choix pour conserver cette tendance sans être trop dramatique.

Une histoire temporaire avec des imprimés dans vos cheveux

Il n’est pas conçu pour une longue période de temps ou pour toute votre vie comme une simple coloration capillaire tel : brunette, rouge, roux, etc. La chose la plus intéressante avec la technique de Hair Stencil est sa méthode de réalisation, elle s’exécute aussi bien avec un vaporisateur colorant temporaire ou avec de la vraie coloration selon votre humeur et vos envies.

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Le Stencilling pour embellir votre chevelure, comment cela fonctionne-t-il ?

Vous n’avez aucune limite avec les motifs, selon vos trouvailles, vos gouts et les souvenirs de voyages, peut-être une fleur, et les couleurs vous avec un mot à dire, il existe un choix dans diverses teintes et tons pour les cheveux? Certains coloristes professionnels utilisent généralement des produits de coloration temporaire afin d’obtenir un effet de tatouage des cheveux.

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