15 most beautiful pastel colors

Madness seizes instagram with Opal hair and macaroons.

15 most beautiful pastel colors

Colorists are having a field day with this creative trend that gives the artist all the way to his creativity. We present our 15 most beautiful pastel colors. Pravana Locked-in color offers 6 pretty pastel colors nontransferable not come to ruin and destroy your work when you are in the tank for the period from rinsing.

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Locked-in is a lasting color and remains there or you placed. The season is well underway in the middle of the hair industry. The hairstylists and colorists will make you beautiful eyes to offer one of these trends. Recently, Pinterest and Instagram live to the rhythm of pastel colored hair.

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Nos 10 plus belles couleurs cheveux pastel de la saison

Le blond polaire

Une folie s’empare d’instagram avec Opale hair et Macarons.

Nos 10 plus belles couleurs cheveux pastel de la saison

Les coloristes s’en donnent à coeur joie avec cette tendance créative qui donne à l’artiste toute la place à sa créativité. Nous vous présentons nos 10 plus belles couleurs pastel 2016-2017. Pravana  avec sa couleur Locked-in vous propose 6 jolies couleurs pastels non transférables qui viennent pas gâcher et détruire votre travail lorsque vous êtes au bac pour la période du rinçage. Pour vous inspirer, nous vous présentons nos 10 plus belles couleurs cheveux pastel de la saison.

Locked-in est une couleur durable et reste là ou vous la placé. La saison est déjà bien amorcée dans le milieu de l’industrie du cheveu. Les coiffeurs stylistes et coloristes vous feront des beaux yeux pour vous proposer une de ces tendances. Depuis quelque temps, Pinterest et Instagram vivent au rythme de cheveux couleur pastel.

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The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016

la boule de cristal du coloriste Ludovic pour 2016, lecoloriste

Do we need a crystal ball to predict what will be the major trends in coloring in 2016?

The guidelines in hair fashion we are led by fashion designers and also by the multinationals that are based on current societies. The Pantone company, trendsetter comes to us with the color of the year.

The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016

The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016,lecolorist,cheveux cosmique galaxyhair,lecoloriste

Hayley Mahone

The year 2015 was a magical year for colorists, she was filled with new variants and those dark, Broux, cosmic, opals, pixels and I could go to you to nomenclature and I would arrive with a list impressionnante. The 2015 year, rainbow-colored hair trends swept social media, filling our feeds with a kaleidoscope of pastel and neon-hued styles that we never even imagined possible. Mermaid hair had a moment of glory.

The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016,lecoloristla boule de cristal du coloriste ludovic pour 2016, lecoloriste

Phil Ring

Are we wonder why such an assortment of coloring techniques and different trends we fell on his head in 2015? I could tell you that the instability of the economic situation and armed conflicts are the causes. It is certain that we must take a look at these situations.

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There again, verily boldness and personalization has become the individual trademark. The individual is in search of his 5 minutes of fame. What should I do to be different from others and be able to show my difference and my extravagance. Social networks offer the opportunity to be seen.

Hair coloring with its variants have become increasingly bold and reached the Accessory of the Year title for girls. Formerly reserved for punk and gothic and a showbuziness elite, these colors were neon and ephemeral traces of a form of rebellion on the part of these individuals.

Today we find ourselves with cosmic hair color (galaxy) and opals or pixels, an openness to self-expression. Prejudice on the part of some people that form of society are gradually falling. Cultural mosaics around us gives us the opportunity to share and expand our horizons and increase our tolerance for other cultures and their identities.

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You will be more surprised to find that some women who previously were content with a bland coloring and without personality will take the path of innovation and change. The year 2016 still holds the novelty. The magic of color makes sense in 2016. Women want to experiment with hair color from all angles. We will live this trend is to make oneself.

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Also, blonde

We will find the more pastel shades of blonde, in cold caramel shades least effect.

le blond glaciaire est-il pour vous? lecoloriste

To help this emergence, L’Oréal Paris Feria with which is rather reserved for a younger clientele dare to present his new pastel shades.







Les cheveux couleurs macarons inspirés de la pâtisserie

Les cheveux couleurs macarons inspirés de la pâtisserie

Les cheveux couleurs macarons inspirés de la pâtisserie

La nouvelle tendance en matière de coloration capillaire est au macaron, mais attention pas les chignons macarons façon Princesse Leia de Star Wars mais aux couleurs acidulées de ce dessert très parisien.

Ce sont des Américaines qui ont lancé cette «nouvelle» palette de couleurs qui n’est pas sans rappeler la précédente tendance des cheveux arc-en-ciel qui a fait fureur tout au long de l’année. Les cheveux couleurs macarons inspirés de la pâtisserie à germé dans la tête de Shelley durant des semaines avant de la mettre en application sur ses clientes.

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On doit ces mèches pastel tressées et sculptées comme une véritable œuvre d’art à la coiffeuse de Las Vegas Shelley Gregory, d’Atelier by Square, qui s’est directement inspirée pour ses coiffures des pâtisseries parisiennes de Ladurée. Elle a repris les coloris de ces bouchées sous forme de coloration capillaire déclinée en sept tons, allant du rose au pourpre en passant par le vert clair et l’argenté.

Les cheveux couleurs macarons inspirés de la pâtisserie

Les cheveux couleurs macarons inpirés de la patisserie,lecoloriste

Artist: Shelley Gregory

Shelley Gregory a confié à Cosmopolitan être allée à Paris il y a quelques années et d’avoir adoré la palette de couleurs de ces desserts, en précisant qu’ils lui rappelaient Disneyland: «C’est magique! Je voulais produire ce sentiment lorsqu’on regarde ces coiffures».

La coiffeuse vedette a partagé de nombreux clichés en lien avec ce concept sur son profil Instagram, en le décrivant comme «une chevelure incroyablement appétissante». De nombreuses amatrices de beauté ont repris cette tendance à leur compte en partageant des photos de leurs chevelures colorées, portées lâchées au naturel ou tressées pour créer des contrastes de couleurs encore plus saisissants.

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Il semblerait que l’année 2015 ait été celle des coiffures pastel arc-en-ciel en tous genres, les mèches macarons s’inscrivent directement dans cette tendance devenue virale au cours des 12 derniers mois, d’abord chez les stars comme Katy Perry

katyperry fait tourner les têtes avec un opalhair, lecoloristeou Kelly Osborne, pour s’imposer auprès du grand public. Cette tendance aussi appelée «Brony hair» s’inspirerait du dessin animé pour enfant des années 80 Ma petite pouliche.

Source: Canoe


Katy Perry turned heads with her hair Opal

katy perry turned heads with her hair Opal,lecoloriste

Katy turns to Hair Opale (Opal Hair)

Katy Perry turned heads with her hair Opal. take us into a universe every time she made an exit. Hair coloring and its thousand-one show us his wigs Katy tastes quickly understood the impact which brings to the fashion industry and the capillary. It is not insignificant that it has become the face of H&M.

In fact, she is very good advice in addition to its business woman of talent, it was as natural to join with H&M, because both have the same customer and a very targeted niche trademark image and very profitable. In addition to being the highest paid singer in 2015.

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Katy plays Mermaid and the Unicorn

Katy perry fait tourner les têtes avec un opal hair,lecoloriste

Katy Perry – Campagne H&M

The capillary side plays an important role in his aesthetic universe. Having the audacity to hair colors more bold and Katy sits atop the great stars that inspire our young girls today.
This time Katy comes to us with an Opal Hair, a drawn influences from the world of Unicorns and Mermaids, more sober than the galaxy hair (cosmic). Opal hair (also opal) looks like a cascade of pastel color tones such as: antique pink, turquoise, blue, lavender and even the steel gray. The superposition of pastel shades subtly blends to create fluidity.

Réussir les plus beaux opal hair, le coloriste

Amelia Nightmare

We can say that the cold pastel colors suit them best. Designers hair concepts were quick and they do a great job in achieving the beautiful multicolored wigs that can be enjoyed in her videos and promos. Again in this video for the promotional campaign for the brand. The Opal Hair takes its strength with the holiday season. Cold pastel tones prevail on the head of Katy Perry turned into fairy bells.

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Katy Perry new Egeria

The Swedish brand H&M going ahead with the queen of hair transformation, in this clip to promote the brand, it can be seen with several capillary changes and wearing the clothes of the season that will be available soon.

The ad agency with his elves, Christmas trees, gingerbread snowmen and candy canes … with the clip takes us directly into the atmosphere of the festive season. But the star Katy Perry is well muse of H&M for the campaign season.

The artist sings a new song Every is a holiday, appearing tower disguised tower Tinkerbell with sexy mini dress and colored hair or funny wooden soldier.

Katy Perry appears not only in the clip. At his side, a host of dancers, children, a kitten … but also tops Jourdan Dunn and Sean O’Pry, too muses of the brand.

Source: TV Programme


Le blond glaçiare et polaire est-il pour vous ?

The hoary head is a major hair trends this winter. On long or short hair on the catwalk or in the street, the white cheek is radical and ultra modern. And if you went to the glacial blond? 

Be sure the glacial blond hair color for you?

The blond hair should be as white as a first snow. The polar plate is also up on the catwalks. Elie Saab, Fendi, Ralph Lauren or Etro, it has seen a parade of armies manes opalescent. Is the glacial blond haircolor for you ?The blonde is also gaining modernity. Today you wear the blond locks or sweeping, but especially on the lengths using multiple techniques to beautify your hair.

Dark hair is not the best choice for glacial blond haircolor

It is better suited to women who have fair skin with blonde hair and pale eyes. Black eyes and dark brown like Kim Kardashian does not mix. To succeed glacial blond must not only be decided.

Kim Kadarshian has not fizzled with its failed attempt to platinum blonde. Understand that the color of your eyes to influence the outcome. The longer your hair is dark, the more pigment in your hair will be difficult to make them disappear and your hair will be ugly. You tell me, what connection is there between my hair and the color of my eyes? Everything lies in the pigment, the natural pigment that fits into your hair color is reflected in the iris of your eye and professional colorists are experienced in the search to find the solution. The more your eyes are dark colors and pigments are orange to red and we find these same pigments in your hair.

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Wich blond do you prefer Polar or Icy?

In full promotional tour for the final installment of The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence does not make a mistake.

His California blond and wavy lengths have been replaced by a square of white hair full of character. You will notice the color of his eyes is clear, which makes discoloration less difficult. Adventurous J-Law? Especially in the times. For in the space of a year, the color trend reversed sharply. The sunk and its descendant bronde are always in demand, sometimes considered too natural. To be at the forefront of hair fashion, it does not necessarily need a radical coloring, which contrasts. Thus were born Cosmic hair (hair Galaxy) and imagination based unicorns and Opal Hair.

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To obtain this white haircolor, it is difficult to succeed if you do not have what it takes!

Evidence that the phenomenon is no longer just the preserve of those who monopolize the sphere of fashion, you just have to take a ride on Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram to come face to face with cascades of white hair . And then the good side of this trend is that it can be worn by all. Eric Jolivet, colorist at Massato in Paris, recently confided to Paris Match: « It’s a color that goes to everyone It is majestic, it brings light to the face while giving it lots of character. ». By cons, a bell differs Ludovic colourist « Effectively with age, the true natural white suits almost all women because the skin tone changes too and a brightness is obtained. To obtain this white, it is difficult to succeed if you do not have what it takes!

The reason is simple, the pigments that are found in the hair dictate success or not. Naturally dark hair to black and black to dark eyes also taking into account your skin tone clearly indicate success or disaster. « More often disaster is confirmed by hair dry, broken and emptied of its pigments that give the effect a bale of hay.

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Tips experts by lecoloriste

But if the white hair fits all skin tones, in addition to cons-indications above, two other factors should be taken into consideration:

  • The curly and frizzy hair. Their dry and brittle nature can not withstand such a violent discoloration.
  • The newly colored hair. Already weakened, they would break with discoloration.

Have fun gang!




L’inspiration cosmique influence la tendance en coloration

The cosmic inspiration influences the trend color, le coloriste

Depuis que l’humain est conscient, l’inspiration existe, l’art n’a jamais cessé de s’inspirer du temps. Les artistes de tous les milieux se sont inspirés de la nature, des photos, de la mer, du ciel et j’en passe. Rien de nouveau quoi! Par contre, dans le milieu de la beauté, celui de la coloration capillaire en autre est en pleine mouvance et explose. L’inspiration aidée par une imagination de ses artistes nous dévoile une nouvelle vision de la mode de demain, elle fait sa marque par les temps qui cours. L’inspiration cosmique influence la tendance en coloration. Elle n’est pas accessible à toutes les femmes par contre.

Pour le début, le Rainbow est apparu de façon un peu rebelle avec ses couleurs aggréssante et psychédélique sans trop comprendre son inspiration, nous savions quel l’arc-en-ciel était le fil conducteur. Nos artistes coloristes, les maitres de la couleur, nous ont amené plus loin encore avec des couleurs plus folles les unes des autres et surtout des techniques avant gardes.

Nous voici rendus à des inspirations qui surpasse les normes esthétiques usuelles avec Oil slick hair, Milky way (la Voie lactée), Galaxie hair, Nébuleuse, Space dying hair des noms qui nous transporte dans un univers futuriste digne des jeux vidéos nouvelle version. Une dimension est créée avec la coloration capillaire cosmique.

Plusieurs coloristes, comme Cynthia Lumzy  and Jordan Glindmayer, Ania Goy crées des oeuvres en travaillant les cheveux sous toutes les formes avec des techniques des plus surprenantes afin de réaliser l’effet recherché, par la suite les postes sous le hash tag #galaxyhair ou #spacehair pour faire découvrir les possibilités d’évoluer dans cet univers de la coloration. Un Nouveau Monde de couleurs est mis de l’avant et les coloristes deviennent des nouveaux maîtres d’oeuvre.

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Ces photos que l’on retrouve sur instagram ou ailleurs ont une inspiration du système solaire, d’une galaxie, etc. L’effet n’est pas seulement époustouflant, vous pouvez apercevoir l’inspiration derrière l’exécution artistique.

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Les coloristes il est temps de sortir votre livre sur l’astronomie et recherché votre inspiration et être au devant de la tendance. La quête de l’espace avec l’arrivée des nouvelles exoplanètes découvertes récemment et les dernières nouvelles de mars nous a plongés dans une vague de nouveauté au niveau coloration capillaire. Aux États-Unis, la folie s’est emparés des coloristes en quête de ces nouvelles techniques de créativités qui plaisent à une clientèle à l’affut de vivre cette expérience capillaire. La dernière lune rouge devrait vous inspirez vous aussi, lancez-vous dans cette nouvelle dimension et faite nous parvenir vos réalisations nous les afficheront sur notre Facebook.

Source: Thegloss.com

News on Hair Trends 2016

News on Hair trends 2015-2016, le coloristh

News on hair trends is our goal, 2015 has brought to us an array of hair trends from colombré, Pixel hair,  to rainbow hair, Opal hair,  hand-pressed colour technique and Oil slick hair. WOW!

News on hair 2016

News on hair trend 2015-2016, le coloriste

Pixel Hair

According to Cosmopolitan, this hand-pressed colour technique will be just as popular as the rest. The technique itself creates blended effects with a slab of plexiglass, and in less time that a traditional foil dyeing job! Redken colourist Chiala Marvici came up with the technique and explained to Cosmopolitan,”I have a painting in my apartment that a friend did for me a while ago that has a lot of colours on it, and I fell asleep one night and dreamt of all these layers of paint living together on one surface. When I woke up, I thought about how beautiful that would be on the hair and how I would translate that vision onto the hair.” the list goes on.

When you think of plexiglass and a putty knife, it probably sounds more like the equipment you need to remodel your house than the tools you’d see at your next visit to a salon, but this unique combo might just be the secret to getting the best hair color of your dreams — at least that’s the case for Redken colorist Chiala Marvici. She came up with the idea of hand-pressing color into your hair using these tools from something she literally dreamed up: “I have a beautiful painting that a friend of mine did and it has multiple layers of colors and I think a lot of times you see something during the day and you dream about it at night. While I was sleeping, I saw these gorgeous transparent colors all living together and it inspired me to translate that into a hair color technique that you can use in real life,” Chiala toldTeen Vogue.


Hand Pressed

But what makes the hairdresser’s brand-new approach truly cutting edge is the ability to make multiple colors within the same style look seamless and natural, plus the fact that the technique cuts your salon time nearly in half. Whether you want to simply amp up your natural hue, or are looking for a more subtle way to incorporate trendy pinks and blues into your look, read on for everything you to need to know about this innovative technique.

What it is: “I was originally inspired by screen printing and the way they lay down the template and design with the colors and press the ink onto a fabric. So you’re creating the pattern with the hair dye on the board versus laying the hair down on the board first and painting over it. The effect is a really seamless blend of hair colors that look natural even if you incorporate bolder shades of blue or pink mixed in with muted gold and blonde tones. It’s gorgeously multidimensional and sort of has a holographic effect.”


The tools: “I originally attempted to do this using a standard color board and discovered it was too narrow and not long enough to imprint the color into the hair with one swoop. You also couldn’t see the pattern as well since those boards are too flexible. I was on the road and stopped by a Home Depot — you know, an obvious place for a hairdresser! — and just started looking for larger surfaces that could work well with hair color. You can’t use metal because that interacts with the chemicals. It turns out plexiglass has the thickness and sturdiness you need to make it work. I went to a hardware store to have them cut it into a 6-inch wide piece that was about 12-14 inches long. I also noticed that typical coloring brushes smeared the design, so instead I pressed the color using a 6-inch plastic putty knife. It’s like a spatula so it doesn’t drag the color like a brush does.”

Hair contouring is for you

Introducing the most recent hair trend: Oil slick hair. Oil slicked hair is a hair dyeing technique for brunettes. With pastel colours looking fab on those with blonde hair, it’s now time for brunettes to reap the benefits of these opal tones!

Celeb colourist to the stars, Aura Friedman created oil slick hair and spoke with Popsugar to explain how she came about this new technique, “I’ve been trying to re-create gasoline or oil when it’s on the ground and it rains”. She further explained, “I find that when you take dark purple and a dark green and layer them on top of the other, you end up with this iridescent feeling.”


Current fall-winter 2015-2016 haircolors trends

There again, verily boldness and personalization has become the individual trademark. The individual is in search of his 5 minutes of fame. What should I do to be different from others and be able to show my difference and my extravagance. Social networks offer the opportunity to be seen.

Hair coloring with its variants have become increasingly bold and reached the Accessory of the Year title for girls. Formerly reserved for punk and gothic and a showbuziness elite, these colors were neon and ephemeral traces of a form of rebellion on the part of these individuals.

Today we find ourselves with cosmic hair color (galaxy) and opals or pixels, an openness to self-expression. Prejudice on the part of some people that form of society are gradually falling. Cultural mosaics around us gives us the opportunity to share and expand our horizons and increase our tolerance for other cultures and their identities.

So now you know, rainbow locks don’t have to limited to our blonde counterparts! Scroll below for some of our favourite instagram versions of this kaleidoscopic hair trend, that are sure to inspire brunettes.


Source: Frockadvisor

Source: Teen Vogue

Réussir les plus beaux Opal Hair

Réussir les plus beaux opal hair, le coloriste

La tendance des cheveux couleurs pastel envahit Instagram en 2017

Réussir les plus beaux Opal hair

Plus subtil que le très flashy « Rainbow hair« , l’ « opal hair » pourrait bien devenir la nouvelle it-coloration de 2017. Histoire de ne pas se tromper de couleur, on suit les consignes d’Aura Frideman qui se base sur la constitution naturelle nacrée et multicolore d’une huître pour trouver le juste milieu : « Je pense qu’en ce moment, nous sommes en pleine phase d’exploration des couleurs pastels« . Voici comment réussir les plus beaux Opal Hair.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Opal Hair : décoloration obligatoire !

Vous me voyez venir, pour réussir un Opal Hair la décoloration est obligatoire : à partir du moment où nous parlons pastel, nous allons forcément faire un point décoloration. Pour obtenir un pastel, on ne le répétera jamais assez, il faut impérativement décolorer, même les cheveux blonds. Avant d’appliquer la couleur, il faut commencer par obtenir une base très décolorée, blanche et uniforme. Pourquoi ? Tout d’abord parce que les colorations semi-permanentes n’ont pas de pouvoir éclaircissant, la base sur laquelle on les applique doit donc être plus claire que la coloration. Ensuite, parce que ces couleurs sont très peu pigmentées et peuvent donc difficilement recouvrir une décoloration imparfaite. Enfin, il faut une base blanche car un peu de jaune pourrait avoir une influence sur certaines des couleurs utilisées (rendre le rose orange ou le bleu vert par exemple). Pensez bien à utiliser un toner pour déjaunir les cheveux après la décoloration ! suggère Chloé de Color-Mania.

L’Opal Hair se réussit seulement avec des colorations semi permanent du type Manic Panic et La riché  chez Color-Mania


Aura Friedman de Sally Herschberger

Aura Friedman of Sally Hershberger Downtown New York salon has coined the term for the technique which is sparking serious hair envy on Instagram, which she told Refinery29 was inspired by her birthstone.

A more muted alternative to My Little Pony brights or the granny hair trend, it blends shades of pearl and pink with green and blue. The overall look is a lot like mother of pearl – very mermaid.

The beauty is that no two looks are the same. « I love iridescent colors, so I just like to do them over and over again, expressing them in different ways, » Aura says of the different variations she creates on the technique.

Pearl hair looks are also big news on British shores, as Grace Keates, manager of BLEACH’s new Soho salon, notes: “A lot of customers are now requesting pearly colours as well as soft greys. »

So who can get the look and what’s the process? Grace explains: « This tone can only be achieved on very light blonde hair. To get a nice pearl effect we would lather Bleach Silver Shampoo in the hair and leave for 5-10 minutes and then add a pea size amount of a blue/green based Super Cool Colour which we mix up in the salon to create an opal tone. »

les courants colorations automne-hiver 2015-2016, le coloriste

It’s not a look for the low-maintenance kind of girl. Grace says it’s « best to come in for top up toners every three to four weeks to maintain the look. » But, regular colourist appointments aside, we think this hair trend is going to be big.


Move over rainbow locks, we’re all about opal hair now.

It’s the latest trend that you’re going to love clogging up your Instagram feed.

Attention-seeking rainbow hair is over and, now that is, can everyone finally admit that it was all a bit much?

Opal is more along the lines of the multi-coloured sand art hair Georgia May Jagger is well into, but with added subtlety.


Source: Grazia, Color-Mania

Source: Metro UK, @Amélianightmare  

Source: Terrafemina

Current fall-winter 2015-2016 haircolors

les courants colorations automne-hiver 2015-2016, le coloriste

A new season will begin in a few weeks, a color season with the arrival of the current fall-winter 2015-2016 haircolors. The year 2015 has made ​​us see all the colors, to begin ombre. The more natural sunken as the famous tie and dye (shaded) who conquered the planet. The 0mbre, the little sister of the shaded demanded clarification less pronounced on the tips that can even be performed without the mandatory involvement of a professional colorist.


For the shaded, colo technique that mixes basic 1/3, 1/3 middle, 1/3 clear renamed « tie & dye« .Well the fallen, or soft-shadow is his little sister, his softer version, more diffuse, more subtle and less pronounced. More natural, therefore, the sinking is obtained -In the colorist and also home, with the help of an inexperienced girl, no question of launching home without discussing the move with an expert colorist – by injecting intermediate shades in classic shadowed. Capillary Review: a very nice transition, perceptible just right, between light and dark shades. Later came the madness of Blinger,  darker roots, the strawberry blonde, of « contraction   blond » and   « ginger » (ginger English).The result ? « An effect in dense roots, doped on the first centimeters by a color and caramelized, about lengths, a golden veil directly infused into the coppery blond ».  

Thereafter came the  bronde, The history of the brunette who wanted to go blonde … Ludovic the colorist agrees with Frederik Mennetrier  « This is not a technique right, it’s a style, a summer look. In reality, we finally put a name to this movement of enlightenment not so recent as that. « Clearly,  this is not too radical a change: we talk about solar shades sunburn in lengths, material wicks lit with golden reflections … imagesCOG7148EThink J.Lo, Olivia Palermo or Jessica Alba. The secret to success this color effect: « It is necessary that the report be ultranaturel. Not to barcode scans: it favors the perfect dosage: vertical application + horizontal installation « . A superposition of coloring techniques which all good.

Then the Broux, It is a way to play with colors. If they want to remain dark while injecting relief to their hair, I recommend the « broux« (red + brown), and opt for light shades, red or copper, which energize and highlight the character of a cut, while being ultra-feminine.  »

To look as the roots are darker than the tips: always horizontally, changing from brown or brown to copper or red highlights. Please note, we do not mean neglected roots. The broux must be worked if it can quickly turn into grunge look.

The surprise of the summer was obviously Pastel hair, shades of many faces. Pink has taken the spotlight in the caleidoscope pastels.Rainbow hair

For the more daring, the arrival of  was a fashion that ignited social networks, after that of gray hair who smashed the house. First we saw some stars to color the hair rainbow sky like Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry. And since we see growing in the streets and on the web. A5A

There are those that form one solid color, those are just a bit … This new mode allows you to take your favorite colors to the tips of hair!

For geeks,  with the Pixel hair,  no matter the color or length of the hair, the hair pixel invites « on every head. » On Twitter, one discovers digital hairstyle declined in many colors. Pink, green, blue, purple, orange or white … There’s something for everyone. Yes, digital and hairdressing are now mix. This geek color, a bit special though, could possibly become a beauty trend eventually. The concern is that it will really bring in a professional to adopt it. Indeed, the hair pixel remains difficult to achieve at home.

Now the Opal  hair brand a younger current, more whimsical. Nowadays, to shine, the madness and audacity have found the trademark of all those who want to show their difference. A trend that takes by surprise instagram.