Pantone confirms macaroons are fashionable

Panetone le confirme,les macarons sont à la mode, le coloriste

The New Jersey company, creator of the famous color chart, yesterday announced the « color of the year » 2016, a marketing event cleverly staged. A perfect example of widening a professional community to the general public and pantone confirms macaroons are fashionable.

Pantone confirms, macaroons are fashionable

And the color of the year is … the unexpected union between Quartz pink and pale blue Serenity! Pantone, the global authority on the subject, has surprised everyone by unveiling on Thursday, not one but two shades associated as a dominant trend in 2016. The first … « Every early December, US officials the Pantone Color Institute delight in surprise, including their partners, with their ad eagerly awaited and widely relayed by social networks, says Agnes Peignen, communications director Tollens, a French luxury brand paints collaborating since 2013 with the « bible colors « .Panetone le confirme,les macarons sont à la mode, le coloristePanetone le confirme,les macarons sont à la mode, le coloriste

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There they flatly foiled all our forecasts and our in Paris. Nobody expected this duo full of audacity! « Especially as the shades were relatively recent years agreed: in 2014, calm Marsala, halfway between pink and terracotta old, was particularly easy to match; and, in 2013, Kate Middleton dresses had largely prepared our eyes to strong violet, Radiant Orchid …


Panetone confirms, macaroons are fashionable

For next year, opal hair will take off. These two pastel shades will be the envy of many colorists. We can already enjoy in the hair of some fashionistas hair.

Many colorists inspired Rainbow hair which Gregory Shelley saw a new trend emerge in recent months with this beautiful mix of pastel shades. Opals inspired hair macaroons take the world of hair color front. Madness is now open. The girls now you have in hand the power to make your folie.

The colors of hair inpirés macaroons pastry,lecoloriste

Shelley Gregory

NEARLY 5000 codified COLOURS

« The color of the year has a real impact in terms of image and high prescribing authority says Agnes Peignen. In 2015, Marsala was the second best-selling shade Pantone range in the consumer and the fourth in the professional network. « In North America, Sephora also launched a collection of mascaras to the color of the year. Monaco Case Scenario renews its range of iPhone cases based. As do the European leader for Digital Development Photobox with photo albums, teaches Room Copenhagen Danish design with its dishes, etc. In the coming weeks, many fashion magazines and decoration will be covered with pink and blue to be « in the know ».

Faced with such a commercial impact, the elegant director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, cautions that its decision does nothing to a whim or a whim. In everyday life, « color guru » loves purple, but she is careful not to impose his preference. « I keep my choice after consulting my international experts who travel to New York, London, Paris, Milan … We see the dresses and makeup worn by stars such as by people in the street, we see many films and exhibitions, we visit auto showrooms, we ask the tourism industry on the mindset of consumers.

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News on hair trends 2015-2016, le coloristeAs a result the selection of indicators beam. « This year, a resident of Seattle, was once Consultant colors for Ikea, Best Buy and Microsoft, was particularly inspired by two British events retrospective Agnes Martin at the Tate in London and the youth guerre Mémoires film » While at the beginning, the heroine wears soft pink and blue tones and pastel lives in a typical environment before World War II, the palette darkens resonate with threats that win.  »

pantone confirms macaroons are fashionable,lecoloriste

Emilio Pucci BCBG

Recent Emilio Pucci and BCBG collections, Leanne Marshall bridal costumes and some Savile Row tailor Richard James have reinforced a choice, she assures, perfectly reflects the zeitgeist: « This marriage of warm colors is an antidote to the stress of modern life and responds to the need for reinsurance ambient and safety.  »