Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone, the colorist

The world of hair coloring has no secrets for Katy Perry

Katy Perry in love with her new haircolor : Ultraviolet

Katy Perry is a trendsetter. We have already seen a lot of original haircuts. Short blonde, long brown, more feminine cuts as masculine. Her look regularly validated by her community of admirers or fashion professionals, because she always knew how to avoid fashion faux-pas. So it’s no surprise that Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone.

Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone

The star of « Fireworks » know how to turn heads, and this since the beginning of her career. It is after a tour in Asia that she decides to adorn the color of cherry trees of Tokyo, the rose. « I fell in love with so many cherry trees between Tokyo and South Korea, so Rick Henry and I decided I should become one. »

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Katy Perry dares the trendy ultraviolet color of Pantone

After 33 years, the world keep talking about her, whether it’s because of her many successes or her recent separation, social media keeps mentioning her name.

Indeed, after her eventful separation with her former boyfriend Russel Brand, it is now Orlando Bloom‘s turn to pass. And who says separation, says capillary change!

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So we could see her, on his Instagram account, change her platinum blonde cherry pink, then just recently for a new color: ultraviolet. With the help of her hair stylist, Rick Henry of the Nine Zero One, Katy dares a new color, the Pantone color of the year, the ultraviolet.

A fairly simple change when she was already platinum blonde as explain her hairdresser. « Since she was already platinum blonde, the whole process, from start to finish, took about 30 minutes. » A capillary change that unfortunately did not convince her admirers …

What do you think of her new style?

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The Rose Gold is the new chic way to wear pink in 2017, lecoloriste

The Rose Gold coloration takes many nuances and see the 20 new incredible way to wear the pink color

The Rose Gold is the new chic way to wear pink 

Who would have thought that this coloring would be as successful ? The web planet only works for the Rose Gold these days and it’s easy to understand. The Rose Gold coloration also known as Or Rosé in french is easy to wear and suitable for many women. The pink tends to be in cool colors, while the blonde is more golden, it is also for this reason that it is suitable for several varieties of skin tones.

20 New Way Chic To Wear Pink With Rose Gold

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The haircolor Rose Gold is the new chic way to wear pink and takes many subtils nuances

Do not get too attached to the girls! the trend move fast in this industry.
Here is the color that women adopt in the beginning of each fall, since few years. Her interest is real and the color Rose Gold has not stopped being in demand. It must be admitted that the color Rose Gold wins admirers to believe the #rosegoldhair at Instagram. We see Rose Gold colorations with unique shades. The colorful Rose Gold color to opt more than ever.

Has colored pink Gold Color to opt more than ever, said leColoriste
According to the colorist Ludovic « the color Gold Rose takes multiple nuances, always in subtleties according to the identity and the history of the hair ». This is one of the darling colorings to opt.

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Before To Achieve Your Unicorn Hair Read This

Unicorns are certainly magical creatures, but read this before to hair dye like a unicorn

Before To Achieve Your Unicorn Hair Read This !

The term does have various definitions when it comes to women’s hairstyles, but it usually refers to having multi-coloured hair, usually in light blues, lavender, and cotton candy pink. In some cases it may refer to artfully styling the hair to form a ‘horn’ at the top of the head. The first step is to browse stock photos for hairstyles to get some ideas. Here are styling products and tools that will help you achieve that sought-after unicorn hair. Before To Achieve Your Unicorn Hair Read This !

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Semi-permanent dyes to create unicorn hair

Compared to other types of dyes, semi-permanent dyes shouldn’t be mixed with creme developers. They can be applied directly to the hair and left on for anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours to achieve your desired colour. Because no developer is used though, these sort of dyes are unable to lift or lighten the hair to allow the colour pigment in the dye to penetrate the hair shaft. Favourite dyes in the colourful hair community and pharmacy include : Manic Panic, Pulpriot, Splat, Arctic Fox, Renbow, Colorista, Pravana, Joico intensity and Sparks.

For unicorn hair, starting off with light blond hair is best. Having dark hair means you’ll need the next item on the list, which is –

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You need Bleach your hair to be a unicorn girl

Very useful but very powerful, hair bleach will strip the natural colour off hair. Be warned that some stinging may occur when applied on the scalp or any part of your skin! It’s also very possible to end up with brassy orange hair if the bleaching process is not done correctly. As such, this step is best left with professionals even if you’re on a budget. Trust us – you’ll be saving yourself an immense headache and days of having awful-looking hair.

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Conditionning your hair when you bleach it

Conditioner helps you in two ways – one, bleach damages the hair and conditioner will help keep it smooth and healthy. Two, some semi-permanent dyes can be diluted with conditioner so the end result is less vibrant and more on the pastel side.

Hair Chalk is a good way to come unicorn

Not ready to commit to colourful hair? Hair chalk in different hues are the perfect substitute for dyes. They’re very easy to wash off so you can mix and match colours until you find the combinations you like.

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Braid Tutorials

Multi-coloured hair look stunning in braids. Take a look through these braid tutorials to help you create different looks for every day of the week.


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Sources : Boundforstyle


Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist, lecoloriste

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Hairstyle, Because Of Course It Did

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist

Sorry, roosters: We know 2017 was supposed to be your year and all, but it’s starting to look a lot like the Year of the Unicorn instead. The mythical creature has already infiltrated our makeup bags, our manicures, our bathtubs, and our food, and as of yesterday, it claimed its latest victim: the Starbucks Frappuccino. Roughly 24 hours since its launch, the Unicorn Frappuccino has already been described as a monstrosity that “represents everything that is wrong with America” and tastes like “sour birthday cake and shame.” Inspiration come from Starbucks unicorn frappuccino by a Canadian haircolorist.Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist, lecoloriste

Unicorn haircolorist catch everywhere her inspired

Could this finally be the green straw that breaks the camel’s back? Only time (and probably more than a few cases of sugar overdose) will tell, but the negative reviews didn’t stop hairstylist Kelly Woodford of the Sapphire Hair Lounge in Winnipeg Canada from creating a very vibrant look directly inspired by the frothy blended drink.

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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist

 The blue and pink color scheme is true to what you’ll find in the cup at Starbucks, and Woodford went ahead and popped a straw in the finished product, just to make it look a little more like the real thing. It’s cute, like all the other adorable unicorn paraphernalia, but there’s a much bigger issue at stake here: our sanity. When will the cotton candy-colored madness end? We do take comfort in knowing that this, too, shall pass, and hopefully soon we will all be able to enjoy beauty products and beverages made for adults and not inspired by fairytales once again. Just some food — or Frappuccino — for thought.

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 Source : Refinery 29


Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde, lecoloriste

Katy Perry the one thousand and one colors girl and now changes her hair

Katy Perry become platinum blond

Our Katy Perry does not change the way she is, she knows very well the importance of her hair in her success, on her page Instagram she makes us surprise with a platinum blonde. She no longer surprises us, the one who passed from the lilac color one day and the next day to the black. This time, Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde for the Grammy’s.

Katy Perry takes us into a universe every time she makes an exit. Hair coloring and its thousand and one wig show us its capillary fantasies Katy quickly understood the impact it brings to the fashion industry and capillary.

Today nothing surprises us! We are so used to seeing our star decorated in its usual colors of hair so daring or its crazy colorful wigs.

Katy Perry changes her hair color and becomes a platinum blonde

Katy Perry will be at the Grammys on February 12 and will reveal her latest album. We can be convinced that it will give us a full view. Who knows, with what shade of pastel hair will it appear? What brings this capillary change so drastic, who knows a new idyll?



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Under the Lens of Colorist Ludovic with new hair changes Katy Perry

Katy is not a natural blonde, so the use of a bleach powder with an peroxide 30 to 40 volumes was used to achieve this level of lightening. We can confirm that Katy Perry underwent a capillary remover session to remove all traces of dyes before discoloration. Obviously her hair was shocked and assaulted her hair.

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Personnalisez votre couleur avec colorista la nouvelle innovation de l'Oréal, lecoloriste

Des colorations cheveux semi-permanentes de calibre professionnel maintenant disponible en pharmacie

Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista l’innovation de L’Oréal

Depuis le temps que nous attendions des colorants pour cheveux de niveau professionnels accessibles dans les grandes surfaces et les pharmacies. L’Oréal de Paris ne cesse d’innover en matière de coloration capillaire. Ludovic le Coloriste vous présente une nouveauté en coloration pour les jeunes femmes qui a été lancée pour plaire à la génération Z entre autres. Colorista est la coloration aux multiples teintes pastel créée pour les jeunes nous propose de la nouveauté. Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista, l’innovation capillaire destiné aux consommatrices. Des colorants cheveux semi-permanents de niveau professionnel disponible en pharmacie et dans les grandes surfaces grâce à l’Oréal.

Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista la nouvelle innovation de l'Oréal

Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista la nouvelle innovation de l’Oréal

Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista l’innovation de L’Oréal

Selon vos humeurs du jour, jouez à la star avec une gamme offrant le choix de votre pulsion. Mettez de la couleur aussi bien sur les pointes que sur les longueurs avec cette innovation de L’OréaldeParis.

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Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista la nouvelle innovation de l'Oréal

Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista la nouvelle innovation de l’Oréal

Personnalisez votre couleur avec Colorista l’innovation de L’Oréal

Cette nouvelle gamme est offerte en 3 versions

  • Temporaire en spray (vaporisateur)
  • Semi-permanent
  • Permanent

Personnalisez aussi bien votre couleur que votre look !

  • Se travail sur des cheveux décolorés
  • Disponible en 7 teintes pastel
  • Ne s’applique pas sur des cheveux blancs naturels
  • Offert avec un mini pinceau et des gants
  • Facile d’application
  • S’applique sur la chevelure complète, pour un ombré où en mèches pour des reflets

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La coloration semi-permanente au nuances pastel en boite

Il est souvent nécessaire de se décolorer les cheveux, surtout s’ils sont foncés, avant de poser une coloration semi-permanente un peu originale. Cela est vrai en particulier avec les couleurs claires ou les pastels. La coloration « directe » ou « semi-permanente » sert à changer une nuance naturelle, ou encore à masquer les premiers cheveux blancs. Contrairement à la coloration permanente, elle ne reste pas sur le cheveu. Au fur et à mesure des shampoings, la couleur s’estompera.

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Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad

Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad, le coloriste

March is marked by one of The Most Anticipated events: Fashion Week’s ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2016-2017. Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad are the key words, the new head of Suicide Squad, increasingly fallen leaves parades and direct her career towards the cinema and now writes articles for Love Magazine.

Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad

With her face full of character, Cara Delevingne doing very well hairstyles that govern her expression without falling over his eyes. The side hair (hair free one side plated the other) works very well on her. Rather chic when it’s done with wavy locks, it gives the young model of 23 years a few more years. Cara Delevingne, Fashion Week and Suicide Squad !

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Unlike her friend Kendall Jenner who can not help but let his stiff hair natural, Cara Delevingne likes to have fun with her hair. Hilltop buns, ponytails plated, worked curls … the exchange dummy head like shoes. July 21, 2015 evening Cara Delevingne was walking on the red carpet for the premiere of her film, Paper Towns, armed with a loose braid imagined by the vanity of Mara Roszak. On one side, a loose braid, which showcases the capillary volume of the dummy. On the front, it seems that Cara door let loose hair, just wavy. A hairstyle way « bi-taste » since that is the buzz on the web.

Despite several mishaps hair, which she probably had to have some trouble digesting, she could count on his family as his girlfriend, singer St Vincent. We remember that it had already supported BFF Kendall Jenner at the New York premiere for Paper Planes.

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And summer 2015, the turn of Cara Delevingne to be there for the musician. So it is natural that the top model visited Montreal to attend the spectacle of his half during the Osheaga festival. An occasion in which she again attracted attention. But this time, it is the hair of the young woman who was talking. I must say she appeared with pink hair. In pictures appeared in several tabloids like People Magazine, we admired this new frosted pink coloring. A capillary change that no one saw it coming and has a small effect!

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World renowned top, Cara Delevingne sees solicit from all sides. If crowd the catwalks of the biggest fashion names like Chanel or Givenchy, the top seems to broaden her horizons. Cara Delevingne got the role of the sorceress in Suicide Squad who will be playing in the summer 2016. Despite this timetable could not be more responsible, the Burberry muse still finds time to walk the red carpets. Between events and magazines cover, the beautiful Cara even find the time to change hair style.

15 most beautiful pastel colors

Madness seizes instagram with Opal hair and macaroons.

15 most beautiful pastel colors

Colorists are having a field day with this creative trend that gives the artist all the way to his creativity. We present our 15 most beautiful pastel colors. Pravana Locked-in color offers 6 pretty pastel colors nontransferable not come to ruin and destroy your work when you are in the tank for the period from rinsing.

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Locked-in is a lasting color and remains there or you placed. The season is well underway in the middle of the hair industry. The hairstylists and colorists will make you beautiful eyes to offer one of these trends. Recently, Pinterest and Instagram live to the rhythm of pastel colored hair.

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Cheveux Rose-Pink Hair

Cheveux Rose-Pink Hair, lecoloriste


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Notre album Cheveux Rose vous surprendra, vous voulez plus de photo notre tableau Pinterest Cheveux Rose-Pink Hair

Cheveux Rose-Pink Hair

Vous pensez colorer vos cheveux roses

Le premier conseil avant de colorer vos cheveux en rose est de faire en sorte qu’ils soient en meilleure condition possible. Si vos cheveux naturels sont fragiles, asséchés ou fins, il est suggéré de procéder à un traitement du type masque capillaire pour remettre en condition et renforcer vos cheveux endommagés. Ceci est important, dans la mesure où la décoloration des cheveux est nécessaire pour obtenir des cheveux roses afin de ne pas endommager considérablement vos cheveux. Nous devez prendre le moins de risque pour vos cheveux et arriver avec un résultat final de qualité.

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L’extravagante Nicki Minaj

L'extravagante Nicki Minaj, lecoloriste

Nicki Minaj est tout un personnage!

L’extravagante Nicki Minaj

On a pu voir l’extravagante Nicki Minaj à de nombreuses occasions avec des perruques de fantaisie et plusieurs rallonges capillaires de couleurs. Idole de plusieurs, Nicki Minaj a toujours su faire tourner les regards ce qui lui a d’ailleurs valu une collaboration avec MAC cosmétiques pour la collection de rouges à lèvres Viva Glam.

C’est à l’âge de 5 ans que l’extravagante Nicki Minaj quitta la République de Trinité-et-Tobago pour New York. Au mois d’aout 2009, elle signa un contrat avec Young Money Entertainment, étiquette du célèbre rappeur Lil’ Wayne. Une route qui allait la mener loin! En 2010, elle sort son album Pink Friday, album à succès qui fracasse des records et lance sa carrière au sommet. Lors de la promotion de l’album, on peut la voir avec une perruque rose qu’elle utilise d’ailleurs comme marque de commerce. Elle devient alors la vedette du rap la plus suivie sur Twitter puis va même jusqu’à être personnellement invitée à la Semaine de la Mode de New York au côté d’Anna Wintour, éditrice en chef pour Vogue! Il n’y a pas de doute, sa lancée est fulgurante. Elle est souvent comparée à Lady Gaga, mais réfute elle même une telle comparaison. Bien qu’elles soient relativement audacieuses et semblables, Nicki Minaj opte pour un style propre à elle-même.

Côté perruques, on a pu la voir avec plusieurs styles qui lui vont comme un gant. Que ce soit des rallonges capillaires blondes ou des perruques orange, elle n’a pas peur! Par la suite, elle modifia son style plusieurs fois avec brio. Avec elle, les perruques de fantaisies sont toujours au rendez-vous. Malheureusement, même Nicki Minaj n’est pas à l’abri de la justice, son ancien styliste capillaire Terrence Davidson la poursuit présentement pour plagiat concernant les créations de ses perruques. Une poursuite de 30 millions de dollars qui pourrait lui faire perdre la tête…

Cette semaine, sur le compte Instagram de notre star, un nouveau style est apparu. On peut y voir une Nicki au naturel avec ses cheveux mouillés et sans maquillage, un style inédit, mais qui pourtant prouve qu’elle est toujours au sommet. Toujours aussi belle, même au naturel.