Current fall-winter 2015-2016 haircolors

les courants colorations automne-hiver 2015-2016, le coloriste

A new season will begin in a few weeks, a color season with the arrival of the current fall-winter 2015-2016 haircolors. The year 2015 has made ​​us see all the colors, to begin ombre. The more natural sunken as the famous tie and dye (shaded) who conquered the planet. The 0mbre, the little sister of the shaded demanded clarification less pronounced on the tips that can even be performed without the mandatory involvement of a professional colorist.


For the shaded, colo technique that mixes basic 1/3, 1/3 middle, 1/3 clear renamed « tie & dye« .Well the fallen, or soft-shadow is his little sister, his softer version, more diffuse, more subtle and less pronounced. More natural, therefore, the sinking is obtained -In the colorist and also home, with the help of an inexperienced girl, no question of launching home without discussing the move with an expert colorist – by injecting intermediate shades in classic shadowed. Capillary Review: a very nice transition, perceptible just right, between light and dark shades. Later came the madness of Blinger,  darker roots, the strawberry blonde, of « contraction   blond » and   « ginger » (ginger English).The result ? « An effect in dense roots, doped on the first centimeters by a color and caramelized, about lengths, a golden veil directly infused into the coppery blond ».  

Thereafter came the  bronde, The history of the brunette who wanted to go blonde … Ludovic the colorist agrees with Frederik Mennetrier  « This is not a technique right, it’s a style, a summer look. In reality, we finally put a name to this movement of enlightenment not so recent as that. « Clearly,  this is not too radical a change: we talk about solar shades sunburn in lengths, material wicks lit with golden reflections … imagesCOG7148EThink J.Lo, Olivia Palermo or Jessica Alba. The secret to success this color effect: « It is necessary that the report be ultranaturel. Not to barcode scans: it favors the perfect dosage: vertical application + horizontal installation « . A superposition of coloring techniques which all good.

Then the Broux, It is a way to play with colors. If they want to remain dark while injecting relief to their hair, I recommend the « broux« (red + brown), and opt for light shades, red or copper, which energize and highlight the character of a cut, while being ultra-feminine.  »

To look as the roots are darker than the tips: always horizontally, changing from brown or brown to copper or red highlights. Please note, we do not mean neglected roots. The broux must be worked if it can quickly turn into grunge look.

The surprise of the summer was obviously Pastel hair, shades of many faces. Pink has taken the spotlight in the caleidoscope pastels.Rainbow hair

For the more daring, the arrival of  was a fashion that ignited social networks, after that of gray hair who smashed the house. First we saw some stars to color the hair rainbow sky like Nicki Minaj or Katy Perry. And since we see growing in the streets and on the web. A5A

There are those that form one solid color, those are just a bit … This new mode allows you to take your favorite colors to the tips of hair!

For geeks,  with the Pixel hair,  no matter the color or length of the hair, the hair pixel invites « on every head. » On Twitter, one discovers digital hairstyle declined in many colors. Pink, green, blue, purple, orange or white … There’s something for everyone. Yes, digital and hairdressing are now mix. This geek color, a bit special though, could possibly become a beauty trend eventually. The concern is that it will really bring in a professional to adopt it. Indeed, the hair pixel remains difficult to achieve at home.

Now the Opal  hair brand a younger current, more whimsical. Nowadays, to shine, the madness and audacity have found the trademark of all those who want to show their difference. A trend that takes by surprise instagram.