It is confirmed the braid is the best hairstyle to wear

Over time the braids in the hair took many forms and have been used in many sauces such as: for a wedding, graduation, a warrior for his crusade, a back to school, a red carpet and even for a gateway for large scale of fashion. It is confirmed, braids will always be present in the lives of women and men. Braids can be seen as a fashion, they are adornments, accessories, artifice. Over the centuries, they have been of all wars. Today, it is confirmed the braid : hairstyle of the year to wear and pass through time, they come back to teach us with their sensual tunes.

See the best hairstyle braid to wear

For me, braids are among the oldest hairstyles worn by women and men as henna has made its way and has remained popular with some faithful. Believing that they had become forgotten, the braids were able to rejuvenate themselves, hairdressing stylists and designers saw the importance of integrating into their presentation a sensual side in the new structure of the braid. we present you the best hairstyles braids here.

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How to make a great braid

They took on an air of youth and the hair of the beast, they did their scenario. We can imagine that they will integrate our future. Braids and long hair are inseparable, they go hand in hand. As long as the sensuality in the woman will be an asset of seduction, the braids will be part of a ritual. Hair fashion, as you know very well, is only a repetition of a look sometimes modified to re-emphasize a hair trend that has been a hit. We offer you here differents tutorials of how to make original braid.

There are different types of braids, or similar techniques known under different names, so it is easy to find it. Egyptian braid, on the cob or French braid, fish tail, all have particular braiding that make them unique.

Style your hair with a braid

Twenty years were enough to review a hair fashion that made its mark on the catwalks and red carpet. We men will always be magnetized by the disturbing charm of this feminine magic. Still looking to improve our blog, we added a new braided hair photo album.

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The choice is open to brunettes: mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate haircolor

Why Chocolate haircolor are so sexy

The vibrant shades of chocolate remain in the main stream from one season to the next. Not surprising, they are of the same importance for brunettes and girls with medium brown hair than platinum or blonde strawberry to blondes. The palette of chocolate haircolor tones varies from reflections with its red hot notes to its cooler notes. We recognize the colorations mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate . Chocolates are often attributed to all sweet and delicious chestnuts, such as mocha, hot cocoa, truffled brown, cherry chocolate, brown sugar, espresso, coca cola, etc.

Colorings your hair mahogany, auburn, burgundy and chocolate so trendy and sexy

Chocolate-colored hair can look classic, dramatic and sometimes a little strict. Even men unconsciously believe that women with chocolate hair are more serious, trustworthy and loyal.

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Chocolate haircolor shades are very sexy

It is for this reason that black-haired women hold the upper positions much more often than light blondes. However, a chocolate brunette can easily look very feminine and romantic once she loops her hair or shapes them into a chic updo. There is a wide variety of reflections for brunettes, even most blondes can afford it.

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The right color for the right skin tone

The choice of hue depends on the skin tone (warm / cold) and your personal preferences: some women prefer chocolate tones to reddish highlights, others try to obtain chocolate tones with more bourgogne, noble Cold shades insert to create a mahogany. With the right choice of hue, chocolate color refreshes your face and makes it younger.

Girls with shades of clear or olive skin (summer or winter colortype) should try to get deep velvety shades without hot red hues. Normally, these are the nuances like hot chocolate or black. As for the « spring girls » with the clear skin type with a blond natural gold or strawberry blonde hair, chocolate hues are not their best choice.

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