Hair colored macaroons inspired pastry

Les cheveux couleurs macarons inspirés de la pâtisserie

The new trend in hair coloring is the macaroon, but be careful not the way Princess Leia buns macaroons Star Wars but the bright colors of this dessert very Parisian.

These are Americans who started this « new » color palette that is reminiscent of the previous trend of rainbow sky hair that was all the rage throughout the year. Hair colored macaroons inspired pastry.
in the mind of Shelley for weeks before implementing its clients.

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We need these pastel strands braided and sculpted like a work of art to the hairdresser Las Vegas Shelley Gregory, Workshop by Square,

Hair macaroons inspired pastry

Shelley Gregory

which is directly inspired hairstyles for its Parisian pastries from Ladurée. She took over the colors of these bites as hair coloring declined in seven colors, from pink to purple, through bright green and silver.

The colors of hair inpired macaroons pastry

Shelley Gregory told Cosmopolitan have gone to Paris a few years ago and have loved the colorpalette of these desserts, stating that they reminded him of Disneyland, « This is magic! I wanted to produce that feeling when you look at these hairstyles.

The star hairdresser shared many clichés in connection with this concept on his Instagram profile, describing him as « an incredibly tasty hair. » Many beauty amateur resumed this tendency to their account by sharing pictures of their colored hair, worn released natural or braided to create color contrasts more striking.

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It seems that 2015 was the hairstyles pastel rainbow sky all kinds, macaroons strands fall directly into this trend went viral in the last 12 months, first with stars like Katy Perry Katy perry fait tourner les têtes avec un opal Hair, lecoloriste

Katy Perry turned heads with a opalhair and Kelly Osborne, to win with the general public. This trend also called « Brony hair » would draw cartoons for children 80 years My little filly.

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