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Faites de l'effet en blonde, le coloriste

The story that raises doubts and make the blonde in effect

The first time I had doubts, that’s when a friend of the director in a big box com told me about the difference of attention she got while passing the blond. She told me that when she was speaking in a meeting brunette, she quickly TV reception less attention since she was blonde. A « blond effect » as she called it. Then of course, he had to convince and persuade the audience of the validity of his ideas. But she left with a blonde in ahead. Living blond


Men say they love brunettes but they are lying (it’s amazing)

Science confirms the impression in his studies of my friend.Thus, in an experiment conducted by Michael Lynn of Cornell University in the US, we find that men are subconsciously attracted to blondes, although, when asked, they say in public prefer brunettes. So they were 45% to declare prefer brunettes and only 37% prefer blondes say, 8% reporting for their love redheads priority. The researcher to evacuate public statements conducted its study of the waitresses of bars and restaurants. In the United States, their remuneration depends solely on tips. And on a sample of 374 waitresses, he found that blondes received an average of more tip that women with a different hair color.

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The experience of blond hitchhiker

In France too, Nicolas Gueguen, a researcher at the University of South Brittany became interested in the subject. He asked a young woman to post on the roadside. This alternately wore a blonde wig and a brunette wig. The result was not long in coming, as the young woman was stopping cars in a shorter time and more often when wearing the blond wig.




living blonde, le coloristeWhy men are subconsciously attracted to blondes?

Light hair trigger automatic reactions. They are, in general and in Europe, a sign of youth (called rightly the darlings). And hair naturally tend to darken with age. The man unknowingly, looking for a reproductive partner and blond hair, in this context, signal the brain young and so fruitful partner. It is ultimately their instinct to guide them towards blondes but they may not really resist that.

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