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Choose the right hair color according to your complexion is not a party

How to find the hair color that suits me 

Making the right choice of hair color becomes difficult for you? You have clear skin and you want to brighten your complexion without spending hours on your hair. Opt for a hair coloring that suits you and succeed your shot. When the hair color is well chosen, you will find the brightness of your face. To avoid falling into the traps Ludovic the colorist takes stock of the importance of choosing the right hair color according to your skin tone and how to find the hair color that suits me.

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Rules to follow when you find the right haircolor for you

Do you have a clear skin and are you confused about the choice of hair color to wear? Whether your complexion is pale, rosy, orange, medium, dark, matte or otherwise, it will largely influence your decision when it comes time to choose a hair dye. To successfully change hair color and adapt it to a clear skin. It should be known that there are rules to respect to succeed as much hair coloring as makeup, the rules are the same for both. One of them is not to darken your hair more than 3 shades (level) because you have to change your makeup. This principle is valid for choosing your hair coloring and also for a foundation.

Your hair profile, an indispensable tool to find the best haircolor 

To avoid catastrophes, it is first necessary to make a good diagnosis that will determine your hair profile, all women have a unique hair profile. The hair profile is a card on which your hair history is recorded and can be updated annually, this tool is great for women who want to start their colo experience at home. We find in the hair profile the color of your eyes, the color of the eyebrows, your natural hair color, the percentage of gray hair and more. These elements taken into account, it will be necessary to determine later the preferred coloring technique and the ideal color for you. Because it is important to choose the right hair color according to your complexion.

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Find the hair color that suits me 

Favorite hair colors adapted to fair skin 

The main goal of a pale complexion is to enhance and enhance your eyes and harmonize everything. The colorist will often propose a color going to the blonde and all its variations. An infinite number of possibilities are available to you, from blondes like blond whites to platinum blondes. The important thing is to stay realistic, do not forget that you wear this color every day, to go to the office as in the evening. Before changing or changing hair color, choosing the right hair color according to your skin is not always easy, it is important to properly analyze your need to better meet your personality.

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How to find the hair color that suits me

Having a nice porcelain complexion is an advantage and the color should come to sublimate and not tarnish. To brighten the face, a gloss-like coloring is also appropriate. This tonal hair color gives shine and depth to the hair by bringing beautiful reflections. It is also used to soften your first gray hair. Your complexion lends itself perfectly to liquorice or cocoa colors.

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The colors of hair adapted to the skins of redhead

The russet skins allow almost all colorings, except those very dark. If you have a very pale complexion, whether it is cold or hot, flaming red will fit you. Just adapt it, again, to your natural reflections. Your reflections are ashy? A light copper will be enough to highlight you and a dark red or red will fit you perfectly. You have golden reflections, hot? Flamboyant red is for you. Dare to change.


Trick's To Tease Hair Without Damage, lecoloriste

Never going out without tease hair, best solutions for your flat and doll hair

Get your hair done every morning

We know the feeling: you want big, fluffy hair, but yours is just too thin and fine! It might feel like your everlasting crutch – but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Teasing (or backcombing, as it’s also called) can actually coax thin hair into extra body and height. See, sometimes it’s ok to be a tease! But before you work yourself into a tangle, follow these lifelines for a tease that’ll leave ‘em hanging! I present you my Trick’s To Tease Hair Without Damage.

My bests Trick’s To Tease Hair Without Damage

What NOT to do 

Got texture? Teasing with natural texture can make hair insanely tangled – and not in a stylish way. Just straighten wavy or curly hair before teasing it. And for straight hair, brush out all the tangles first. Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.

Want to tease wet or hot hair? Hands off until it’s completely dry and cool! This can cause excessive damage since your hair is in a fragile state.

Don’t even think of using any old brush! Make sure it’s a fine toothed comb or specially designed for teasing. These target each area, so you’ll avoid a frazzled mess on your hands.

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How to tease hair correctly  

  1.  Tackle your hair in 1 to 2 inch sections at a time. Looking for a tighter tease? Create smaller sections. If you want a looser look, create larger sections.
  2.  Hold the section of hair straight up from the root. Place your comb just above the root and comb down. Then go a little farther up and comb down again. Repeat in short, uniform strokes until the length of hair is seeing bodacious body!
  3.  To save your hard work, spray the section with hairspray. Then continue teasing and spraying your hair, section by section, until you reach some serious heights.
  4.  Is your hair looking wild? Now it’s time to sculpt it into place and style it how you want. Lay smooth strands over top and finish with shine spray for a more polished look.

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Last but definitely not least: Take it out

Be prepared to invest some time detangling the style. It’s best to carefully and gently detangle the teased hair sections with a soft brush, starting at the ends and working your way up. Take your time, or risk damaged locks! And a word to the wise: Do not jump into the shower and wash teased hair. Water makes the tangles even more difficult to remove.

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Helpful hints

  •  Hair not cut out for teasing? Try it on slightly dirty hair rather than clean, smooth hair.
  •  Don’t forget to give your tresses a breather from teasing, and always reward them with conditioning treatments after.




Unhealthy mistakes when shampooing your hair, lecoloriste

Learn what shampooing mistakes make your locks unhappy !

Unhealthy mistakes when shampooing your hair at home

It seems that there is nothing easier than shampooing, but it’s a common misconception. There are many mistakes you can do in the shower, thus making your hair suffer: unhealthy mistakes when shampooing your hair.


1. Rushing through all steps

Shampooing consists of a few important steps and each of them has a great importance. Firstly, you have to moisten your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo. According to experts at Fashion Hair Salon, moisture activates the product, so your hair has to be soaking wet. You should also rub your scalp long enough to eliminate dirt and grease!

2. Ignoring the conditioner in your hair

I can’t understand people who ignore this product and deprive their hair of unbelievable benefits. If you have fine and thin locks, you shouldn’t treat conditioner with hostility, just learn how to apply it properly! It’s crucial to concentrate on your ends and length, which need rich hydration and nourishment desperately.

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3. Forgetting to detangle

According to experts at Fashion Hair Salon, a shower is the best place for getting rid of knots in your hair. If your locks are prone to tangles, then you should fight this problem in the shower when conditioning. This product helps to remove knots easily and painlessly, so apply some conditioner and work with your comb!

4. Rinsing not well enough

Many people make a mistake of rinsing their hair not thoroughly enough, which leads to unpleasant consequences later. If you don’t remove the product when shampooing your hair, it will accumulate and create nasty buildup. Don’t be lazy and rinse until everything is gone!

Avoid these awful mistakes and shampoo your hair correctly!

Always choose the best shampoo for your type of hair  and for the best result visit our boutique online