The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016

la boule de cristal du coloriste Ludovic pour 2016, lecoloriste

Do we need a crystal ball to predict what will be the major trends in coloring in 2016?

The guidelines in hair fashion we are led by fashion designers and also by the multinationals that are based on current societies. The Pantone company, trendsetter comes to us with the color of the year.

The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016

The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016,lecolorist,cheveux cosmique galaxyhair,lecoloriste

Hayley Mahone

The year 2015 was a magical year for colorists, she was filled with new variants and those dark, Broux, cosmic, opals, pixels and I could go to you to nomenclature and I would arrive with a list impressionnante. The 2015 year, rainbow-colored hair trends swept social media, filling our feeds with a kaleidoscope of pastel and neon-hued styles that we never even imagined possible. Mermaid hair had a moment of glory.

The crystal ball of Ludovic colorist 2016,lecoloristla boule de cristal du coloriste ludovic pour 2016, lecoloriste

Phil Ring

Are we wonder why such an assortment of coloring techniques and different trends we fell on his head in 2015? I could tell you that the instability of the economic situation and armed conflicts are the causes. It is certain that we must take a look at these situations.

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There again, verily boldness and personalization has become the individual trademark. The individual is in search of his 5 minutes of fame. What should I do to be different from others and be able to show my difference and my extravagance. Social networks offer the opportunity to be seen.

Hair coloring with its variants have become increasingly bold and reached the Accessory of the Year title for girls. Formerly reserved for punk and gothic and a showbuziness elite, these colors were neon and ephemeral traces of a form of rebellion on the part of these individuals.

Today we find ourselves with cosmic hair color (galaxy) and opals or pixels, an openness to self-expression. Prejudice on the part of some people that form of society are gradually falling. Cultural mosaics around us gives us the opportunity to share and expand our horizons and increase our tolerance for other cultures and their identities.

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You will be more surprised to find that some women who previously were content with a bland coloring and without personality will take the path of innovation and change. The year 2016 still holds the novelty. The magic of color makes sense in 2016. Women want to experiment with hair color from all angles. We will live this trend is to make oneself.

Also: is the glacial blond for you

Also, blonde

We will find the more pastel shades of blonde, in cold caramel shades least effect.

le blond glaciaire est-il pour vous? lecoloriste

To help this emergence, L’Oréal Paris Feria with which is rather reserved for a younger clientele dare to present his new pastel shades.