Hottest end summer hair color 2016

hottest end summer hair 2016 color, lecoloriste

At the end of the summer season, your haircolor fade out a bit and you’re really lucky, your hair looks like the peach color and you are trendy.

The hottest end summer hair color 2016

On the color wheel, wedged between rose gold and true orange, is the sweet spot of pastel peach. And it’s officially one of the hottest end-of-Summer rainbow hair hues to try. In fact, over 1,500 people have shared images of their bellini-inspired strands on Instagram using the hashtag #peachhairdontcare. compares the sunset shade to the peach emoji, and pointed out that eventrendsetter kylie Jenner has rocked it.

While the peach emoji is often overlooked beyond butt-related captions and comments–it’s never cracked the top 100–peach is having a moment on Instagram thanks to this summer’s surprise hit hair color.

Popularized by Kylie Jenner who wore a peach wig by Tokyo Stylez at Coachella, stone fruit season is officially applicable to hair color. The newest peach emoji convert? Georgia Jagger who debuted the fruity shade by Bleach London founder Alex Brownsell earlier this month.

Orange hair is strangely flattering and best of all, with hair the color of an emoji, you never have to ask « what’s the caption? » again.

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If you want to try this sherbet shade as your Autumn hair color, then keep reading to see how gorgeous it looks on different textures and complexions.

Source: Popsugar