The Guide To Covering Your Roots Between Salon Appointments

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As you well know, we love discussing the latest and greatest in hair color here. But all our guidance and inspiration would be useless if it weren’t balanced with the tips and tricks necessary to take care of your color at home. From keeping your blonde hair looking salon-perfect to knowing how to grow your own when you’re over it, we’re here to help you. And today, we’re gonna talk about roots.

Fret not! You can easily disguise roots, no matter the type. It just takes the right product and a little know-how. With the help of a slew of experts giving us pointers along the way, we’ve put together a handy guide to all the different ways you can cover your roots between color appointments. From no-messing-around permanent hair color to gels that you can get rid of in a single wash, you’ll find the right option for you ahead.

Permanent Color Kits
Not for the at-home-color-novice, a permanent color kit is for those who feel confident in their hair-coloring abilities. Typically, a kit contains everything you need for a (relatively) flawless application: mixing bowl, brush, gloves.

Best For: Covering gray roots on darker shades of hair. Blonde hair is tough to match, so steer clear unless you’re experienced.


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What You Need To Know: It’s important to select a formula with an actual paintbrush; any kind of comb or bottle will be much more difficult to place. Don’t try and cover all your roots — that’s where things can get risky. Instead, just focus on the sections that you can see, like the hairline and part, and recruit a friend to help you with the back of your crown. Before you begin, test a small section of your roots that are hidden to be sure that the color is desirable and your scalp doesn’t have an adverse reaction.

When rinsing out the color, it’s important to remember the color can tint any lighter pieces of hair it comes in contact with, even for a second. If you have lighter ends, highlights, or any kind of dimension built into your color, be sure to rinse, then shampoo, all the color out with cold water. (Not room temp, not cool, we mean cold!) This will help the color from transferring.