The secret of the new hair color of Celine Dion really lies in a box ?

Celine Dion changes the color of her hair with Excellence hair dye

Celine Dion says yes ! to homemade hair dye, Céline has become the muse of the hair dye brand « Excellence » distributed in pharmacies and supermarkets by L’Oréal de Paris. Céline who has always taken a rigorous care for her hair, takes a turn a little risky you say me. It will be the image of the hair dye Excellence sold in small and large surface.

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The new hair dye color of Celine Dion : The dark blonde Excellence # 7  

It is through her Instagram account that the Quebec singer announced her partnership with the French group and world leader in beauty products L’Oréal de Paris. I can not reveal to you at this moment the name of the colourist who worked on Celine’s hair color change to create this magnificent hair coloring. What I know for the moment, the colorist Christophe Robin who has a studio in a small street between the Place Vendome and the Tuileries Garden has already been his colorist. Christophe the ginger colorist at the end of a courtyard, in a discreet and cozy living room.

Celine Dion appeared at L’Oréal de Paris dinner at the Plaza Athénée hotel during fashion week with a sweater adorning the message « I’m worth it« . It is through an Instagram post that the famous Quebec singer, 51, has revealed that she became an ambassador for the French group of cosmetics.

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A homemade coloring worthy of the greatest colourists

Celine has always rubbed shoulders with the greatest hairdressers and colorists of the hairstyle industry, so that they conceive her image and the look of the moment. Some colourists, including Serge Normant from the John Frieda salon in New York and Christophe Robin colorist from L’Oréal in Paris, not forgetting Louis Hechter of Montreal’s Orbite show participated in these hair changes. These image experts have imbued the world with a capillary image of Celine. This time, with the advertising videos that demonstrate a successful hair transformation. Discover the hair profile of Celine Dion here (frebch only).

Celine Dion says yes ! to homemade hair dye

This time again, Celine dares to change with a color that is not distributed among professionals. In just a few months, she became the new queen of hype thanks to the stylist Law Roach, who made her a beast of fashion thanks to more modern and daring outfits. Celine Dion continues its transformation since the death of René Angelil in 2016.

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