Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People, lecoloriste3

If you are a super resilient people, your are probably a redheads color persons

Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People

Redheads are generally maligned by society writ large. Even though many of the biggest household names out there have red hair, including Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, and Jessica Chastain, a great amount of conversation does revolve around their hair color  and the scientist Erin La Rosa conclued, Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People.

Redheads are you 

The redheads persons are super resilient

But, a woman named Erin La Rosa has recently published her book, The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red. In her book, she explains that natural redheads need to be proud of being red-haired. She also notes that there’re many biological benefits to being ginger.

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Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People

Erin reveals many interesting facts about being a redhead. She points out that they’re the “unicorns of the human world”.

What’s more, she also thinks that they’re blessed in a more important way. She says that according to research, redheads can handle pain more effectively than others, because of the MC1R gene mutation that gives their hair its color. Additionally, a 2003 McGill University study shows that women who have natural red hair tend to tolerate about twenty-five percent more pain compared to women who do not have natural red hair.

According to the researchers from The University of Louisville, redheads need about twenty percent more general anaesthesia when they undergo a surgery. This means that redheads are actually super resilient people. Furthermore, according to a University of Louisville study carried out in 2005, redheads are also more sensitive to temperature changes. Namely, these people are actually the first to tell others when winter is on its way.

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Some surprising facts about redheads that you will discover include:

– The association between redheads and humor came from redheaded slaves in ancient Greece
– There are over 30 leading or recurring redhead characters in Disney and Pixar films… that’s a lot when you remember we’re only two percent of the world’s population!
– Redhead women allegedly have more sex, more threesomes, and more orgasms than other women… or do they? Let’s find out!
– Some Egyptian rulers dyed their hair red to assert their power (looking at you, Cleopatra)
– And redheads need more anesthesia at the dentist, because they’re not going down without a fight

That’s not all, these people require less vitamin D compared to others as well as they are capable of producing more of this vitamin in a shorter period of time thanks to the MC1R gene mutation. So, in case you have red hair, you should be proud of it.


The whole truth about the red

the whole truth about the red, le coloriste

Historically, people with red hair, unfairly targets the most fanciful urban legends, face discrimination. Yet in recent months, the wind seems to turn red and is all red carpets. Now or never to put the record straight and debunk certain received ideas. The whole truth about the red.

During the spring-summer 2016 Fashion Week parades, red has become a strong trend, and many personalities, like Katy Perry and Sienna Miller, for that will ignite incandescent color. After being ostracized and mocked, red they finally take their revenge?Reviewing what makes them so special.


the whole truth about the red, the coloristThe red represents only two percent of the world population. They are, without surprises, more present among the native peoples of North and Western Europe. Scotland is the country that has the highest rate of freckles in the world: 13% of the population between the hair auburn and strawberry blonde.Then come Ireland, which has 10% and France 5%.

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Being a true red is not given to everyone! We must first have the gene carrier parents. Based on the work of the researcher in dermatology Jonathan Rees in 1997, the MC1R gene mutation that gave birth to the red hair would have appeared between 80,000 and 30,000 years BC But that’s not all: even though this condition is met and parents are carriers of the gene, there is 25% chance for the child to be red, even if it must inherit the gene.


The redhead skin contains a small concentration of melanin. She is very pale and worried more ultraviolet rays than fair or dark skin. However, it produces more vitamin D when there is little light.Redheads are also more sensitive to cold and heat.


the whole truth about the red, the colorist

Brown with an average of 140,000 hairs on the head, blonde 110,000. Redheads, for their part, would do 90,000. However, they compensate by a thicker and stronger hair texture. They also retain their pigmentation longer and are less likely to turn gray.They often go through a rosy blond before seeing them become white hair. Because of this strong pigmentation, they find it much more difficult however to dye hair.


The redhead hair coloring comes from a synthesis of melanin called pheomelanin, which also makes them more susceptible than other red UV. From it also comes the prejudice that redheads have an unpleasant odor. Pheomelanin indeed contains nearly 10% of sulfur, which gives the perspiration of a red skin a slightly different odor than other.

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A study of Outcomes Research Consortium should be red-19% more gas for general anesthesia.Explanation: in the red people, the melanocortin receptor functions less well, resulting in increasing a hormone that stimulates, among others, pain centers. Redheads are therefore more sensitive than others to the pain.

the whole truth about the red, the colorist


the whole truth about the red, the coloristYou have only to think has among other Julianne MooreChristina Hendricks, Jessica Chastain, Julia Roberts, Blake Lively


THE SHOWS 2015-2016 FLOODED                                   OF ROUSSE

Whether at Marc Jacobs, Alexander WangGucciChloe and  Jacquemus, red models were all the fashion shows spring-summer 2016 Fashion Week. Among them are new faces as Varya and Madison Shutova Stubbington but also tops installed in the image of Irina Kravchenko or Magdalena Jasek and its galaxy of freckles. For several seasons too, squirrel and copper highlights are trends hairstyle Stars adopt without complexes. Also, a German magazine devoted entirely to those made ​​red appearance last summer, with the aim to introduce the cultivation of red and restore their confidence. Its name: MC1R.


Daniel Craig recently told the magazine  Time Out:  « I prefer to break the glass and slashing my wrists rather than thinking about one fifth James Bond. » And it is the British actor (and red) Damian Lewis,already in the cast of the series Homeland, which is tipped to replace him in the role of the double zero agent Sept. Stay tuned.

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