La Recette Coquette de Presley Poe avec Pravana

La Recette Coquette de Presley Poe avec Pravana, lecoloriste


Nous vous proposons une nouvelle recette coquette de Presley Poe

Vous êtes sur le point de changer de couleurs de cheveux et vous aimeriez peut-être découvrir les dernières recettes secrètes des plus grands coloristes capillaires de la planète? Nos experts en couleur de cheveux vous offrent leurs trucs, astuces et recette pour réussir une coloration de rêve. Nous aimons vous présenter ce qui se fait de mieux pour vous inspirer. Voici une nouvelle recette coquette de Presley Poe avec les produits colorants Pravana.

Les recettes coquettes vous sont présentées par des coloristes professionnels, des experts de la coloration capillaire et servent à vous informer des nouveautés en coloration capillaires autant pour les consommatrices que les jeunes professionnels de la coiffure.

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« C’est moi Presley Poe. Je suis styliste et coloriste depuis 16 ans et je viens du PNW à Portland, OR. Je me suis donné pour mission de changer des vies, une connexion à la fois, en utilisant mes compétences en tant que coiffeuse et coloriste. Être éducatrice a nourri ma passion pour cette industrie. Je suis tellement fier et excité que, après 15 ans de carrière, je suis plus déterminé que jamais à inspirer mon entourage par le biais de l’éducation artistique. » Presley nous présente ce quel aime le plus au monde, les transformations de couleur.



Une nouvelle application pour changer votre couleur de cheveux

Une nouvelle application pour changer votre couleur de cheveux, lecoloriste

Une nouveauté pour un changement de couleur de cheveux 

Une nouvelle application pour changer votre couleur de cheveux

Alors que le salon vient de fermer ses portes, voilà le bilan de l’ incontournable événement High-Tech de Las Vegas  le CES 2019. Une toute nouvelle application pour changer votre couleur de cheveux à été récemment remarquée au CES 2019 faits son chemin. Cette application est un outil conçue pour toutes femmes qui aimeraient bien voir le résultat d’une coloration cheveux avant le commencement. Ce qui nous semblait impossible est devenu réalité. La technologie nous amène à croire que nous devons être à la fine pointe des avancés pour mieux évoluer. Les robots et les drones ont envahi notre quotidien et petit à petit il feront partit intégrante de notre futur style de vie.

C’est maintenant possible en quelques instants et au bout de vos doigts

Nous constatons que le milieu de la beauté est devenu une cible idéale pour les nouvelles technologies et les applications. Ils nous offrent plus de possibilité de vivre une expérience des plus complète. Un des avantages avec cette application, la transformation pour une nouvelle coloration capillaire est instantané et réaliste. L’application à été inventémême pour  les cheveux bleus, les cheveux roses, les cheveux rouges, les cheveux gris, etc.

Une nouvelle application pour changer votre couleur de cheveux

Les coloristes professionnels pourront utiliser ce nouvel outil créé pour le milieu de la coiffure et qui sert à visualiser la couleur de cheveux choisi sur votre téléphone intelligent. Une chose est certaine, il faudra toujours un coloriste pour réaliser le travail !

Credit: FashionTech | Electric Runway

Le maquillage n’est pas en reste

Vous n’avez qu’a penser à Modiface au niveau du maquillage pour se rendre compte des avancés technologique. Cette année lors du CES 2019, Perfect Corp, le développeur de l’appli YouCam MakeUp, a dévoilé une évolution “Beauté 3.0” de sa plateforme. Marquant ainsi un tournant vers une expérience plus définie et personnalisée. Elle sera aussi proactive, avec notamment une recommandation de produit avec l’Intelligence Artificielle pour des suggestions basées sur vos préférences. Comme s’y vous étiez à la recherche de la teinte parfaite d’un fond de teint avec l’IA et un diagnostic de la peau avec l’IA pour détecter les problèmes et suivre l’évolution à travers le temps.

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Discover The 10 Most Inspiring Colorists In 2019

Discover The 10 Most Inspiring Colorists In 2019, lecoloriste

10 Exceptional women artists who inspire and bring their vision of hair coloring

Discover The 10 Most Inspiring Colorists In 2019

I present to you an exceptional group, 10 colorists women inspiring and experts of fiber. They reign by their daring and their creativities. Our hair color specialists dare to react, in addition to being people of heart and passion, they are also influencers in the Fashion and Beauty industry. They represent the biggest brands of coloring and styling products on the market. Our guests travel the planet hair to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise without putting too many limits in terms of creativity. Our female colorists all have one goal in mind, to make the woman more beautiful, more stylish, more trendy, more flirtatious. Discover the 10 most inspiring colorists in 2019.

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Discover The 10 Most Inspiring Colorists In 2019

Our 10 hair color specialists are unveiled on their web and social networks platforms, they offer the most beautiful transformations in hair coloring for the next seasons. They attract hundreds of thousands of hairdressers and stylists from the United States, Canada and around the world, and are benchmarks in their fields. Our 10 most inspiring colorists 2019 will introduce you to the magic of hair coloring. Who knows ? will you find inspiration for your new year look 2019.

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            Discover The 10 Most Inspiring Colorists



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My focus for the past two years has been painting hair the way I draw. I use thick black or color lines to outline or to create shapes that connect and overlap. All of my work is painted from the nape all the way through the head. What I love about painting this way is that there is a total image throughout the hair and when it moves the hair creates multiple different paintings which I find mesmerizing. I love painting this way and one day I honestly believe HAIR ART will be the norm! I’m currently working on my very first collection and I can tell you I’ve never felt more alive! I’ve always envisioned seeing my art walk down a runway… I can’t wait to share when it’s done! #art #artist #behindthechair #modernsalon #americansalon

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Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People

Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People, lecoloriste3

Are You A Super Resilient People!

Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People

Redheads are generally maligned by society writ large. Even though many of the biggest household names out there have red hair, including Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, and Jessica Chastain, a great amount of conversation does revolve around their hair color  and the scientist Erin La Rosa conclued, Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People.

Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People!

But, a woman named Erin La Rosa has recently published her book, The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red. In her book, she explains that natural redheads need to be proud of being red-haired. She also notes that there’re many biological benefits to being ginger.

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Science Says That Redheads Are Super Resilient People

Erin reveals many interesting facts about being a redhead. She points out that they’re the “unicorns of the human world”.

What’s more, she also thinks that they’re blessed in a more important way. She says that according to research, redheads can handle pain more effectively than others, because of the MC1R gene mutation that gives their hair its color. Additionally, a 2003 McGill University study shows that women who have natural red hair tend to tolerate about twenty-five percent more pain compared to women who do not have natural red hair.

According to the researchers from The University of Louisville, redheads need about twenty percent more general anaesthesia when they undergo a surgery. This means that redheads are actually super resilient people. Furthermore, according to a University of Louisville study carried out in 2005, redheads are also more sensitive to temperature changes. Namely, these people are actually the first to tell others when winter is on its way.

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Some surprising facts about redheads that you will discover include:

– The association between redheads and humor came from redheaded slaves in ancient Greece
– There are over 30 leading or recurring redhead characters in Disney and Pixar films… that’s a lot when you remember we’re only two percent of the world’s population!
– Redhead women allegedly have more sex, more threesomes, and more orgasms than other women… or do they? Let’s find out!
– Some Egyptian rulers dyed their hair red to assert their power (looking at you, Cleopatra)
– And redheads need more anesthesia at the dentist, because they’re not going down without a fight

That’s not all, these people require less vitamin D compared to others as well as they are capable of producing more of this vitamin in a shorter period of time thanks to the MC1R gene mutation. So, in case you have red hair, you should be proud of it.

 Source :

The color pepper and salt earns followers from day to day

The color pepper and salt earns followers from day to day, lecoloriste

The gray earns its letters of nobility and is now without complex. It’s over the aging and neglected hair !

The color pepper and salt earns followers from day to day

On social networks, the color pepper and salt earns followers from day to day there is still a new Anglicism is furious: the #goinggrey, understand « turn with salt and pepper. » Born in the United States, but recently introduced in France, this trend embodies the return to nature of women who assume their age, adopting a look that no longer passes by the color of their hair, whether gray or white. A mini-revolution, when we know how white hair is still taboo in our society, where you have to « make it young » as long as possible. But also no doubt a new right to seduction that comes out of traditional codes. white hair not at any price? Salt and pepper has another advantage: it is much less restrictive. We can indeed do without color, with the regular maintenance that requires, because the hair is fast regrowth.

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Affirm your natural style with grey hairs

This color softens the lines and brings more character, without necessarily giving an aging image or neglected. Because it’s more natural, women can be themselves, without having to « cheat » with coloring. That said, the appearance of white hair can be done in many ways. Some women have very pronounced white roots, with one or two locks located on the front. In others, the distribution is much more diffuse on the whole of the head. That is why, at the beginning, it is better to be advised by a professional, in order to have a harmonious result.

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Is it for me ?

If the color pepper and salt is suitable for different styles of women, it is not suitable, however, to all types of hair. If they are too curly or sparkling, it will not be suitable because this texture reflects less light than others. However, gray hair needs a lot of shine. Similarly, the proportion of white hair is crucial. If there is too much « pepper » and not enough « salt », it is advisable to wait until they are a little more numerous. And so continue to mask them with a traditional coloring.

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What are the most beautiful hair colors 2018

What are the most beautiful hair colors 2018, lecoloriste

2018 will reserve us pleasant and incredible surprises in the world of hair coloring

What are the most beautiful hair colors 2018

Who better than Ludovic the colorist to talk about hair colors and announce « What are the most beautiful hair colors 2018 ». Every year, the madness of the color change challenges us, you are in the grip of a change of hair colorations and you are looking for what are the trends in hair coloring in 2018? we offer you an overview of the new hair trends for 2018.

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Remember the beginning of 2017, the icy polar blond had taken the pole position, the women had also opted for all the shades of gray, Blue Jeans hair, Rose Gold and several other hair creations worthy of the best colorists in the world. world. The semi-permanent pastel colorations became the « In » of the year and it was easy to find on YouTube « how to color the hair in pastel ». Pastel shades in hair have become the trademark of many colorists and hairdressers around the world, the trend will continue to grow and consumers will continue to wear them in 2018.

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What are the most beautiful hair colors 2018

For 2018, Pantone reveals its fetish color, the one that will be on everyone’s lips content creators in marketing and in all the heads of the greatest designer designers. The Pantone Institute describes Ultra Violet as « a dramatic, provocative and reflective hue of purple » that evokes « originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking ». The director of the Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, says: « We live in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination, » adding that color was associated with new technologies, the exploration of the cosmos, counter-culture and artistic expression.

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What are the most beautiful hair colors for 2018

The greatest colorists stars of the planet hair reserve us surprises for 2018
New technological advances are updating traditional working techniques and helping hairdressers, hairdressers and colorists to improve the understanding of the hair and define the art of hair coloring. One of the last capillary revolutions is the hair treatment restructuring the fiber almost magically. The magic is reflected in the result, the improvement in quality is almost instantaneous, the success is in the ability to protect the hair fiber and recalibrate it by restoring its elasticity. Today we can maintain hair in better condition due to several attempts with harsh hair chemicals. These advances offer professionals a broader spectrum for their creativity. The imagination is at its height with breathtaking pixel effects. Hair coloring has a new dimension and let the experts in coloring make us see all the colors in 2018.

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Comment choisir entre la coloration permanente et semi-permanente

Comment choisir entre la coloration permanente et semi-permanente, lecoloriste

De plus en plus de jeunes femmes optent pour des colorations semi-permanentes au détriment de la coloration cheveux permanente

Comment choisir entre la coloration permanente et semi-permanente

Colorer ses cheveux n’est pas quelque chose à prendre à la légère. Selon la transformation que l’on souhaite, notre choix s’orientera soit vers une coloration cheveux permanente ou semi-permanente. Encore faut-il connaître la différence entre ces deux produits. Qui de mieux placer pour parler de la chose qu’un expert en la matière. Notre coloriste Ludovic vous partage les grandes différences entre la coloration permanente et semi-permanente aussi nommée coloration directe et apprenez comment choisir entre la coloration permanente et semi-permanente.

La coloration permanente possède des atouts

La coloration cheveux permanente est une coloration qui tient le coup. Son nom évoque bien sa raison d’être, il est faux de penser quelle ne s’estompera pas avec les semaines, après plusieurs shampoings vos cheveux colorés pourraient devenir moins vibrant et perdre de l’intensité. Vos racines seront à refaire, la coloration sur les longueurs est permanente. Pour un maximum de résultat, l’entretien des cheveux est essentiel. Toutes les colorations permanentes sont utilisées avec une eau oxygénée (peroxyde-oxydant de 10-2-30-40 volumes).

Si on veut en préserver la brillance et l’intensité, mieux vaut utiliser de bons shampoings pour cheveux colorés.

Voici 6 raisons pourquoi Les professionnels de la coiffure utilisent la coloration permanente 

  • Cacher vos premiers cheveux gris ou vos cheveux blancs (l’oxydant-eau oxygénée est recommandé pour colorer en profondeur les cheveux blancs)
  • Pour éclaircir vos cheveux, la coloration permanente est aussi conçue pour pâlir vos cheveux jusqu’a 2 tons 1/2 sur des cheveux vierges. Il n’est pas utilisé comme un décolorant capillaire.
  • Fixer une couleur complètement différente de notre teinte naturelle
  • Ton sur ton est souvent réalisé avec un semi-permanent pour ajouter un peu de couleur et de brillance à votre chevelure et est idéal pour atténuer les premiers cheveux gris.
  • Rehausser votre couleur
  • Sans ammoniaque

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Comment choisir entre la coloration permanente et semi-permanente

La coloration semi-permanente (coloration directe)

Les colorations semi-permanentes sont plus en plus en demande auprès des jeunes filles, avec les choix des couleurs pastels disponibles comme le lavande, jaune ou bleu. Aujourd’hui les filles n’en font qu’a leur têtes. Il existe différentes raisons pour lequel ont utilise des colorations capillaires semi-permanentes. Les manufacturiers ont émergés et nous offrent un grand choix de couleur des plus extravagantes. Voici quelques noms connus chez les professionnels : Pravana, Pulpriot, Mydentity, Mani-Panic, Kenra, Renbow.

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Conseil de Pro

  • Les jeunes filles se sont convertis aux colorations semi-permanentes pastel (une décoloration est nécessaire dans tout les cas)
  • Vous pouvez appliquer plusieurs couleurs en même temps sans risque de transfert de couleurs sur les autres (non transférable)
  • Prête à l'emploi
  • Sans mélange d’oxydant
  • Facile d’application
  • Si on veut en préserver la brillance et l’intensité, utiliser des produits recommandés par le coloriste
  • Espacer vos séances shampoings  et utiliser un shampoing pour cheveux colorés.
  • Éviter les shampoings avec sulfate

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Marion Cotillard changes her hair color and dares blond

Marion Cotillard changes her hair color and dares blond, lecoloriste

Marion Cotillard changes her hair color for her next role ?

Marion Cotillard changes her hair color and dares blond

Active in the cinema since the late 1990s, she is revealed to the public by her role as Lilly Bertineau in the saga Taxi Luc Besson, she will play in the first three films of the franchise. On February 26, 2005, she received the first of the great awards that will mark her career: the César for best actress in a supporting role, for only eight minutes of presence on the screen in the film Un long dimanche de fiançailles of Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

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Marion Cotillard changes her hair color and dares blond

No one was surprised to see our Marion Cotillard in Milan during Fashion Week at the Chopard party. What turned heads, however, is the new hair look of the 41-year-old Oscar-winning actress: a platinum fading. Marion will never be addicted to hair coloring like Katy Perry. Every woman has her personality and we love Marion in this register.

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Marion is not at her first hair experience with blond hair color. It’s on her Instagram story that she revealed this choice of color and Frédéric Birault, hairstylist to whom she owes this change, also published a photograph on his account.



4 Important Steps To Know If You Color Gray Hair

4 Important Steps To Know If You Color Gray Hair, lecoloriste

To color your Grey hair, take care of it

4 Important Steps To Know If You Color Gray Hair

As many of us know, gray hair can be trickier to color and maintain than regular hair. But with the right care, you can ensure your hair color stays vivid all the way until your next application! Read this : 4 Important Steps To Know If You Color Gray Hair

Here are 4 important steps to know if you color gray hair

1. Combat coarseness

Gray hair can become dry, wiry and unmanageable – which works against even the freshest hair color. To combat dryness, make sure to use a rich, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. You can also apply a leave in conditioner or styling cream overnight to hydrate hair and make for easier styling. Essential oil treatments can help soften unruly strands too.

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2. Fight dullness with shine

Gray hair is naturally dryer than regular hair and may appear dull and lackluster, which can add age to your appearance. But it’s not too hard to boost up shine for youthful looking hair! If you have thicker hair, apply an essential oil, such as argan oil – this can add smoothness and shine to locks. For those with finer hair, try a lightweight leave in conditioner or shine product to amp up your luster.

3. Protect vibrant color

Since grays are more resistant to color and may fade faster, your tresses deserve some extra protection. To preserve color, always use gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, using cool water rather than hot water. Follow up with a color deposit product, such as eSalon’s Color Enhancing Treatment, which deposits pigment to boost up your hue between color applications. (It also leaves hair silky soft!)

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4 Important Steps To Know If You Color Gray Hair
4 Important Steps To Know If You Color Gray Hair

4. Shield from the elements

Gray hair is especially vulnerable to water, sun, and heat. Water opens the hair cuticle and allows pigment to escape, so try to skip days between washing and use dry shampoo when possible.

The sun’s rays can also damage the hair cuticle and cause color to fade – so don’t forget your hair needs sunblock too! You can use a hair product with UV protection, or create your own mixture of diluted sunblock to coat your hair.

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Rebecca Taylor the new Creative Colorist of Redken

Rebecca Taylor the new Creative Colorist of Redken, le coloriste

She got the tempo….

Rebecca Taylor the new Creative Colorist of Redken

Redken is excited to announce Rebecca Taylor as the brand’s new Creative Colorist. The professional colorist and social media starlet known for her vibrant hues behind the chair has been voted “Best Vivid Colorist in the World” by Glamour and her work has been published in both Vogue and Cosmopolitan. Rebecca was also recently named the “Best Social Media Colorist” at Behind The Chair’s 2017 Stylist Choice Awards. In her new role, Rebecca’s work with Redken’s vivid haircolor line, City Beats and her innovative techniques will be showcased on the brand’s social media channels to inspire Redken’s community.

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Creator of the Hairstylist Education Forum and the Founder/CEO of Vivid Education, Rebecca graduated from cosmetology school in Pensacola, Fla. before going to work at a local salon. Without an apprenticeship or assistant program on her resume, she has truly mastered her signature style working behind the chair from the very beginning. She credits her success in part to the rise of social media, where the bold statement looks she creates are shared daily with her 480,000+ Instagram followers. Other momentous points in her professional career include a sold-out class on Rebecca’s first independent US tour and sharing the stage with Guy Tang on a global education tour. Rebecca has been a resident of West Hollywood, Calif. since 2015, where she currently works out of her private studio.

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As Rebecca’s professional career continues to evolve, she stresses the importance of continual education and hopes to inspire and elevate fellow stylists. She enjoys researching and developing innovative products to keep professional colorists on the cutting edge of the industry. Even with her rise to success, Rebecca never loses sight of the true passion for her work and her humble beginning that laid the groundwork for where she is today.

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Source : Behind the chair