The colorist's rules for a hair color, lecoloriste

4 rules you need to know to become the star colorist ! 

The colorist’s rules for a hair color specialist

During my career, I was a cutting specialist. I knew right away that I was going to succeed in my career as a hairdresser. My attraction to all existing art forms has helped me make the best decisions for my life choices. The satisfaction of the work accomplished brought me incredible satisfaction. Coloring has taken an important part in the creation and execution of my work as a hairdresser. Quickly I saw in the art of coloring an accomplishment and a finality in the final result of the work. You want a be a great colorist, follow the colorist’s rules for a hair color.

At the beginning of my career, I saw hair coloring as an obstacle, because a fear in me hampered my ability to dare. Little by little I discovered with ease the operation and the simplicity to execute a color. Fortunately, my development with the great colourists brought me this confidence and confidence to defy the laws of chemistry. Today I suggest, I inform, and presente the best of haircolor universe. A professional vision way. Hair coloring has become my specialty.

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It is necessary and important to put certain bases into practice so that the colorist in you becomes the specialist you dreamed of being. It is important that I tell you future colourists and colorists practicing, that there are rules that some of you would interest to put into practice as soon as possible, here are the 4 most common faults that reproduce beginners colorists. Here are some of the most important lessons I learned during my colourist career.

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The colorist’s rules for a hair color

1. Know the color theory:

this is the most important in your job and this was the most useful for me in my career. At first, I had to guess a lot of things that were simply basic and basic. What is most comical about color and formulation is that it is so simple and that we tend to complicate it in our fear. Know how the formulation works, the difference between the terms permanent, semi, semi, temporary and their boundaries. Knowing the structure of hair and how the color affects it is also an important factor in your research.

2. Take the time to make a good diagnosis:

I always try to collect as much information as possible before starting a new color service. What are the objectives ? What does the history of the last colorings look like? What is the retention level (interval of visits)? Is there a budget for hair maintenance? These are just a few questions that I try to have answered before you start also taking the time to look at a collection of photos with the client. If I can consult before the service, I will send home a client with homework to collect pictures detailing what they want, but also what they do not want. The more the set of data that I build on the goals and limits are complete, the easier it is for me to be creative and to solve and predict the problems. Be honest about expectations and timelines. If something can not be done or you do not yet have the skill to meet the demand, it is always best to explain the limits. Future customers and your current customers will respect and appreciate you more.

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3. Always have a plan:

never start a project until you know exactly what you are going to do. There have been a number of times I started a color without really thinking about it. This kind of situation and uncertainty leads to a lot of stress and makes it more difficult to make decisions later. When you have a plan, it is easier to predict a result or identify the cause of an error to correct in the future. This also allows you to explain and explain your working technique that you will use. This is useful when you calm a client who may be a little nervous or worried about action plan.

4. Be patient:

I can not count the number of times I dropped the ball because I did not wait another 10 minutes for a successful development, or a gray cover / toner prematurely rinsed. Be patient and explain to your client the importance of respecting the break time. I would also like to add that if something happens, correct it right away and do not hide it in style, hoping they will not notice it. It is unreliable to trust

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Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist, lecoloriste

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Hairstyle, Because Of Course It Did

Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist

Sorry, roosters: We know 2017 was supposed to be your year and all, but it’s starting to look a lot like the Year of the Unicorn instead. The mythical creature has already infiltrated our makeup bags, our manicures, our bathtubs, and our food, and as of yesterday, it claimed its latest victim: the Starbucks Frappuccino. Roughly 24 hours since its launch, the Unicorn Frappuccino has already been described as a monstrosity that “represents everything that is wrong with America” and tastes like “sour birthday cake and shame.” Inspiration come from Starbucks unicorn frappuccino by a Canadian haircolorist.Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist, lecoloriste

Unicorn haircolorist catch everywhere her inspired

Could this finally be the green straw that breaks the camel’s back? Only time (and probably more than a few cases of sugar overdose) will tell, but the negative reviews didn’t stop hairstylist Kelly Woodford of the Sapphire Hair Lounge in Winnipeg Canada from creating a very vibrant look directly inspired by the frothy blended drink.

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Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Inspired A Canadian Haircolorist

 The blue and pink color scheme is true to what you’ll find in the cup at Starbucks, and Woodford went ahead and popped a straw in the finished product, just to make it look a little more like the real thing. It’s cute, like all the other adorable unicorn paraphernalia, but there’s a much bigger issue at stake here: our sanity. When will the cotton candy-colored madness end? We do take comfort in knowing that this, too, shall pass, and hopefully soon we will all be able to enjoy beauty products and beverages made for adults and not inspired by fairytales once again. Just some food — or Frappuccino — for thought.

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 Source : Refinery 29

5 Tips for success as a Hairdresser and Increase your Income

5 Tips for success as a Hairdresser and Increase Your Income, lecoloriste

5 Tips to Succeed as a Hairdresser and Increase Your Earnings

Be your own trademark and earn success and revenue

5 Tips for Success as a Hairdresser and Increase Your Income

Hello dear artisans, friends and confreres of the hairdressing industry. I was invited several times as a speaker communicator by distributors and manufacturers to share my passion and offer my experience to the hairdressers of our industry. Also, since the years I offer my services as colorist and hairdresser to a more and more sophisticated clientele, I have become aware of the importance of supporting the people of the hairdressing industry to the level with their developments professional and personal. During my career, what was my surprise to hear from the employees that the owners on the disillusion and disappointment that reigned in this environment. Here is my first post with 5 Tips for success as a Hairdresser and Increase your Income hoping it will make you smile.

Leveraging Your Own Trademark

You are your own trademark, you are a micro enterprise whether you want it or not! Realize that your destiny is in your hands and your attitude will change. Realize your dreams, because someone else will hire you to make your own! Reverse the machine and make it a success.

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5 Tips for success as a Hairdresser and Increase your IncomeA career where many fail

Your dream fades because you can not grow your clientele. Breathe in and take charge of the situation, perseverance is another key to succeed or others fail. There are several ways to succeed in the capillary milieu, over the years you will see opportunities open up to you and a career will emerge, you will have to make wise and important choices for your personal and professional fulfillment, offers Will appear to you as well to dress for weddings, work on a stage for a manufacturer or distributor, hairdresser in cinema or sales representative.

Ambition is not everything

Ambition is different from one person to another, it is a fair, noble and legitimate feeling. Aspired to better is laudable in my opinion. Ambition can have many facets, it can be to open its own box, to dress up the stars, to buy a house, to dress in cinema or simply to create nice haircuts and to have a family. One thing is certain and I sign: persistence is a key to your success and achieving oneself is a legitimate goal. Ambition is noble and perhaps caustic a few times. Do not worry if ambition is not part of your values, because ambition is not always a guarantee of success. Always according to your values, success can be the guarantor of happiness.

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Improve retention by respecting your client

As you will learn in my ticket, the competition is fierce and increase his income are not limited only to hair, cut and color hair. You are not alone in asking how can I increase my clientele and how? You can always find all the tricks to improve your customer base, but one thing is certain, you have to stop losing!

You have to understand the real reasons why your client has left you or left the room for the local one. This situation is very upsetting for all. The feeling of being left is never positive for anyone anyway!

It is certain that looking for the reasons why your client has left you involves a quest for truth that is not always easy to hear but desirable to puncture the abscess, the answer is never happy and it involves emotions And small pains that will surface and that risk to grieve you. It is so important in your professional career to increase your clientele and understand the reasons for ending it as quickly as possible. You may be surprised at why your client is no longer present. You will be amazed to learn that this may not be the faulty one!

The reasons are multiple: an indifferent receptionist – a difficulty with making appointments – a vulgar language of your colleagues – a bathroom neglected – an assistant incompetent with shampoo, etc.

I could still list several situations that can destroy a salon reputation. When you have learned the reason, you will come to receive a gift, take it as a gift. You will have the solution! You alone have the ability to stop it. Whether you are an employee or an employer, there are diplomatic and human ways to approach the problem to quickly resolve the case. End this loss of income and you will decrease retention and significantly increase your income.

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Let’s talk about money

The ideas are jostling in your head, you are a machine of ideas on the other hand it is difficult to choose which is the best and by or to start. Here are some solutions to improve your image and increase your income. Maximize your brand image, you are a brand you want it or not. Now that’s understood, have a responsible and professional approach.

  • Build on your personality and professional knowledge
  • Make yourself known in your area, the primary zone is easy to develop
  • Get to know and open your own Instagram account or a professional Facebook page
  • Make yourself known more among consumers than in hairdressers, it is not they who will come to have your hair cut at home
  • On social networks, subscribe to several groups and put your creations and offers online
  • Why not put your creations online by identifying each photo, this will increase your visibility and you will be surprised to notice how your customers will be flattered to have their 5 minutes of glory, often they will share their photos to their friends and the turn is played
  • Thank those who will share your creations and offer them a little surprise, a discount on a first visit, a real good coffee with, a little personalized attention
  • Each client must have his / her next appointment at each visit, your calendar will be up to date and you are certain that your regular clients will have their appointment

And be different !


Trick's To Tease Hair Without Damage, lecoloriste

Never going out without tease hair, best solutions for your flat and doll hair

Get your hair done every morning

We know the feeling: you want big, fluffy hair, but yours is just too thin and fine! It might feel like your everlasting crutch – but we’re here to tell you otherwise. Teasing (or backcombing, as it’s also called) can actually coax thin hair into extra body and height. See, sometimes it’s ok to be a tease! But before you work yourself into a tangle, follow these lifelines for a tease that’ll leave ‘em hanging! I present you my Trick’s To Tease Hair Without Damage.

My bests Trick’s To Tease Hair Without Damage

What NOT to do 

Got texture? Teasing with natural texture can make hair insanely tangled – and not in a stylish way. Just straighten wavy or curly hair before teasing it. And for straight hair, brush out all the tangles first. Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.

Want to tease wet or hot hair? Hands off until it’s completely dry and cool! This can cause excessive damage since your hair is in a fragile state.

Don’t even think of using any old brush! Make sure it’s a fine toothed comb or specially designed for teasing. These target each area, so you’ll avoid a frazzled mess on your hands.

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How to tease hair correctly  

  1.  Tackle your hair in 1 to 2 inch sections at a time. Looking for a tighter tease? Create smaller sections. If you want a looser look, create larger sections.
  2.  Hold the section of hair straight up from the root. Place your comb just above the root and comb down. Then go a little farther up and comb down again. Repeat in short, uniform strokes until the length of hair is seeing bodacious body!
  3.  To save your hard work, spray the section with hairspray. Then continue teasing and spraying your hair, section by section, until you reach some serious heights.
  4.  Is your hair looking wild? Now it’s time to sculpt it into place and style it how you want. Lay smooth strands over top and finish with shine spray for a more polished look.

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Last but definitely not least: Take it out

Be prepared to invest some time detangling the style. It’s best to carefully and gently detangle the teased hair sections with a soft brush, starting at the ends and working your way up. Take your time, or risk damaged locks! And a word to the wise: Do not jump into the shower and wash teased hair. Water makes the tangles even more difficult to remove.

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Helpful hints

  •  Hair not cut out for teasing? Try it on slightly dirty hair rather than clean, smooth hair.
  •  Don’t forget to give your tresses a breather from teasing, and always reward them with conditioning treatments after.




New hair for Miley Cyrus, the colorist

Billy Ray Cyrus‘s daughter Miley Cyrus, continues to turn heads from her famous role in the Hannah Montana series.

Her changing hairstyle : Miley Cyrus

Only 14 years old, Miley was still a child. Her long chestnut hair and loops worked well for her role in the Disney series. Barely a year later, we already see the dawning woman behind the teenager. If Miley keeps her long hair, she opts for blonde highlights quite marked and spikes smoothed the griddle. New hair for Miley Cyrus.

Whether to change her hair or her turbulent relationship with actor Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus knows how to talk about it! With 42 million subscribers on her Instagram account, Miley is the idol of a generation … New hair for Miley Cyrus, so she knows for sure that her image is scrutinize and teens love it.

2011. This is the end of the series Hannah Montana and Miley decides to take a break from her music career to focus on acting. Now that she is no longer at Disney, the 19 years old girl is allowed to experience side hairstyle. But for now, she is content with a shadow and a wise bohemian braid. Miley then proves she is no longer a teenager, but a young woman cutting her long mane, but retaining its shaded coloring.

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Miley Cirus : New hair

To support Liam Hemsworth, her boyfriend and actor in the Hunger Games trilogy, Miley crowd the red carpet in 2012 with a shadow intensified and a more pronounced blond.

Drastic transformation to one that debuted at Disney! By opting for a short platinum cut and shaved sides, it says very clearly her need to express one side more rock and less known of her personality. During the evening of the MTV Music Awards in 2013, Miley Cyrus is straight out of a Japanese manga with defined eyebrows, bright red mouth and two small blonde « buns » perched atop her head. However, it gives it a rock touch by simply spraying hairspray on lengths to keep them in the air.

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

New hair for Miley Cyrus

The singer is currently filming a series with the famous director Woody Allen and for that she had to metamorphose. No more short hair and shaved sides, Miley wears on set blonde hair very much inspired by the 60’s. Obviously it is a wig, but fans of Hannah Montana will be happy to find a Miley closer to what they have experienced.

After many blunders, Miley Cyrus seems to become a little wiser … How long before the next capillary mishap … only her hairdresser knows.

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The winner best hair/makeup Oscars 2016

the winner best hair/makeup oscars 2016, lecoloriste

The winner best hair/makeup Oscars 2016
Winners Lesley Wanderalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin for Mad Max movie and they are not in their infancy, but their first Oscar nominations for the film Mad Max.

A sacred evening as tops, Oscar night is a must. The Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling is an American film award awarded annually since 1982 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which also awards all other Oscars.
In recent years we offer a different perspective on the craftsmen of the department hairstyle/makeup cinema. In our section derrière la chaise, a section for artists from the industry of the hair and makeup artists who participate in a success or teamwork. We take the time to congratulate them and present them to you.

This year our 3 finalists films are: Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin are in their first Oscar nomination for Mad Max, Love Larso and Eva Von Bahr for the film 100 Years Old Man Who Climbed out the window and disappered and to finish Siân Griag, Duncan Jorman and Robert Pandini for the film The Revenant.

Le gagnant meilleur coiffure/maquillage Oscars 2016, le coloriste

mad Max

The winner best hair/makeup  Oscars 2016 is the Mad Max film

Our three artists Lesley Vanderwalt, Elka Wardega and Damian Martin. Lesley is not in its infancy, since to work on Moulin Rouge and the Great Gatsby.
Mad Max
Portrait of the artistic director behind the hairstyles of Mad Max: Fury Road.
At full speed, Mad Max: Fury Road landed on the screens with a thunderous noise. A how to Imperator Furiosa, a woman behind the red curls of Able, the blonde mane Beautiful Angharad, ethereal lengths Cheedo or tapered square Toast. After Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby, Lesley Vanderwalt sign art direction make-up and hairstyles of the new film by George Miller.
It is at Creative Media Skills that the artist explained how the shooting had taken place. Surrounded by a team of 35 people recruited in Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, she oversaw the looks of almost 200 actors and extras. The shooting days started at dawn by a one-hour trip to the set, consulting rushes the previous day and a discussion with the director. While part of the team returned to the city in studios to make repairs on wigs and accessories, the appointed hairdressers coiffaient key players, the rest took care of minor characters and extras. It took 80 hours of work per week, approximately.

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Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Among the most important challenges in the design and production of hair styles Mad Max: Fury Road, Lesley Vanderwalt points out two main. During preparation, the bulk of the work was to implement the vision of the director George Miller and ensure that looks consistent with what he had in mind for the characters.

But that was nothing compared to the shooting conditions that was damaging regularly wigs and required a permanent work on cuts. Sand, temperature changes and waterfalls: many extreme elements that required monitoring of the entire hair team to meet the demands of artistic direction. And when we see the capillary panic that inspires any storm cloud, we can only welcome the coolness of those artists.
Source: Getty

Kylie Jenner, the new queen of hair coloring

Kylie Jenner, la nouvelle reine de la coloration! , Le coloriste

Kylie Jenner, the new queen of hair coloring!

Difficult to remain anonymous when one belongs to the Kardashian clan. In the family, each has his technique to distinguish himself from his sisters, and have been since their younger ages. The youngest, Kylie Jenner, born August 10, 1997, seems to have found its own way: hair coloring. She knows how to draw our attention not only to his tumultuous relationship with rapper Tyga but also for its thousand-one looks created with the help of his barber Tokyo Stylez, who also worked with Karrueche Tran.

Kylie Jenner, the new queen of hair coloring!

The youngest of the family launched in November 2014, its own brand of hair extensions in partnership with the Bellamihair company named « Kylie Hair Kouture« . She carries almost constantly whether to switch from green to pink or brown to blond. She often plays with his length, passing shoulder length hair to hair lower back. She even dared to wear tattoos for hair, thin self-adhesive tapes which attach to the hair with a little water and who withdraw during your shampoo.

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Kylie seems to have a mission to try every color of the rainbow sky. The silver, brown, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde the several variants of red, green and blue we knew our attention on the latest years here are some examples:


Kylie Jenner, la nouvelle reine de la coloration! , Le coloriste

Kylie Jenner, la nouvelle reine de la coloration! , Le coloriste

Kylie Jenner, la nouvelle reine de la coloration! , Le coloriste

In January 2015, Kylie Jenner posed on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine and scrolls during Fashion Week in New York rapper Kanye West (boyfriend of her sister Kim Kardashian) in February 2015.

Lately, Kylie has chosen a darker color, much more in line with her skin tone. What make her jealous father in looks certain. What will be her next hair color? The paris are open!

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The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Emilia Clarke or better known under the name of Daenerys Targaryen, was able to not only turned heads thanks to its beauty, but also thanks to the many hairstyles which adorns throughout the seasons of Game Of Thrones. Season 6 will start in April 2016.

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Born in 1986 in London, Emilia knew very early that she would be an actress. His father, sound engineer in a theater, often took his workplace. At school, she appeared in several pieces, after high school, she enrolled at the Drama Centre in London, one also used by Pierce Brosnan establishment, Tom Hardy, Colin Firth, Michael Fassbender, John Simm and Gwendoline Christie, future comrade Game Of Thrones.

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Since 2011, Daenerys Targaryen in Emilia embodies Game Of Thrones, HBO’s adaptation of the literary saga by George RR Martin. Daenerys is blonde, for real, Emilia is brunette. For all these years, she eventually focus on her wig: « It forbids me to keep and carry in the evening it is silly to say, but when I take it off at the end of the day. I am disappointed when I look in the mirror.  »

Kevin Alexander, the head of the adaptation hairdresser said very meticulous about the resemblance to the book details. Alexander estimated that 20-30 wigs are used and some of them are worth up to US $ 7000! Why that price? He explains that most human hair wigs are coming from India, Europe and Russia, some measuring up to 70 centimeters long! That is to say, the work required to keep the look throughout the episodes. They are washed every day with products of Wella and Cloud Nine. Emilia adds that it must spend nearly three hours every day of shooting for laying his wig braids and due to the many extravagances.

The hidden face of Emilia Clarke in Game Of Thrones

Lately she has been seen in the Terminator Genisys in the role of Sarah Connor. We advise you to keep an open eye, as it resumes its role as Daenerys Targaryen in the new season (season 6) Game Of Thrones.

You can now watch the trailer for season 6.